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Lead single Ghost Town out now! New album THE ORIGINAL HIGH coming this summer.

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LISTEN to @Tritonal’s remix of #GhostTown premiering today on @dancingastro - http://t.co/R84MEUwYt7
@adamlambert "Whistle chorus" reminds me to keep shining on and keep dancing through life despite heartaches... 💚#GhostTown
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERT@adamlambert Dance through my sorrows. I take strength and move on.
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERT@adamlambert There is no light without darkness. There is no art without pain and disappointment.
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERT@adamlambert For me it's about hitting that rock bottom in your life that you just leave all fears and don't care about anything anymore :)
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERTI'm so curious to hear what the lyrics in #GhostTown mean to you personally! ?Thanks Tommy!!!! ;) 💚 https://t.co/5y7xOzizPfGet deep on Sunday Funday kidz http://t.co/KfzgN7ZQHQ
Thank you @gloriagaynor !!Unseen shot from attitudemag cover story https://t.co/ARPFXqUiNu.@ToriKelly sing that song girl! #unbreakablesmile
Check out my first Live performance of #GhostTown on @TheEllenShow ! (HD) http://t.co/D3q5nZEjDCA few thoughts on @AdamLambert's performance of #GhostTown on @TheEllenShow (watch it here): http://t.co/OUMCRPxJM9 http://t.co/9R1ZUvCPez
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERTMy mom and I are in @people mag's upcoming Mothers Day feature ! http://t.co/v5y5SFl5ZNExclusive: I talk about the story of ‘Ghost Town’ http://t.co/QpbOfyj3Cs
#Glamberts! Here’s a peek at our EXCLUSIVE #ShazamInterview w/ @adamlambert dropping tomorrow: http://t.co/HTl7DzTfvf http://t.co/GNNPpyyC7m
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERTSet your DVRs! I’ll be performing #GhostTown on @theellenshow tomorrow. Find your local listings at http://t.co/d3p8Uu2VilGive it up for the dancers in the video! they were all freestylin!Here's the direct link to the #GhostTown music video for you to watch and share! I'm so glad you are all loving it! http://t.co/KfzgN7ZQHQ
BTS #GhostTown @jadesullivan @kyliesheaxo https://t.co/N2OtGQ3cePBTS @lovemrspencer @grayjoey @whoisjohnnyrice #GhostTown https://t.co/HcyBQpKqVEBTS @clarysbiagi #GhostTown https://t.co/V0HSmIpeN3BTS Babes #GhostTown https://t.co/85dqIzwSCfBTS #GhostTown @sutanamrull (photo by @grayjoey) https://t.co/Ilx5nbAAYPBTS Babes on #GhostTown video (photo by @grayjoey) https://t.co/DNsVCiu9W3Thanks 2 my Creative crew: @Doll2Dame for supervising choreography. @BRETTALANNELSON for styling magic @AbreeaLoren:hair @sutanamrull:makeupPREMIERE: Watch @AdamLambert's brand new music video for #GhostTown!! http://t.co/Ak8WpSVnvj http://t.co/At3FncTvGB
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERT.@etnow unveils #GhostTown tonight! See it on ETonline, 7:30pm EST/4:30pm PST! http://t.co/iA1cxoinYw@etnow premiers #GhostTown tonight! See it on ETonline, 7:30pm EST/4:30pm PST! https://t.co/sRrAluEsQH http://t.co/KUKkl9DeDg7 amazing @adamlambert quotes to get you excited about his ET takeover!! http://t.co/ecsXMyfRyM http://t.co/uv68DJ3yaT
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERT
Just posted a photo https://t.co/y6litaT2Cr@tylerinacoma @etnow thanks man! the Original Highs...GLAMBERTS! Want to hear GHOST TOWN on the @iHeartRadio 9 @ 9?! Let us know by tweeting #Z100PlayAdam & Listen here: http://t.co/gFsm02PQGe
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERTPsst, here's a peek at @AdamLambert's #GhostTown. See the new video tomorrow on ETonline, 7:30pm EST/4:30pm PST! https://t.co/eR5soDJ5Jh
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERTHey guys, @ETnow is exclusively premiering the music video for #GhostTown tomorrow! http://t.co/Ztx5kIU9Qdhttp://t.co/ghvgdrSmyp FUNNYThe wait is over! Pre-order #TheOriginalHigh exclusive fan bundles at my official store: http://t.co/ISv7B0Ceau http://t.co/Bey3vLGXmL
The Ghost Town Video is directed by @HypeWilliams Coming Soon... http://t.co/HRxPT90zIL
Throwback. @leecherry bridger https://t.co/bFtSojzn6JWait till u see this music video for #GhostTown!!!On this week's #PopShop podcast, @AdamLambert shares why his new album will offer "something for everybody": http://t.co/m2Y3XHaqId
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERT@ColtonLHaynes nice moves man... Real strong wrist position. Lolhttps://t.co/7IfuY4zAmg "The Ghost" dance @ColtonLHaynes @adamlambert
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERT
There are layers to this, @adamlambert. Pre-order The Original High & get into #GhostTown now http://t.co/SDczVw9ZFs http://t.co/9TmfoEr1cj
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERTWE LOVE @adamlambert's new song and we can't get it out of our heads! http://t.co/teAsD1sWQk http://t.co/aEftzR6ejS
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERTWATCH: @AdamLambert explains meaning behind "Ghost Town" & talks about working with @IamToveLo on "Rumors" http://t.co/lsNnZa40Gr
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERTDon’t forget to add #GhostTown to your @Spotify playlist – http://t.co/3ixgv0JX0J #nowplaying. @AdamLambert's new single 'Ghost Town' has arrived - and it's pretty brilliant http://t.co/LpIYSWMrxO
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this track is hot..@adamlambert’s new song he did w max martin. That acoustic vibe then the beat drops… money https://t.co/BsZ8Rz4phj
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERTLooking forward to chatting with @Go4Valentine on @1043Myfm at 6:45am tomorrow. If you’re up, tune in at http://t.co/fmR6Jr06cdThe top of the Trending 140 chart is no #GhostTown to @AdamLambert: http://t.co/gwjcmar0TU http://t.co/nukKmKG4Lh
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERTHearing #GhostTown on the radio for the very first time!!!! https://t.co/AOyAnLcEdNFun to talk #GhostTown and #TheOriginalHigh with @BLIDanaJayson @1061BLI this morning, check it out here http://t.co/q7GInlBHqXWow #1 on itunes Pop chart! Thank you fans!! http://t.co/twQrZQiLq3.@adamlambert has debuted his new single #GhostTown! Listen right here: http://t.co/qMDX8GL4Nu http://t.co/rj8tf9ibw1
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERT.@adamlambert fans listen here FIRST!! @AdamLambert just released his NEW single #GhostTown off his new album! #HOT http://t.co/0ktp7u4YN5
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERT
@adamlambert Did you write your song for me and release your album on my birthday on purpose?Because I'm in love with #GhostTown #Perfection
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERTsleeping to this @adamlambert http://t.co/DxkQVv0pi5
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERTThis new @adamlambert song is fuckin bangin! #GhostTown
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERTLISTEN: @adamlambert's Single #GhostTown’ Is Officially Here And Yes, It Is Amazing http://t.co/P4ojkMpPGs http://t.co/HU0UG9hxPa
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERTWell @adamlambert's new single is chillingly, soul-achingly perfect, so there's that http://t.co/NjzkJNmvCZ
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERT.@AdamLambert's "Ghost Town" is No. 1 on the @Billboard + @Twitter Trending 140 chart: http://t.co/UrnToZGRFn http://t.co/SzNx8AUglm
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERTI shall fall asleep to @adamlambert #GhostTown on repeat. Perfect vocals, perfect lyrics, perfect sound. Should create a perfect dream. 😍🎶
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERT@adamlambert THIS SONG!! No words. All feels. #GhostTown
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERT#GhostTown lyric video: http://t.co/NdYFaq3DXZ http://t.co/mKLkVnl7Yx#TheOriginalHigh is now available for pre-order. Order now to get #GhostTown instantly! – http://t.co/9p25aqu17u http://t.co/fdAoA4ClUM#GhostTown World Premiere! Pre-order #TheOriginalHigh to download “Ghost Town” instantly AND check the lyric vid at http://t.co/ZryWOI4ZZnTrack Listing #TheOriginalHigh https://t.co/e5u0869Qju
#TheOriginalHigh Cover Art! http://t.co/dhZKKCl62DYou ready for #TheOriginalHigh album cover?
" I have heard the future of pop. It is Ghost Town by @adamlambert "yesssss @YahooMusic
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERT@Popjustice earth tones are chic! HahaThanks @lyndseyparker ;)https://t.co/yOOIHPJv2g #GhostTown
You guys keep asking me 'what are the colors for this era?!" I didn't realize there had been assigned colors!? Let's go w BLACK n WHITE"....don't give a fuck if I go down down down" https://t.co/NAvrGj0AJS"...walked into the flames called out your name, but there was no answer" https://t.co/RFXyGiFAyc"...saw all of the saints lock up the gates I could not enter."
4 More Days #GhostTown https://t.co/xG7P6PIx0DSingle Art #GhostTown http://t.co/EIScIa4fYv4 More Days #GhostTown http://t.co/jfJgFc59WChttp://t.co/SUXti0LXmX
I dunno how I missed her, (maybe cuz I was on tour) but I just got into @amyschumer. Your show is HILARIOUS. thanks for the laughs.notionmagazine https://t.co/EczfI7NQtRnotionmagazine https://t.co/NWmSMhFaroSo excited to be on the cover of notionmagazine http://t.co/ppYA1T0yTAhttps://t.co/bC2W1VxNrf
..."I try to feed the hunger that keeps me up at night" attitudemag https://t.co/bgve6tiD3R
So many septum piercings. So many.Yo #Glamberts since u've been so rad...here's the ONLY snip I'm allowed 2 share till after #GhostTown drops! Enjoy! http://t.co/m5MyjUSCdK
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERTOne word to sum up @AdamLambert's new single #GhostTown? BONKERS. Full review: http://t.co/UE7drxJDB3
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERT
Woof https://t.co/gTyCz82Jac"I tried to believe in God and James Dean, but Hollywood Sold Out"
👻"...now I'm searching for trust"@AdamLambertTwin hahha yes darling. Filmed it this week. ;) get ready!Cool Art! Where did u find the town? https://t.co/OIHjcz1shj
"...but Hollywood Sold Out"
"Died last night in my dreams..."My Heart Is A Ghost Town
15 days until #GhostTown http://t.co/YVYJJvTtg7
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