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Fixed income PM, former Equity Analyst, CFA, and Chicago sports fan. Contributor for CFA's Inside Investing blog.

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If I haven't made it clear already, here's my preferred strategy for $TWTR: SELL. THE. COMPANY.
Retweeted by David SchawelOr, to rephrase: With a better CFO $FB revenues would have been $330mm higher.
Retweeted by David SchawelChances of a $FB bomb tonight?@groditi @naufalsanaullah Verbatim@Morgan_03 @conorsen What does "härd" mean?@DavidHaugh What's a successful year for the Bears?@mark_dow @IvanTheK @Fullcarry @conorsen why the banter is so fun@mark_dow @IvanTheK @Fullcarry I want them too, I'm just skeptical of it happening. Plus I like needling hawkish friends like @conorsen@IvanTheK @conorsen @Fullcarry That's fair. I remain skeptical.@IvanTheK @conorsen @Fullcarry I don't either, but what data report do you think gets them reasonably confident on inflation by then?@joshuademasi Maybe, but seems like a step closer.Statement previously said hiking would be appropriate when they've "seen further improvement" in labor backdrop. It now says only "some"@IvanTheK @conorsen @Fullcarry Enough to be "reasonably confident on inflation" ?@conorsen @Fullcarry @IvanTheK dovish at the margin, pretty clear no september now@IvanTheK "Ivan's yellow card's are getting less and less support"@mark_dow @elerianm Do you guys see Mexico's central bank stepping up to prevent further peso declines? Does it get concerning?Silicon Valley mentality? @VegaVandal oh boy@BathosMan which is why people will make those commentsStill a big fan of $WD despite it being hit hard recently. I think fears of GSE cap on multi-fam weighing on it. See it as 6-7x '16 EPS now
$MCD rolling out touch screen kiosks to order. Who is next, $SBUX?@IvanTheK you're too quick@georgepearkes @Morgan_03 this is a man who owns his love of feline photography & has no shame@EpicureanDeal @Morgan_03 @munilass get the little guy a balloon to boost his spirits!@TheStalwart wasting time online is the plug, I don't think it drives the quantity of hours needed for a given amount of output@TheStalwart Joe@abelisted just a generalization about everyone writing him off - and largely it's true@TheStalwart considering we all thought he didn't have a chance all along, our views on his future should be taken lightly@BluegrassCap what's the case for not being long (outside of valuation)@mark_dow still seems down@gavparks that's fair, although talent can also be developers, sales, etc@gavparks longer they struggle & more stock falls? Seems like turnover would incrementally increaseReal risk for $TWTR now you think leveraged pro-cyclical buyers of passthroughs are essential to a healthy mortgage market?@RubiconAssoc Um yes. They're actually making loans & serving the community, they have core funding & don't rely on overnight repo/etc@sspencer_smb I def don't feel bad if the equity compensation component of a high flying tech company isn't going up@groditi then millennials need to start having kids earlier then!Here are the highlights of Jack Lew's letter to @OrrinHatch on #PuertoRico.
Retweeted by David Schawel@ml8_ml8 for some, but I haven't been in that camp@shishiqiushi I'm just saying what the market believes right nowPutting strong beliefs in market heuristics "if this, then that" is dangerous for investorsBiggest assumption in the market right now is that a rate hike would lead to an even stronger $, could this be threatened?$BIDU down 35% from November highsSlow moving El Camino car wreck @groditi I guessing saying I'm surprised this realization is happening so suddenly - granted I don't follow SLABS too closely@scullymb @groditi all I've read so far@groditi comments from navient were strange requesting bond holders reach out to the firm to amend termsHaven't heard a good explanation yet why FFELP spreads have blown out @georgepearkes New Show: Pearkes and Recreation@TheStalwart claiming you're a tourist ahead of time is also used by people to get a free pass in the future if they're wrongThe rate bears are the ones who have escaped the most scrutiny - arguments sound sophisticated but still wrong since the crisis.
@RussianBear peter@maxvision33 @chalkbaggery that's a heck of a chart@MacroHF @mark_dow you have bigger guts than I do, maybe one day I'll get thereMost persistent investing bias I regularly see: not realizing a stock can be a better buy after it doubled than when you initially bought it
Retweeted by David Schawel@rj_trades I like Cocoa Cinnamon in Durham & pretty much anywhere that has counter culture coffeeSHCOMP still up 10.5% YTD@georgepearkes @hmeisler new profile pic!@conorsen white are you talking about?@ReformedBroker Narratives for everyone@Cimmerian999 @ritholtz Frank was almost undeniably the biggest advocate in Congress of reducing GSE underwriting standards - which happenedBlackRock dives into private deals as banks shy away "Pensions looking for yield" @InterestArb @IvanTheK @Fullcarry @MylesUdland @conorsen @TheStalwart @georgepearkes Would be an epic troll if Joe pulls that off@InterestArb @mark_dow @IvanTheK @Fullcarry @MylesUdland @conorsen @TheStalwart @georgepearkes not meDodd-Frank, Community Bank Decline, And The Effect On U.S. Cities And Towns - Forbes of renters love consensus Twitter !@modestproposal1 @conorsen @ACapMgmt how many bidding scandals?@alexroseinnes <--- dad jokes!@JohnDarsie just told @conorsen I think RDU is one of my favorites@M_C_Klein @conorsen I do have a love/hate with O'Hare. Midway should be knocked down though!Probably another dozen airports that could use a complete overhaul@anilvohra69 @Gloeschi agree I'd be very surprised@Gloeschi Possible, but other CB's also with very accomodative stance which wouldn't change if Fed hikes@Gloeschi dollar crash?@IvanTheK I realize, stating the obvious fit for Treasury/Finance to own it. Agree it's puzzling.@IvanTheK Interesting thing is that normal ALM/Capital runs end up being a lot of the output anyways for stress testing, so why not them?@IvanTheK @AmerBanker to be fair, stress testing is such an administrative nightmare that it's possible said HR exec could be a good fit@_the_goose @tracyalloway are you a survey expert & subprime auto ABS salesman?CS: Guidance trends have turned negative in small, mid and large cap during 2Q15 reporting season in yen terms?
@IvanTheK buy something in the morning & we'll generously sell you a froo-froo drink for "only" $2.50... and ppl will bite! Huge pricing pwr@IvanTheK insane that's a promotional price@DavidHaugh Yes, half a season is a big enough sample size. 4 game sweep has been the outlier.@BarbarianCap probably the times most likely to slip through the cracks@groditi Not really, all the loans that defaulted and were liquidated are also gone.@G_Pop2013 much higher :)It's now almost impossible to be rejected for a car loan healed yet: 44.1% of 2006 originated hybrid option ARM mortgage loans still have a current LTV over 100% 2s10s slope following movements of energy prices this year I am shocked there's people from Chicago at a big tourist destination!
@mbusigin he was brutal last year, brutal. I watched him in person@M_C_Klein @LJKawa agree, and your new intelligent looking avatar is intimidating me!@IvanTheK heavy paper tradingSell EVERYTHING tweets are coming@TheStalwart troll your roll!@JodyShenn @JoshRosner @DavidHStevens The point is that bank funding profiles are substantially more stable & not as reliant on FHLB/repo@JodyShenn @JoshRosner @DavidHStevens That's the asset side. Bank's don't fund with overnight $ like mREITs. Core funding profile much diff.@JodyShenn @JoshRosner @DavidHStevens Community banks have core deposits which have long durations & thus don't rely on these mismatches@rleewilson21 it's tiny and the mREIT sector has been destroyed - that's pretty much it
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