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@JennS90 @RoundtablePC @MathasGames The Podcast needs 25% plaid at all times Mathas can only fill that roleLong drives are better with @RoundtablePC. Highly recommend if you're looking for a good gaming podcast.@MathasGames @NorthernlionLP @tyronerodriguez So good almost as good as pizza and rebirth beerTitan Souls Let's Play - Episode 4 [Mascara]: http://t.co/QufXcKSH2l via @YouTube@DraculaFetus No more ending bumper? :(@moaiHeadOlgo When you figure out how to kill one though KreygasmTitan Souls Let's Play - Episode 3 [Parrot Head]: http://t.co/hyf5cbLzhH via @YouTube@RockLeeSmile iced @DunkinDonuts the official coffee of ToS?@josiahcampbell hey jo@StreamAdvisor same to you@JulieWadeBill hey you too@wowmartiean bruh@ilove_shoes you too@Stewartisme42 hey!@First_Ladybabe heyy@summersky17 you too!@kimberlykabin :)@Aubezz keep fightingHey โ˜•๏ธ
Hey guys didn't get around to getting Titan Souls up today on http://t.co/qlSUkskOzO - my buddy was in from Germany. 2x the souls tomorrow@El_Pinata @angryzenmaster @TheMightyJerd So they let you go or you quit?@p_mowery College Dropout is up there@Sikh49er Through the wire!@kerley_p He's really intelligent - have to be to get to that level@hotlegzz Yeah!@MissSallyO Yeah!@CobaltStreak You may be able to find LeDarius Pizza Shack in game...seriously@JSmithOTI well then how would I breathe?@SauronGH Where's the one ring?Sometimes you need to listen to a good Kanye West interview.@JSmithOTI What's so funny about CD4 Track 11? Is it an Adam Sandler comedy CD?@El_Pinata @angryzenmaster @TheMightyJerd Ah bummer Scott. Why did you end up quitting?@tjair007 Yeah the ending should be on there is it not in the playlist?@JSmithOTI @Poop @Trash @garbage @Farts @eggs ๐Ÿ˜“@TheRealKrisGump @10 @EA Battlefront ๐Ÿ˜„@LadyLexe Was shocked! Didn't know you watched!Game of Thrones Let's Play - Episode 9 [$#@&]: http://t.co/pTAQCGim3d via @YouTubeLet's Play - The Binding Of Isaac Rebirth - EP #94 [Kanye]: http://t.co/y9xtmhlCBf via @YouTube
@TheGr8tstManEvr thx for sharing!@RoarTheDinosaur Swegtrooper@MaioloNCSAC Nice meeting you as well Adam!@aracelijasmine_ almond joy@bradshawk87 np! what happened when you tried?@JSmithOTI otiD6 otiCritHit@JSmithOTI otiGF otiInsurance otiDrinks otiSleep@JSmithOTI can we hang soon? thx cya@JSmithOTI otiRatingSystem@RytaakIndrellis yolosweg@JSmithOTI how many hrs m8?Tough question from Cliff this week on the Podcast: "Should I lose weight before I apply for #RealityTV?" http://t.co/d4Tv1krSte@RockLeeSmile Indie Schmipressions@NorthernlionLP egglord says the canucks will lose every nhl game from here until the end of sithTitan Souls Let's Play - Episode 2 [Never Live]: http://t.co/iqo3ZAElbY via @YouTubeIsaac will be up late tonight on http://t.co/qlSUksCprm - blame JJ Abrams.The metallic Storm Troopers - can't control myself. #StarWars https://t.co/MB93AR7rxM@SheilaKennedy Reseda ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘BLOG: The Story of Adam, Zelda, and Ketchup Doritos: http://t.co/xZPdyNKGTIGame of Thrones Let's Play - Episode 8 [A Solution]: http://t.co/cMDofn9GpT via @YouTube
@JahovasWitniss saw that too so goodSwitching to @H1Z1game - Titan Souls too much rage - http://t.co/aiVCUq37B5Live now: http://t.co/aiVCUq37B5 Titan Souls up first@Dick_Hammer1 no serverino@Dick_Hammer1 it wont they know better@JSmithOTI @mollsissobored @AlpacaPatrol http://t.co/98E7kyy3oQ@EDWSnip3down @itsBiiTTERSWEET You guys have an easy story to pitch@mollsissobored @JSmithOTI @AlpacaPatrol Sugar daddy Rob tho?@mollsissobored @JSmithOTI @AlpacaPatrol Moll how come you weren't at PAX@mollsissobored @JSmithOTI That's what I say about @AlpacaPatrol during the tournament of shame. How do you contain yourselfStreaming at 7PM EST tonight - I may or may not be wearing @JSmithOTI's shirt. http://t.co/aiVCUqkIZF@itsBiiTTERSWEET @EDWSnip3down not counting the HCS@itsBiiTTERSWEET @EDWSnip3down You already won a show! It's his time@itsBiiTTERSWEET @EDWSnip3down My money is on EW sorry Celeste@NotTheHoff fight on@JSmithOTI @_Scott_Sullivan Childlike wonder shirt@jennifer75mulli Yep! All of my best advice is available in 20+ free podcasts at http://t.co/1yY0lZQQzWRunning is a love/hate thing. ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ”ซTitan Souls Lets Play - Episode 1 [Tri Hard]: http://t.co/qZ4VeUZoNi via @YouTube@JSmithOTI @NorthernlionLP Lucky number sesenta y nueveWhat is this madness? https://t.co/zw55hhvuD1@KatyWellhousen How did you do grade wise?@erinfitzy4 Hey Erin! Hope all is well :) How's your job situation looking?@KatyWellhousen Hey - send me your Powerpoint! I want to see it@bradshawk87 yooo did you sign up? :)@IrrelevantAnth Hey Ant - hope your day is Shania Twain worthy!@Maisemj Hey Maisem! Hope all is well! :)Lets Play - H1Z1 - Live #39 [L.M Bro]: http://t.co/qmUhtYLZwr via @YouTubeNot necessarily a Browns fan but their new jerseys are strong to quite strong. http://t.co/WO77gdkCMD@PlayerUno or what uno goes throughGame of Thrones Let's Play - Episode 7 [Must Tell You]: http://t.co/f4uwRyM6Zk via @YouTubeCongrats to the man in plaid @robcesternino - who won two big podcast awards last night! Awesome to see all your hard work rewarded. #RHAP
Let's Play - The Binding Of Isaac Rebirth - EP #94 [Challenge]: http://t.co/S6qMmxGwE2 via @YouTube"There's a diamond emoji right?" -Dinner conversations at my house.Cities Skylines Lets Play - Episode 15 [Reverse PCH]: http://t.co/Ly5o3ehpBo via @YouTube@jasonthenicest hi momCongrats to @MathasGames - it's now official: @AEO needs to flannel sponsor this guy. https://t.co/Kul4NdRBgO@mabeckett I have been toying with bringing that to the channel as a staple - just need to find the right fit. BR or normal?@AlpacaPatrol The Post Office should run to you@dakotawolves Yelotree was the pilot?A new Isaac video will hit the channel today later than normal - but it will hit it at some point. #Kappa http://t.co/w1MZ3hwGgV@DrewM987 @Twitch @djWHEAT @itmeJP That's a progression of facial hair like none other.
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