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A password manager and secure wallet for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

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@grhmc It's sorted by exact domain match, favourites, then alphabetical. But I'll let my developers know you'd like more control over it. :)@MacDara Hmm... v3 does not do in-app update to v5 since it's a paid upgrade. You need to manually download v5 from our site.@MacDara Yes, you can still download v3.8.22 here: The best thing to do currently is name the logins differently. For example, "AWS - Work" and "AWS - Personal".@joshuajkincaid I'll let my developers know that you're interested in this. Thanks for the feedback!@MacDara Were you upgrading from v3 to v5? If so, that's a paid upgrade. (But you can switch back to v3 if you want.)@xdracco Thanks for the suggestion! I'll let my developers know that you're interested in this. :)
@Youseffee I'll pass along the suggestion to my developers. Thanks for the feedback!@Youseffee Not sure I fully understand the request... are you wanting a credit card filling menu more like the one iCloud Keychain uses?@imnotluka And just to be clear, your 1Password vault needs to be synced to iCloud (not talking about an iPhone backup to iCloud).@imnotluka Synced to iCloud should be enough, but it'd be best if you have your data on another device, or a backup saved.@johnnybiddy I can't make any promises, but I can add a feature request!@johnnybiddy Only possible on Mac/Windows. But once you create one, you can sync it to iOS.@NickUbels Thanks! Someone from my team will reply as soon as they're able to. ✉️@miksago Sorry about that! Could you give this a try… open app and in the menu bar, go to: Help > Troubleshooting > Restart 1Password mini@imnotluka And if you'd like my team to investigate further, please send an email: support@ agilebits .com@imnotluka No, sorry. I not aware of any other reports of this issue, so it's not something my devs have fixed, unfortunately.@imnotluka Or you could try a simple restart of the device first, if you haven't already.@imnotluka If you have all of your data synced or on another device, then yeah, deleting and re-installing is probably best option.@AseDeliri Thanks! Someone from my team will reply as soon as they're able to. ✉️@finnstardreamer …go to Updates > Purchased, find me, tap cloud icon, & it should offer to download the latest compatible version for you.@finnstardreamer You should be able to get latest version of my app via the App Store in iTunes on Mac/PC. Then on iOS, open the App Store…@MikeBeas Yeah, my extension doesn't work in Safari View Controller right now. Hopefully that will change… I believe a radar has been filed.@imnotluka Sorry for the trouble! Which version of my app are you using? And which version of iOS?@AseDeliri Could you please send my team an email with details? support@ agilebits .com
@alantucker Just download it from We have a Server category, and a Secure Notes category. You can try the Mac app out for 30 days if you like.@MbMusgrove Try clicking Backups > Restore Backup. There should be 30 or so backups to choose from.@alantucker Also, on Mac you can attach a file to an item and it will sync to iOS.@alantucker Yeah, it has a bunch of category types. Credit Cards and Identities are handy as you can fill in shopping forms easily.@alantucker And this one speaks to the safety measures when using a cloud service like Dropbox. Nope, not having your data on our servers increases your security and privacy. Yep, just follow the syncing guides for Dropbox sync. You're the owner, not the machine. So if you buy a Mac license and have multiple Macs, the license works on all of them.@Bluray_collec You're welcome!@abhishekroy You're welcome!@MbMusgrove Data can't really vanish. Might be able to use a backup. Which device type was this? Mac, iOS, Windows, or Android?@Shawzborne Yeah we'll get in touch with Apple. Thanks again!@Zanderc84 Huh, so it is. I didn't notice that at first. I suppose type something for now, then edit it after creation to blank it out.@Bluray_collec No worries, we're working on it. :)@Bluray_collec Yes, we haven't yet localized the Android keyboard.@kalmichael Niiiiiiiiiice.@kpuputti Hm, items shouldn't be able to just disappear. Is your data synced to another device, such as 1Password for Mac or Windows?@Bluray_collec A second Knox? Do you mean a vault? Android does not currently support multiple vaults, but we're working on it.@jpetersen You're welcome!@Microflash Great to hear!@jpetersen The stable extension is in review with Mozilla. Beta is ready to go. Thanks! One of the lovely humans here will reply as soon as possible. ❤️@Alain_55 Our regular extension is in review with Mozilla. Beta is ready to go! Here's @WorkflowHQ on my directory. The integration went live with yesterday's big Workflow update. Currently, there is no permissions system as you are literally giving someone a duplicate of the data. We're aware of the needs.@meganmori We don’t normally discuss future plans, but thank you for letting me know you are interested in this! :)@Bluray_collec You bet! Very happy to hear that!@Kinny 👍@Kinny Can't say when/if there will be a resolution for it, though. Depends on what the issue is.@alantucker You're welcome!@Microflash Mind writing in to my specialists at support+android@ agilebits .com with a description of all that is happening?@alantucker Mac is $49.99. iOS app (universal) is free for Core features, $9.99 in-app purch. for Pro features. Paid once for that Apple ID.@alantucker Yep, multiple vaults help separate your stuff from work stuff or other stuff. And they are shareable. @benbrasso It's true!@Kinny I can't figure out why it isn't working on mobile. I'll have to pass it along to the engineers. Copy/paste is the workaround for now.@jmmoloney No, nothing going on *this* week. 😉😉@jmmoloney But you never know when one may pop up. 'tis the season and all. 😉@jmmoloney We don’t normally pre-announce future sales, but I do always announce them here when we have them. :)@ThisTweetCA That’s the way to do it. Keep up with the secure habit. :)@Microflash What's the error? Are you trying to open it with the Android app, or something else?@sirkkalap 😜@Kinny I wonder if re-saving the login using the desktop app's extension would work. There isn't. You need to actually click the Fill button.@nl_an We have some technical reasons behind why we can't do many shortcuts in that view.@danielrinser @olebegemann We recommend this approach to Master Passwords. Preferences aren't synced, only data. Not sure what would have happened there.@MelissaCHolt @roustem Glad to hear it! Sometimes the good old reboot is just what the doctor ordered!@BrianChowns ❤️🔐@JMoVS Yes, the SFSafariViewController thing is known and radar'd.@JMoVS Sure is. We're well aware.@rjamesmoore We've talked with Apple and they said everything is repaired. I'll poke Kyle again here.@BeGrabowski @olebegemann Well, that escalated quickly.@JMoVS No, Apple will allow TestFlight sooner or later. It'd take too much to retool everything for Hockey again.@akalata @pk_sullivan That's OP-One Kenobi!@Lascorbe @wolffan @patoroco You could always keep an emergency kit in a safe. Heh, the idea is that I would handle that part.@ToKKSiC_MiND ❤️🔐@Kinny Synapse isn't yet optimized for mobile. It's on our to-do list. What's the URL?@marczeffren @olebegemann Whoa whoa whoa, let's not get ourselves into an Inception scenario.@olebegemann Thank you for letting me know you are interested in this! :)@PlanetWilson Yep! In Mac, click Security Audit in the sidebar, then Duplicate Passwords.@benbrasso You should definitely use me.@songadaymann @rhein_wein @mxlje I couldn't agree more. ❤️🔐@rhein_wein @mxlje @songadaymann You're totally singing my jam.@prsewell Hey Paul, could you follow me so I can DM you? Let me know when that button's been clicked, please. 😀@agir Huh. We don't change preferences setting in updates, and the default for that one is to be active.@KyleSwank @jxpx777 @Aleen Hey hey hey, I thanked him publicly on his little SysAdmin day thingie.@charsiuCat I'm excited to see if I can integrate with Edge once it has support for extensions.@johnnarcher @WorkflowHQ I'm glad you love my extension!@S1AnGeR Best bet is to export to CSV if that app can do it. Yes, you can skip username by leaving it blank and tapping the circled arrow on the field. Duplication on iOS is on our radar.@hiltmon 😀
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