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MT @nytpolitics: Great @maggieNYT and @patrickhealynyt on Ben Carson's Detroit 2016 launch. http://t.co/ZfvsdVVupv http://t.co/ad4Pw30SLlIn which I recap @VeepHBO, mainly for the benefit of @pkcapitol: http://t.co/qUbKzjZ9pDAttn @arappeport @NYTnickc. Brilliant FD feature idea from Assignment Desk Epstein... https://t.co/WWbcyGYT8f@reidepstein I am! And I sometimes fear @pkcapitol is the only one reading them...In this "Veep" recap, President Meyers and team find themselves in Iran, a "tea-totalitarian state." http://t.co/qUbKzjZ9pD
"Sometimes Darth Vader wins." @powellnyt takes a look at the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight http://t.co/Tu8AhCeSEy
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A D.C. #Derbygram. https://t.co/dRkwHLLg1I
Great view of Times Square http://t.co/NanQIf6JQ7
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerThis Tweet took @pkcapitol several crucial minutes to compose. That is all. https://t.co/UYXAaYWY7a#FF @sarahlyall for all your Pacquiao-Mayweather needs. You will not regret it.A thorough interview with a man who just accidentally sexted his girlfriend’s mom http://t.co/dvhOMjNLjM http://t.co/GgXpGZcsib
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerMarco Rubio is the candidate of the future —and he won't let you forget it: http://t.co/DtsoOjsDpa@teddyschleifer VERY out of context. But… WOAH IF TRUE.Rubio—who says it's an "increasingly optimistic hypothetical" he'll be president—on Iran and immigration: http://t.co/AdSZ8ocFEVThank you. Cc: @jonathanweisman https://t.co/4Z0yJBiAoI@jackhealyNYT @jonathanweisman Reporters must hold down dog until the chairman yields his time… Until the witness stops obfuscating…Etc...Key lime pie, yes. Paleo, no. RT @NYTNational: First Draft: Verbatim: Rubio’s Take on the Food Pyramid http://t.co/zo3GqLmOnD@jonathanweisman RUDE! I distinctly remember it being frigid.Oh, to be a senator running for president! The challenges! The calculations! http://t.co/vwMk1j6cbDRubio just laid out a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants — BUT only after border security and full revamp of entire system.
@AntonVuljaj #TierOneRun?Chicago lands Obama library, @juliebosman and @jmartNYT report: http://t.co/L5THzh08Th#FightingWords https://t.co/H60ETmT1CHAnd... Senator Bernie Sanders, an "avowed socialist," is running for president. https://t.co/ANtK5C3BXI
“It is magical.” RT @NYMag: @theRyanAdams finally caved and covered Bryan Adams’s "Summer of ’69" http://t.co/ofWRi7VJXd#ProTip from the expert —> RT @jonathanweisman: @AshleyRParker It's EWAPPS!In which @jonathanweisman informs me he has been covering EWAP legislation since 1994, and I feel impossibly sad for him.Re his Israel amendment, Rubio says, "We expect a vote on it." He is not concerned it may blow up the fragile Iran deal.@IChotiner Ah, yes, my specialty...@BCAppelbaum Bonus: One night in the Madonna Inn.@igorbobic "WASHINGTON —“ she typed w momentary satisfaction….Sometimes I’m incredibly grateful for datelines. Because it means you have one word down, just 999 more or so to go…My heart belongs to… Abe. #adorbsSen. Corker, on if his hold-up on the Republican budget is tied to his Iran bill: "Hmmm, that’s a unique idea, a novel idea."Last night I had a high school basketball dream, but all of the rival teams were... my sources. Interpret that, please.
Full winter parka may admittedly have been a bit of a misplay today... which seems to be 70 and sunny. Cc: @MaeveReston
At this point, Szechuan House should really just save my credit card on file. #SadLifeTweetsYour big “Data,” Ep. 3 @VeepHBO recap: http://t.co/WVMhR9loyJThe Walker plan to Beat Bush: A long, slow, Obama-v.-Clinton-like slog. http://t.co/mv8CqUexIZ
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MUST-READ: An exhaustive @farenthold report on how @MarcoRubio misjudged #immigration: http://t.co/7biWd6aXMo
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerBill Shuster muscled through transportation bill pushed by lobbyist girlfriend http://t.co/2DdUSdwZY6
Retweeted by Ashley Parker"Jeb Bush is thinking of running for president. And he is starving." A @mikiebarb Paleo diet special. http://t.co/IPUOFUlOdf
Where in the world was Ted Cruz for the Lynch vote? Answer here —> http://t.co/l7oMCRfjqOPer Cruz 2016 spox, Cruz missed final Lynch vote bc he had to catch a flight to Texas for a prior commitment.@amandacarpenter Why did he miss the final vote?The lone senator who missed the Loretta Lynch vote — 2016er @SenTedCruz.
And, to Ms. @ArletteSaenz, a very happy birthday! http://t.co/keT29ohhdvHow TEAM NYT CONG rolls —> RT @jestei: Bicameral extended vote series gelato shame spiral. http://t.co/78ehb16w5V#PSA—> RT @SenLeePressSec: It's time! Come on over to 361A Russell! #jello #utpol http://t.co/prk51nhp18RT @conniebritton: "Clear eyes, full hearts, don't rape!" @amyschumer you're a genius...big white wine cheers to you. http://t.co/fjC6UOcL9LOn the Daily Show, @gaylelemmon talks abt her incredible book "Ashley's War" - abt a band of sisters in Special Ops http://t.co/VSqrH4MA3R
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerGreat Ted Cruz as college debater piece by @jasondhorowitz —> https://t.co/AaOKKo88iINice look back on the NH woman who, in 2008, made Hillary cry — and helped soften her image: http://t.co/FF9WWcKjRA
My Uber is a Tesla! I don't even like cars and I'm so excited...Jeb Bush has big plans for his super PAC, which will rival the size of his campaign’s core. via @maggieNYT http://t.co/v4hMqVge4i
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerLocal news desk assignment editor —> https://t.co/rjOORGOuxbGreat series, by a great reporter (@EricLiptonNYT), edited by the great @tackettdc... https://t.co/PTEpdtxCBQ
And congratulations to @tackettdc for editing it! https://t.co/RsJKKe2r6J
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerDavid Koch at @NewYorkGOP today: "We will support whoever the candidate is--but it should be Scott Walker." http://t.co/k7t0eQcnh7
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerLooks who’s on Medium —> RT @marcorubio: I just published “Stop ISIS Terrorists Now, Before It’s Too Late” https://t.co/wqhm8AVNBA
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerKarl Ove Knausgård's "My Struggle," which lives up to its name, feels like the perfect book for today's (4/20) book club. Cc: @llerer.@campbellnyt & I did a big heave on how nationalizing of politics is reshaping 1 of country's most singular states http://t.co/MD8lXpIEl8
Retweeted by Ashley Parker‘Veep’ Recap: Gary Antoinette http://t.co/xOGZPTgzTF
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerIn which I recap @VeepHBO, episode 2, featuring bodyman "Gary Antoinette." http://t.co/mQerpLDiDc
Scenes from my evening run. 13th and Otis Place, NW. Washington, D.C.. https://t.co/RUgCtb665mI will forever be in awe of women who can pull off the full-body jumpsuit. #SpringThoughtsNEW w/ @ktumulty: for Jeb Bush, New Hampshire could be make or break http://t.co/NPIypZ6zRt
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerSpecial report: #Germanwingscrash exposes history of denial on risk of pilot suicide http://t.co/X9u6HHhoWx
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerIn which @marcorubio gets dirty — but not too dirty — on his first day out as a 2016 hopeful: http://t.co/al2DYuLgi3@ElizabethEThorp Every. Single. Southwest flight is sold out! Crazy, right?@Timodc [Insert whatever the opposite of liking a Tweet is here] But yes, that is correct.Searching for a (non sold out) flight from Manchester to DC today is like searching for a unicorn. That is all.
Sen. Rubio w some fighting words in New England — namely, he doesn't like their sports teams: http://t.co/6CgaUIMurb#CommonCore has come up at both of Rubio's stops here. https://t.co/Bhj6u9wfzKHouse party! Marco Rubio. Manchester, N.H. https://t.co/a9gh4ghHH6Out of context Rubio quotes: "21st Century is nothing like 20th Century welding."NOBODY TIPS AT CHIPOTLE. But this cycle will ensure that all 2016 hopefuls now will — tip jar or not.Local news asks Rubio is 43 is old enough to be president: “I know 44 is, which is what I turn in May,” says Rubio...
Shelly Rubino, VP of Airlines for America, a former senior House Dem staffer. w/@JakeSherman & @apalmerdc https://t.co/1eN7MFcwqD
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerRT @KateNocera: Buried lede: Marco Rubio orders ~off menu~ at Chipotle. http://t.co/MNgpeBcTrD
A great GREAT event: the #KidsStateDinner #GimmeFive submit fruits and veggies in your recipe by April 30 → http://t.co/IvOmVwN9cL
Retweeted by Ashley Parker@laurennfrench Snapchat your original lede...My original gyrocopter story has been rejected, w a request for a “harder news top.” PLEASE STANDBY!A Day In The Life Of A Fictional Female Reporter | http://t.co/kjD6PZiQnb
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerASSIGNMENT EDITOR —> RT @MEPFuller: Idea: Write this budget conference story using the gyrocopter as a parable.RT @maggieNYT: NH voters in full caricature mode with Christie, via @mikiebarb http://t.co/VSpnHCdvwb"The Alchemist" is really more of a fable than a book. Please explain.
For your daily dispatch of Hillary's "small" Iowa trip, @amychozick and @tripgabriel have the madcap dispatch: http://t.co/ahUgrUCxex@DaviSusan No birthday BitMoji for Cheryl.This is really tough. That is all. http://t.co/aZEeGhlPfH"I voted for Jeb... I voted for all of the Bushes. You might say I'm Bushed out." http://t.co/ZItpN2KopERubio launches 2016 bid, moving away from "yesterday" (Hint hint, Jeb and Hillary). W @jmartNYT: http://t.co/ZItpN2KopEHow Marco Rubio 2016 sounds like Obama 2004 http://t.co/m5FKPuEdnE
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"You might say I'm Bushed out." https://t.co/C4Sq2sJZyVStop what are you are doing and this @maggieNYT scoop with PHOTO of Hillary unrecognized in Chipotle rod trip http://t.co/O5CCtvNlR9
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerIf you guessed that Will Smith's "Welcome To Miami" would be playing before Rubio's announcement here... you guessed correct.Path to the Presidency: What Marco Rubio would need to do to win. http://t.co/7uqiFDl8svFive things you need to know about Marco Rubio, including his favorite underage drinking spot: http://t.co/oMWjCNe1WWAaand... Rubio's in: http://t.co/ORLKMENdBCTeam Rubio brings in @PoolhouseAgency (Romney veterans @MrWillRitter, @TimOToole) to help w media: http://t.co/GLfx2n8FDd
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