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Technology writer for @Forbes. Geordie without Geordie accent. Aspiring entrepreneur, aspired smartarse. http://t.co/t4fghvVg8R

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#FF Most read in Tech this week: @gordonkelly @ewan @paultassi @erikkain @alexrkonrad @rmac18 @bupbin @_jaymcgregor @bridainep @mhelft
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iPhone 6 Vs HTC One M9 Review: Apple Evolves Faster http://t.co/SkPU2zy8Le via @forbes and @gordonkelly
Retweeted by Gordon KellyiPhone 6 Vs HTC One M9 Review: Apple Evolves Faster - me for @Forbes http://t.co/URpzgK7ucY http://t.co/F9frnngLdZ#FF Most read in Tech this week: @gordonkelly @ewan @paultassi @erikkain @alexkonrad @rmac18 @bupbin @_jaymcgregor @bridainep @mhelft
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@jameswneal way to misread.@CaffeineAndHate @jeffhksar88 @jameswneal sounds like you both have a season ticket
New 4-inch iPhone 6 Reported With Two Stupid Flaws @Forbes http://t.co/EOCQAW51j4Samsung Reveals Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge Pre-Order And Release Dates - but I have one big warning... http://t.co/YDEkyw4kXw@ThusSpokeJon sadly not
@Backflip9960 personally I don't think so. I think BB tech will be sold off for parts long term which will make investors a profit.Interesting post from @Ewan on @Forbes: 'Why Apple Must Replace The Derided iPhone 5C' http://t.co/gsUwU7mXPo@CopOfTheRock *checks profile* preach to me when you've got somewhere.@CopOfTheRock ps enjoy the deliberate typo? ... ... Oh never mind.@Backflip9960 I can't see it, but I think it can cause trouble just when Google is fighting to keep its handset partners interested.@CopOfTheRock if I can't accept that occasionally a typo gets through - and is accepted in good humour - then oh dear.
@CopOfTheRock BSBD&NEApple Releases iOS 8.3 Update, Beats Mystery Continues... my thoughts: http://t.co/0hcNZyOQyV http://t.co/f9Wii7TvYq@CopOfTheRock Pfft. Nonsense.@KrzysztofBryk haha, according to some reports it may not be a feature at all. So it clearly wasn't official pre or post MWC. Post updated.@tweetinginabox update added with comment from Samsung.@CopOfTheRock happens to the best of us!@tweetinginabox thanks for the update. That post was written subsequently to mine. You'll note my enquiry to Samsung for more information.
@KrzysztofBryk it sounds like it! 'Something a company has yet to reveal' is a decent start.Samsung seems to be following through on its promise to cut back on bloatware: http://t.co/HL01LeJO8Z http://t.co/NBIT5u79yE
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@KrzysztofBryk answer is just a click away ;)@UnPerroDeSuerte @ForbesTech @Forbes exactly!Galaxy S6 Edge Leak Confirms Shock Samsung Software U-Turn @Forbes http://t.co/rWWc06lu3H
My guide for "@ForbesTech: What's the difference between the Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge? http://t.co/7NNuf781My http://t.co/lgIVp21FJw"Is the Motorola Moto E the best cheap Android smartphone available? http://t.co/FiLS5yM3sF http://t.co/CYnY5ywaYu
Retweeted by Gordon KellyIs the #Motorola Moto E the best cheap #Android smartphone available? http://t.co/DrkHoY6Jqj @GordonKelly @ForbesTech #MotoE
Retweeted by Gordon KellySteven Gerrard today. 😂https://t.co/nnSurUEaBd
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By me for "@ForbesEurope: Motorola Moto E (2015) review: Android's best cheap smartphone http://t.co/DBv8kkoww9 @GordonKelly"@lee_ryder ...really? #pluckyGreat cartoon on reasons to vote this election http://t.co/MRT4yEfDmW
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@lee_ryder "plucky"? Really? When two teams in the same division... #standards@KochharPulsar @ForbesTech Droid Turbo is a smartphone. S5 was in that category - especially with spare battery ;) Good chat. Over and out!@KochharPulsar @ForbesTech all about usage. Phones should be aiming for full day with heavy use. Only Note 4, 6 Plus, Droid Turbo do that.@KochharPulsar @ForbesTech it's about choice. Dull if every manufacturer starts going the same way. V fast microSD imminent.@KochharPulsar @ForbesTech according to my contacts they're final devices. A professional review should call out EVERY pro and EVERY con.@KochharPulsar @ForbesTech ...storage. It's audience is a different market. But chipset, chassis, camera, efficiency - yes please!@KochharPulsar @ForbesTech I think they'll sell well, they're exciting. Hope Note 5 takes pros but keeps removable battery, expandable...@KochharPulsar @ForbesTech they said fine but not as good as the S5. Job of reviews is to critique not promote. That's marketing.@KochharPulsar @ForbesTech why do you pick the only review that says this, ahead of all others which say it doesn't? Official reviews soon.@KochharPulsar @ForbesTech it's our job to find pros and cons. Every phone has them - my iPhone 6 review: http://t.co/YzCcEhVMn6@KochharPulsar @ForbesTech ... it's a strong phone. A radical but necessary change which'll delight the mainstream & frustrate hardcore fans@KochharPulsar @ForbesTech everything is looked at context in of their range. No review saw S6 battery match S5, but big wins elsewhere...Reviewers love Samsung's Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge, says @GordonKelly. Despite two big problems: http://t.co/d3BKsSKrf1 http://t.co/arZH5A5aHF
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@KochharPulsar @ForbesTech it looks better than the iPhone 6, but step back from S5 which is a shame. Far more pros than cons though.Most read in Tech this week: @gordonkelly @erikkain @_jaymcgregor @bupbin @ewan @paultassi @amitchowdhry @rmac18 @dewalt #FF
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@tomkelk thanks Tom, it's looking like 'the one' though shame about the price tag.
Samsung Galaxy S6 And Galaxy S6 Edge Reviews: All-Round Masterpieces @Forbes http://t.co/5PcxHO7HjIMotorola Moto E (2015) Review: Android's Best Cheap Smartphone @Forbes http://t.co/R0O6KCyynE
@lee_ryder if the opposite is more interesting it isn't a story.
iPhone 6 Vs Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge: Samsung gatecrashes Apple http://t.co/RcAgRMyUG8 @GordonKelly
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@JnglstTICAL that's exactly Samsung's aim: get iPhone users who won't miss these things. Bigger group than hardcore who do miss them.
@KandiManChris @Forbes @ForbesTech exactly!@KandiManChris @Forbes @ForbesTech I think it's too early to tell. I think Samsung fixed all the S5 problems, but made a bunch of new ones!iPhone 6 Vs Galaxy S6 And Galaxy S6 Edge: Samsung Gatecrashes Apple - my thoughts for @Forbes http://t.co/Aw3Sw2xN9X
Me in spoken actor form: "@Methone: Apple IOS 8.2: Should You Upgrade? https://t.co/KtnM5JVD6j @gordonkelly #IOS82 @umanoapp"@derekwalter @Forbes sadly yes.My thoughts on iOS bloat for "@Forbes: Why does Activity need to be installed on every iOS device? http://t.co/l2YCcMFz3W"My thoughts from last week: "@ForbesTech: Should you upgrade to iOS 8.2? http://t.co/ARgLKA5jjb http://t.co/DLqZC73EkK"@CMRLee *grins* thanks :)The upside to endless CeBIT interview requests? The reminder that I'm not going to CeBIT.
@MsiDouglas @lee_ryder are Stephen Taylor/Mike Williamson prepped for 'Blame Us Not John / United We Stand / We Owe It To The Fans' stories?Just a happy little wombat http://t.co/0fehBU3ztm
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@cpj1 best you click the obvious links within it then. It's hardly rocket science.Actually 2 "@ForbesTech: iOS 8.2 includes an app for Apple Watch, whether you have one or not: http://t.co/FOrlmBFGY8 http://t.co/w1flPIzmbxNow it's secret apps "@ForbesTech: Has Apple taken bloatware a step too far? http://t.co/EHtuGERsf8"@kennyhemphill motivation is bizarre. Mandatory install when more so. Utter waste of (in some cases) precious storage space.Kudos Earls Court tube station, Kudos. #tfl http://t.co/OHAoQhaGPY
@kennyhemphill Activity? Of course it is. It's hidden and a SECOND Watch app most will never use. Why hide it?Just one big caveat "@ForbesTech: Should you upgrade to iOS 8.2? http://t.co/VhYY0CijFL"Apple's iOS 8.2 has two big issues: http://t.co/l5xWwC3jxX http://t.co/JQDPokfYfg
Retweeted by Gordon KellySplendid headline from @verge http://t.co/pqeo0DQFKn
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@kennyhemphill exactly. Except only the minority will ever find it useful.@MaryJasper2 interesting. Not heard that anywhere else. Thanks
@ForbesTech @_JayMcgregor @erikkain @PaulTassi @Ewan @RMac18 @IanMorris78 @PatrickMoorhead @killyourfm congrats all! Have a great weekendMost read in Tech this week: @gordonkelly @_jaymcgregor @erikkain @paultassi @ewan @rmac18 @ianmorris78 @patrickmoorhead @killyourfm #FF
Retweeted by Gordon KellyMicrosoft Is The New Google, Google Is The Old Microsoft by @GordonKelly via @Forbes http://t.co/eSNcvao1cY
Retweeted by Gordon KellyApple iOS 8.2 Installs Controversial Secret App http://t.co/LcQKvTik9hSadly, the most high-profile bug in iOS 8 has not been fixed in iOS 8.2: http://t.co/PT6xAFKVcv
Retweeted by Gordon KellyiOS 8.2 upgraders will get a new Apple Watch app installed when they upgrade: http://t.co/0l0X61PyLt
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@Mark_Duarte continual contact with the Apple press office, developers and key Support Community members? Yes, that's what I'd call it.1Gbit per second - bring it on! "@ehaaramo: Finland's first 5G test network being built in Oulu http://t.co/LySweuuTcV by me for @ZDNet"@Mark_Duarte @ForbesEurope it's just called doing your research.@Mark_Duarte @ForbesEurope no value in an opinion that labels WiFried user error and make accusations over research. Pot. Kettle. Black.@Mark_Duarte @ForbesEurope haha.@Supanix haha, that's definitely one!@Mark_Duarte @ForbesEurope WiFried, user error? Oh dear. Best argue from a point of research.
iOS 8.2: Should You Upgrade? Two days on the answer is clear: http://t.co/rHkcHZObdu http://t.co/XvLWw1pP2aSamsung Upgrades Galaxy S6 Before Launch @Forbes http://t.co/eaeeJdI2ea
@MarcJobling impressive that he still managed to have a fight with someone.@HeatGenius should make all phones, tablets and laptops use the same charger. Lovely!@Mark_Duarte @ForbesEurope good to know. Obviously doesn't negate the problems suffered by others.iOS 8.2 does a lot right. These two things? Not so much: http://t.co/vmVmKGZT3F
Retweeted by Gordon KellyUSB Type C is the best tech breakthrough in years. Here's why: http://t.co/4neGBTkRIr@Mark_Duarte @ForbesEurope which means there is no problem ;)@ThusSpokeJon @Forbes ah strange. Working for me, but sorry to hear of troubles.Apple iOS 8.2 has two nasty surprises http://t.co/049Fjlh5DW By @GordonKelly
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