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Columnist, commenter. A liberal until 18, then saw the light because I felt the heat. Write for IrishCentral & others. On the radio and guest of Fox News

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@l11432 @sav01 yes look at my previous tweet@EDinCali Thank you! Is it pc to tell Bill, I TOLD YOU SO! 😆😈😜
Retweeted by Ed Aren't we all? "@EDinCali: Bill Maher said he’s getting tired of the liberal outrage machine"
Retweeted by Ed I'm not sold on man-made #globalwarming, says . . . the co-founder of #Greenpeace? http://t.co/0MHmMYbB4Q #climatechange #AGWHoax
Retweeted by Ed 'Face Of Jesus' Appears After Rockslide In Colombia (PHOTO) http://t.co/MDqsRvLsh4 http://t.co/yi5zAwSuxV
Retweeted by Ed @daphneyuhas I was worried about you when I tweeted this one :)Friends dont trust us,enemies dont fear us-Obama Snubs NATO Chief To Avoid Upsetting Russians During Iran Talks https://t.co/2UZ6Gc0Rb7Recent changes-CBS: FAA Allows Pilots Suffering Mental Illness To Work While Taking Anti-Depressants https://t.co/v1C8hiC52gMcCain: Saudis Didn’t Tell Obama About Yemen Raid Because They Think He’s with Iran https://t.co/aBI0V6A5SYBill Maher said he’s getting tired of the liberal outrage machineMaher Blasts ‘Deeply Stupid’ PC Liberals, Telling Media Matters to ‘Shut the F*ck Up https://t.co/rX814kEqLuOkay, for both physical and mental reasons, clearly this guy shouldn't have been flying and the problem is screening http://t.co/WajaBPTmst
Retweeted by Ed .@GurlTalkTVShow @chipman88 Time is making #Obamacare more, not less, damaging. Private insurance is now collapsing at crisis level.
Retweeted by Ed Millennial Makes History With Big Win in Philly via @SalenaZitoTrib http://t.co/U4vS7v6Gkm
Retweeted by Ed Even if you are taking over the counter cold medicine...as a pilot it could be a violation of FAA rules for flying in an impaired condition@AFP @GayPatriot obama/kerry haven't quite completely capitulated to irans wishe list yet@NonUtopian @Po_st Always wondered what was going on under those burkasJust FYI-Live like a king! The most expensive houses in Ireland (PHOTOS) http://t.co/1Q3NiMQpeIHis stain on our country-Harry Reid's Liberal Legacy | American Action News http://t.co/x9cqkUhXHz via @sharethisTime to end financing of terrorist supporter United Nations, "UN says Israel, not Iran, NKorea or Syria worst violator of human rights."
Retweeted by Ed ISIS Jihadis Caught On Battlefield Wearing Bras, Dresses, Eyeliner, Lipstick « Pat Dollard http://t.co/aTOqfiHi82 via @po_stWe’re just seven days away from the adventure that is #ADTheSeries! Tune in at 9/8c on @NBC. http://t.co/KEpz2Sfqhj
Retweeted by Ed @RealRomaDowney Same thing with the troll hiding in the closet :)Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is. -German proverb 🌿
Retweeted by Ed Fake News From the Holy Land — Atlantic Mobile http://t.co/e74KDAvRVR
Retweeted by Ed Ugh @DRUDGE_REPORT: UN says Israel, not Iran, NKorea or Syria worst violator of human rights... http://t.co/XOkvn1Ecer
Retweeted by Ed @danielwwelsh @RichardGrenell Agreed...without tradition we would just be wildmen murdering burning raping and pillaging at will@danielwwelsh @RichardGrenell I think head removal using other than manual, un powered means is prohibited@RichardGrenell @EDinCali Since chainsawing off heads isn't specifically mentioned in the Koran,... wouldn't that be against Sharia Law?
Retweeted by Ed @MaxTollensJr @JoeC1776 You can see how green they are as satellites pass over their still/unlit country at night.@JoeC1776 N.Korea is the greenest place in the world-where EVERY DAMN DAY #EarthHour appears to be celebrated. #sarcasm
Retweeted by Ed @LessaT @VRWCTexan Thank God for Shriners Hospitals....give them your supportHard to get much sweeter than this... http://t.co/Z3fy5cXLGL
Retweeted by Ed Islamic radicals kill 40 people with chainsaws on ElectionDay in Nigeria. opposition candidate still wants Shaira law http://t.co/ynbxiaTgBp
Retweeted by Ed He's Afraid He'll Be Arrested If He Goes Home, but That Didn't Stop This Irania... http://t.co/e336uF5caf via @theblaze@EDinCali @greta media is interested in ratings period - facts and issues are superfluous if don't boost ratings
Retweeted by Ed According to radical islamists that obama and kerry are nuke "negotiating" with: Israel is the little satan & USA is the great satan #tcotOBAMA'S 'DEAL': Plunging Iran's Knife Into Israel's Back...And Then Our Own! | Doug Giles | #ClashDaily http://t.co/W0RqUBWOP9Senate GOP asking new questions about emails for Clinton and Abedin, who had special employment status | http://t.co/oAtE0N4en8@theblaze @Norsu2 Most normal people thinking people think the same as NetanyahuU.S. financial #markets remain structured for fraud until SEC regulators are forbidden to ever seek Wall Street employment
Retweeted by Ed @greta Just having to ask the question Greta...is your answerISIS Clamps Down On Mothers Having “Un-Islamic” Caesarean Births http://t.co/wgumBB4NLq
Retweeted by Ed
Dan Henninger is right, whatever normal people think, Obama and his administration think the oppositeNorth Dakota Vote Puts the U.S. One Step Closer to Convention of States http://t.co/RXTwBw9KFk via @theblazeThe liar who gets paid to lie probably isn't the sociopath @EDinCali - it's her employer. Rice is a shameless mercenary liar.
Retweeted by Ed Bono Gets it...When will the rest of the utopians get it?@SaCDav Last time she was in Egypt thousands booed and threw tomatoes and shoes at her, called her traitor...did you see that in MSM?@Malmute @WashTimes He and obama will throw Israel under Irans centrifuges"Earnest": ‘Partisan Politics’ in the Senate Responsible for Loretta Lynch’s Delay https://t.co/Lx81DEp1e5Because she's a pathological liar-Chaffetz: How Could Rice Ever Claim Bergdahl ‘Served with Honor and Distinction’? https://t.co/x7bHZ8oJfxKaBoom!-Bono: ‘Entrepreneurial Capitalism Takes More People out of Poverty than Aid’ https://t.co/TWtD3PO4ocBroken Clock Russell Brand: Like Obama, Hillary Is a Corporate Tool Disguised as a Liberal https://t.co/DqMqox6kimAfter 6.5 years of obama & his appointees at the helm of foreign policy: Our friends dont trust us and our enemies dont fear us #tcotRichard Engel: Many View Obama’s Iran Policy as ‘Incoherent’; Allies Don’t Trust Us https://t.co/krxfOoZlSTObama syndrome-Richard Engel: ‘The Saudis Don’t Feel the U.S. Can Be Trusted’ https://t.co/MeZcNXFvvFObamaCare Behind 14 Percent of Employers Slashing Hours of Part-Time Workers https://t.co/vjD2vt6p4tShe's not like the rest of us-A new beginning for Hillary: Prison! http://t.co/pewRvI8EcQ via @worldnetdailyBut will MSM ask her? Hillary has history of Iranian fundraising to explain http://t.co/JmurEJBcNx via @worldnetdailyObama Admin Threatens U.S. Allies for Disagreeing with Iran Nuke Deal http://t.co/WTyz7bP5qFEvil of two lessers-Schumer declares bid to replace Harry Reid, quickly builds support among Sen Dems http://t.co/aEhoUNzg7c via @washtimesHe sees their souls-Obama Trusts ‘Word’ of Ayatollahs in Nuclear Negotiations | Human Events http://t.co/KuCM87LClk@altondrew @blackrepublican @YahooFinance and energy rates in Calif reflect those subsidies:Path to BKThey all love Washington, DC @NolteNC: Our media did not vet... Obama ObamaCare Our media is federal government protection racket. Period.
Retweeted by Ed
Wha? Glenn Beck Challenges Grover Norquist on ‘Taking Checks from a Terrorist’ https://t.co/VSwPbFe81L@EDinCali and this administration wants to make a TREATY with them!! NO, Congress must uphold and defend Constitution and represent U.S.
Retweeted by Ed Report: DEA Thoroughly Corrupted, Federal Agents Had ‘Sex Parties’ with Prostitutes Hired by Drug Cartels http://t.co/94QlbiGyuHObama Caves to Key Iranian Demands as Nuke Deal Comes Together [+video] http://t.co/hLkWD4xQE5 via @joewmillerFeds: National Guardsman Plotted Attack for ISIS http://t.co/jNOqQ0OqUt via @joewmillerGermany’s 9/11? Co-Pilot of Germanwings Catastrophic Crash was Allegedly a Recent Islamic Convert http://t.co/VY182NEZ79 via @joewmillerGreat: Houthi Rebels Obtain Yemeni-US Intelligence On Counter-Terrorism Operations, Some Files Handed Over To Iran http://t.co/9VGtoqfP42@stanmcintire You can rest assure the iranians will cheat and that obama and his administration are pathological liars@bcrowe2 Nothing but the truth in a world of deception/perfidyObamas head liar: Susan "Earnest" Rice-http://t.co/qcIz0Tn8r4Josh "Earnest" Couldn't Even Convince an MSNBC Panel to Believe What He Was Sayin... http://t.co/N7HqOnFOFu via @theblaze‘ADMINISTRATION MUST EXPLAIN': Actor Gary Sinise Demands Obama Answer for the Men Who Died Saving Des... http://t.co/A6QKtqnKJ9Throws Jews under the centrifuge-Obama’s ‘jihad against Jews’ spills Israel’s nuke secrets http://t.co/QaUE1BuJoZ via @worldnetdailyTruth must be repeated-Scientist Confesses: “Global Warming a $22 Billion Scam” http://t.co/PD1AKMJoLE via @conservativebytBERGDAHL MATTER REMINDS US: Barack Obama Is The Ultimate Enemy Within | Doug Giles | #ClashDaily http://t.co/NXZmCPvGvX via @Doug_GilesJust trust iran/obama to do the right thing- White House Confirms Iran Deal Probably Won't Be In Writing http://t.co/uJhHhVAdOxThe leftist way-Climate Change Pentagon Expert: My Goal Was to Induce Fear, Not be Accurate http://t.co/jVuG4QxSPF via @po_st
Elected Leader of a true democratic state: B. Netanyahu: - http://t.co/b12ON87MR0 via @shareaholic@EDinCali Maybe @WhiteHouse will BLAME another Video for the Yemen Chaos. Hey Susan Rice. Did I just give you an Idea? Sunday Talk shows?
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali Li Khan e hell it has it's killed more that can't afford deductibles. Their going home to die alone. What a laugh.
Retweeted by Ed "@EDinCali: "Dont Believe Your Own Lying Eyes" White House Stands by Claim that Yemen Is Model of Success Despite Complete Chaos
Retweeted by Ed WTH? Bald First Lady: Michelle Obama’s ‘Jeopardy!’ Appearance Raises Questions https://t.co/J5R77a7CxLLOL-Obama: ObamaCare Has Prevented 50,000 Deaths https://t.co/isazE9rRIZYou promised 2500 savings and we could keep our Dr-Obama: Without ObamaCare Insurance Premiums Would Be $1800 Higher https://t.co/SJSYo1fE1p"Dont Believe Your Own Lying Eyes" White House Stands by Claim that Yemen Is Model of Success Despite Complete Chaos https://t.co/1irjJDHmg1"Maddening Liars"-Ed Henry to Earnest: Why Can’t You Admit that Yemen Is Not a Model of Success? https://t.co/noTCLTY99nObama schedule "too busy" LOL-White House: We’re Not Snubbing NATO Chief https://t.co/bnVVMmWhheYou go 1st JFK, sell those yachts/mansions-Kerry: ‘Shared Prosperity’ Is the ‘Antidote’ to ISIS https://t.co/OF5EAzkvTFDespite Obamas lies-Fox News: Despite ObamaCare, 35 Million Still Uninsured and 21% Fewer Insured https://t.co/RG805L0UEqHer moral compass is broken-State Dept.’s Jen Psaki Maintains: Bowe Bergdahl Swap ‘Absolutely’ Worth It https://t.co/cQQSO8akHlMore clinton stench-Senator Highlights Clinton Ties to Nigerian Donor http://t.co/9r3wSD8lzEWTH? Report: Radio Shack to Sell Customers’ Personal Information in Bankruptcy Sale [+video] http://t.co/NywsixEI9S via @joewmillerThe Secret Service Wants to Know Who’s Leaking Damaging Stories to the Washington Post http://t.co/6bXn5yESZ0 via @joewmiller@EDinCali @theblaze Perhaps this will provide the first part of two answers Ed. Hunter Biden runs Ukrainian oil. http://t.co/KjB6bVbXw3
Retweeted by Ed Barack Obama's most Gestapo-like initiative is “Operation Chokepoint.” This is your government’s att http://t.co/gvFPbAMQXWWhy isn't he confronting the radical islamists? Obama Signals He Will Confront Netanyahu . . . via @keithkoffler http://t.co/3R3xw764hm
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