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Playing Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeros for a little bit: ask nickFallout New Vegas 2015 Modded - Episode 68 [JF]: via @YouTubeH1Z1 Battle Royale Duo MathasGames - Part 4 [Got Em]: via @YouTubeFallout Shelter Lets Play - Episode 88 [Edie Project]: via @YouTube@Fandude41 If you can find a way to get the files thats all we need@Fandude41 Thanks Nate! LMK I'll pay the $ just think it will be fun for channel.@Mattbarnard9 awesome man! enjoy!@jellydonutpro @JSmithOTI otiGF@tyronerodriguez @NorthernlionLP @RockLeeSmile @CobaltStreak #NeverForget πŸ˜ΏπŸ•πŸ» I think she is playing the best game by far, doesn't make it fun to watch or root for. If she could just flip the switchHahaha thanks @JeanieBuss missed this tweet 3 years ago! Looks good but I can help you with your ketchup distribution.
@owenb1981 @tyronerodriguez how can we get it off there?Fallout New Vegas 2015 Modded - Episode 67 [Blackout]: via @YouTubeH1Z1 Battle Royale Duo MathasGames - Part 3 [Walking Dead]: via @YouTubeFallout Shelter Lets Play - Episode 87 [Rare]: via @YouTube
@tyronerodriguez @CobaltStreak missing the pizza and beer 😐Those who are enjoying the #FalloutShelter series will like the episode tomorrow morning on - it's a rare one.@leeshakaren @tyronerodriguez We need to get /r/BigBrother on it - I'm confident they could find it!Anyone have a link to download this Big Brother game by Konami and @tyronerodriguez? Asking for a...friend. @RockLeeSmile malf@RockLeeSmile I'll keep an eye out for my email invite@danidONAT0 Alan Thicke earns you street cred@thegreatgq congrats man! I got the Mario but Ganon and Pit got away :(H1Z1 Battle Royale Duo MathasGames - Part 2 [One Jedi]: via @YouTube@JonCozart Jon plz@thegreatgq which did you get@magicprotour @MathasGames@thegreatgq @Megmouse82 got one thanks gq! Heads up @MathasGamesFallout Shelter Lets Play - Episode 86 [Desktop]: via @YouTube
@Nintendo_Legend @RetroRoundtable @JSmithOTI@GoBedlam plz@tdarkhorse4 @TeamBB4ever got em@lyricallyjustin @danidONAT0 It's not the comps...@RISHADBBCAN3 You'd be up there longer than 10 minutes though!@danidONAT0 Big Brother Lite?@danidONAT0 bruh, 2 minutesRemember when endurance competitors fought longer than 10 minutes? #BB17@grahamorama bruhVanessa with that panic face! #BB17Rooting for Becky to get back in, I like Johnny I just don't think he has the killer instinct. #BB17@britney_haynes golden eyesI want whoever is going to do the most damage to come back in the game. #BB17@mollsissobored probEveryone said they wanted to keep why didn't they? #BB17I'm waiting for Johnny Mack to break character...but it's not happening.@MyLadyKat Some would take it as a compliment ;)@MyLadyKat Uh?@afleckster sorry? :)@rockynga You never know!@kelsbode Hahaha@ParisDiorChanel Hahaha@chrisdawn83 No one willing to work, just going with whatever one person decides.@AnnaknikkiMicou That's the fun of an all new cast, right?Whoever comes back in, I hope they have the game sense to break up the twins and Groot. #BB17Glad to see all the independent thinking in the voting booth. #BB17That last tweet was not a burn! #BB17@kimberleymayj Not a burn!I like Steve, but he makes Ian look like Tom Cruise. #BB17The camo is real. #BB17@MathasGames Dude just looking for trouble@MathasGames "I hate it when indie channels play games like this, unsubbed."Fallout New Vegas 2015 Modded - Episode 65 [Heads Roll]: via @YouTube@AbbykleeK @bigbroaccess Thanks BBAccess. My story: My Guide to Getting on RTV: Battle Royale Duo MathasGames - Part 1 [Twenty Two]: via @YouTubeFallout Shelter Lets Play - Episode 85 [75 Percent]: via @YouTube@SirScoots Happy bday Scoots!@Miss_Jeri @_StaceyJ@j_lussier99 πŸ˜‚ how did you find it@fakebrentleoni ok I'll give it a few@adelasilver Its all about the game that's all that matters@Miss_Jeri why? :)@5thBeatle23 :)@DannyOnFacebook thanks Dan! I like JMAC@moaks18 :)@Kayla_Bo_Bayla X1?@kaylubbro @MathasGames palutena m8@alexislol_ :)@NJB1981 Not into yet...@catrific rekt@AthenaLSantana hope all is well thanks for popping in@jodeci69 :)@DrewM987 tournament@KhelFrancis thanks Khel@queenjaci no mam@criminaIzm She always finds a way@mollsissobored Be nice@TheReal_SSpain hahaha panic@criminaIzm Tweet tweet@lainebugbaby :)@Kayla_Bo_Bayla 4th? πŸ’€@AmyBC96 or 100 years ago!@neondiamond101 Sounds like a crazy person πŸ’€@hi_LAR_ious That's life :)@BrandonMathews1 πŸ’€πŸ’€@cecyrocconi πŸ’€@BastilleEmpire I like Johnny/James/Steve. I like how hard Vanessa plays but not her execution@AmandaGillette1 πŸ‘@Talla_87 pic of it or not real
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