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@PatrickDane I'm not a Star Trek fan. I've been able to do that both hands style for well over a decade.@filmrant Until today I heard nothing bad. You and Ian now. Tomorrow I will find out if I join the fight.@BaruchelNDG Live stage show of Eyes Wide Shut? Is it one o' them interactive events?@moulder5000 There'll be no place to run from their crazy priced fries soon.r.i.p harris
Retweeted by Andrew JonesThe man told the story of the Hobbit in three minutes...a concept modern artists seem to have struggled with. #Nimoy
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@DrGMLaTulippe That was a strange one. Was in the middle of an online radio show talking The Breakfast Club as news broke.Kevin James is back as Paul Blart in Mall Cop 2! Rolling into Cineworld in April. http://t.co/1RVVCAD8hB
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@Big_Pants Was gonna post that but figured Simpsons was a little more unironically respectful. Bilbo. Bilbo Baggins.Leonard Nimoy was so brilliant on The Simpsons. That voice. Goodness, he was ace. https://t.co/AEY2VhsvDj #RIP
Retweeted by Andrew Joneshttp://t.co/nVbxVoM89Z@katie_khan The scene where Frank plays CoD and pauses, staring at himself and monologuing a confession is tremendous.4 hours of House Of Cards down, this season is their best yet. Tighter, better central focus, chaos enhanced arc.Gollum and Sméagol sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G-S-E-S.Binging House of Cards with my mother, we're 2 eps in and have been doing math and working out timeline of show with Colbert's end run.The hipster bar they open based on House Of Cards S3 where all drinks are served in syringes.@Slippery_Jack "We're gonna need more holy water" 5 stars.@marcfc @NetflixUK Damn right. Stick with it, by ep 6 it evolves into something incredible.ROBOT OVERLORDS (12A) moderate threat, sex references http://t.co/sSOeCgCSSI
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@marcfc @NetflixUK They should e-mail folks reminding them that BoJack Horseman is, as ever, waiting to be watched.@LukeWhiston @NickdeSemlyen It looks like a gold and blue hole to me.@leewest82 I've rarely enjoyed a Dalton Death quite that much.Finally saw The Rocketeer last night. By golly that's a brilliantly done slice of fun.@MrCamW I enjoyed S2 more than S1. Hoping this one goes deeper into dumb stupid pulpy schlock.We are all going to die someday. #TheDress
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@MrCamW Yet I read this as baddie in John Wick, because when I see John Wick I say it like that.@DrGMLaTulippe A lot of Canon movies were more cheap than entertaining. *rings bell, everyone applauds this genius joke, he retires*@TheChewDefense Totally. The audio of him at a drive-thru is insane. http://t.co/kijvYyWDjO
@TheChewDefense It was before the Eagle was in Foxcatcher, stuffed, so it was just a working Eagle back then.@timheidecker @TheAVClub None moreso than this: https://t.co/iZk5Uwrcs6@drapiroh #Mortdecai@Lazbotron Clooney did that in Up In The Air, melted around his mouth, he looked a mess.@TheFilmStage He's had a real time perfecting the dick pic.@travisbeacham I know people always told me 'it's misjudged, it's good', I watched it once. I'm not a franchise fan. I hated 3.Emus.Here's what's coming to Netflix UK next month: http://t.co/sRCW7huMqT http://t.co/JsxixCFrZm
Retweeted by Andrew JonesBehold, the future of film poster marketing. If you'll excuse me, I'm off to slash my wrists with a broken bottle. http://t.co/7PDe32xjSx
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@NetflixUK @HouseofCards The glitz and glamour of both @craigstevens and J.K. Simmons Security Guy.@Filmaluation @EoinMason The A-Team is one of the most genuinely enjoyable studio pictures for a decade.@Filmaluation He & Louis' scenes in American Bullshit were the highlights.@Filmaluation He's a good actor when directed by someone with a pulse.@pajiba I loved CBS' We're The Millers, where Will Arnett faked a family sitcom, and ABC's Sunshine State with Nate Torrance.I'm texting @DogAteMyWookie some great PR ideas for It Follows' release tomorrow, he doesn't seem to like how they're all crotch-related.The first 35 seconds. Just enjoy: https://t.co/mlbUEdi3R5@followthelemur Time is a flat circle.That's one of the best 'jokes for no-one' I've ever written.Anthony Anderson is the father of an artificially intelligent family living in a human neighbourhood in Chappish.@Mullane45 I have scissors. And secateurs.@papsby @JFGinDigital3D If you can imagine the funniest, greatest Farrelly Brothers movie then you've just imagined Stuck On You.And for those who want to share/ embed Mohammed, it's up on @Vimeo here: https://t.co/2tUxrqbHFx. Thanks.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@NickdeSemlyen #Mortdecai@NickdeSemlyen If people don't use an exclamation mark then they are wrong. It is clearly Interstellar!One of my favourite short films, @TashCurly's Mohammed, is now viewable. It's something incredible, truly incredible: http://t.co/VBKOeiROK8@JoeCunningham14 @stefanpape29 This is my forte http://t.co/cH2lUHzrfZ@stefanpape29 From that one Black Mirror ep and some show not broadcast here?@LukeWhiston S1&2 were packaged together on first release, not anymore?@chrisblohm I doubt they'll be shooting on film.@DeusExCinema You should hear Schneirlder and Spade's "Can You Feel The Love Tonight?". It'll melt your heart.@DeusExCinema Allen Covert.@mrdougellin If you can get "Oh Yeah" to loop in the mid left channel throughout so the blu ray 7.1 mix will be epic that'd be nice.@skyver182 You're mental.Will my masterwork ever get the respect it so deserves? https://t.co/AqktADVZbH
Retweeted by Andrew Jones
@NicholasATorres Sharlto CopafeelAssless CHAPPiE, am I right?
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@NicholasATorres I'm a foundation. The strong part of the Lake House.@BaruchelNDG Fxx, the channel who cares about just me.Improv classes over. The gang has separated. 2 months of fuel, joy and freedom to do stupid stupid stuff.@BaruchelNDG Well, I wasn't all that interested but I'm a nut affecianado. Coinesseur is hard to spell.Girl walks past me and 2 friends. Points to the left. "Cute one." Points to the right. "Cute one." Points in the middle. Silence. I silence.@squat_betty My final class ended at 9:30. Ah well. Next week.They're advertising you @squat_betty http://t.co/0fwAhw95UW@jamieandaston At least those weren't riding on the one catchphrase they once did.@JoeCunningham14 @CU_podcast It's no Yellin' 'Bout Ellin. We go long, hard and give you more. Jay Mohr.@jamieandaston Oh no, they're gonna bombard me with those things at the cinema now?@JoeCunningham14 @CU_podcast Which is between weekend and u-bend.@JoeCunningham14 @CU_podcast I like longer things. I find smaller duration podcasts mean more effort for me when walking. Maybe this weekebdAnyone in Germany want a Boyhood and/or Mr. Peabody Ultraviolet code?@JoeCunningham14 @CU_podcast I've listened to every long episode.@ldmullen I've got a bunch of US blus with U/V codes I can't redeem. If you want I'll list them and any you need, yours.I hope in a few years Scandel do a Parks & Rec ep where Pope & Knope go rope-a-dope.@nclowe @jamieandaston The 50 Shades audiences.@MarieMJS I'm hoping she's given good material this week, people should see her doing comedy damnit.Blimey, Tom Ravenscroft played my band's new single on 6Music last night. Almost like we're a proper band. http://t.co/Pee89tDQgd (2hrs in.)
Retweeted by Andrew JonesThis is one hell of a great run of a concept: https://t.co/TCwHvu03VZ@davefranklin @Gawker Nameless Insider is the screen name of one of the Twilight fanfic community.Boy, that sounds like a lot of family-friendly fun, the insight on this film: http://t.co/FcSUViwdbh@androoshaw They did the funny last week with Johnny Karate Awesome Musical Explosion Show. Enough funny for a season.Not on Hulu yet, but there's a "producer's cut" of the Parks & Rec finale coming. http://t.co/f0wGmXl0Ln (see final paragraph)
Retweeted by Andrew JonesHum the first 7 notes in Axel F. on a loop. How long before you have to hum the rest of it?@jaykayell_ Except now they throw it all on E4 and let Big Bang tarnish it all. No main channel love.@jaykayell_ But Community would be more suited to the Beeb than E4. It's too story-arcy.@davefranklin But rather than a small "Footage from [source]" at the top of the screen? It's just bad journalism and broadcast.Confirmed - ITV have NOT acquired the rights to Family Guy, despite today's rumours.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@jaykayell_ No, I don't. I remember Simpsons BBC fondly. They did well with Arrested S1.@davefranklin Maybe give a reason why one news outlet at the start had a Stock Footage watermark. So strange.@jaykayell_ Or BBC2 10pm#Community Season 6 to air in UK on @sonytvuk http://t.co/reWnYCBgJ4
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@Guitargalchina @RachelKoz Knock em dead you guys.I wrote a bit about edgy humour and YouTube pranks http://t.co/nLOXqVhB9a @ianinthefuture
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@Oog @Han_So @CSkinner Ok, explain why there's this constant image of men on green screen chasing round objects?
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