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Holland Taylor @HollandTaylor New York/Los Angeles

Ann Richards Play. American actress.

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Proud to be the 1,433rd backer on @BackerKit for Trunkster: Zipperless Luggage... | Thx @trunkstercase! https://t.co/mSTRvj9yfj
@WilliamPradoSPN Thank you!@trimmgi @RobbyConklin @ChuckHuntting @ChrisColbourne @JessieJaneDuff @AileenMarkowsky @AdmiralWaugh Happy St. Davids day!
#FlashBackFriday #ElizabethPerkins & #HollandTaylor amazing women! 🙏😘✨ @Elizbethperkins @HollandTaylor http://t.co/KSuTY44F0O
Retweeted by Holland TaylorI wish I were @tomhanks so I could make this joke: Texas' backcourt is Holland-Taylor. I wonder if they're...bosom buddies. @HollandTaylor
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@PierceLilholt Horse shows, dressage, Grand Prix
The difference between routine and ritual, and why a full life requires both http://t.co/FHBwk2L0s0 http://t.co/H4jj7hoL0j
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@KEITHDANIELS317 thanks!
By day-the shortcomings of the phone are glaring. The blood velvet, the lushness, well-- I can't tell you. Smitten. http://t.co/Z0PmQPN1p0@RCJackson0045 yes@KevinYounge hmmm. Good idea!!@borstalbon i don't know another way to say thank you.@montrealbbfan merci!@RadFinch thank you, it was a wonderful day!#WhyImSingle Waiting for @HollandTaylor to lower her standards.....
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@bluegrasshaze I'm having a wonderful time, thanks!St. Valentine's beauty, blood, and wine. A gift - http://t.co/ZLskf9s78v
@PierceLilholt I function best when well fed. If I get too hungry it's all over.http://t.co/taX03MJHyj
Retweeted by Holland TaylorClearly God favors open-carry. You can look it up. In Joshua. Or James. Or maybe Joshua-James (Jessie's brother) http://t.co/QmNKPN8W0d
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@CtLMN east coaster born and bred...@HaliJenn I revere Diane Wiest@HollandTaylor Lucky lady! Which show? I'd be seeing Diane Wiest if I was about 900miles closer.
Retweeted by Holland TaylorLove the court room scene in the deadly look of love @HollandTaylor is just brill.. One of my favs
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@steventwilson I can say nuttin about nuttin!Jumping on BMT to B'Way, gonna grab a single to a play. Chaos on 23rd. "S'up" I ask Cop. "Concert. Kanye West guy." http://t.co/axgAXiY07J
To the man who stole a dying woman's purse: one will find you. http://t.co/QcJMZCvGcc #BeAssured
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@kimby55 ha! Don't hold your breath. But thank you. Tea is the bomb.Eastbound. http://t.co/Y3FuW39aww
PHOTOS! Meet Michael @Cerveris, @JudyKuhn1 & the cast of Broadway’s @FunHomeMusical: http://t.co/vCh0ifjc9e http://t.co/LQZJieV1L5
Retweeted by Holland TaylorThis @funhomemusical animation from Alison Bechdel has us so excited to see the show on Broadway this spring! http://t.co/pe8cvlqboL
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@ngmhenry for me they have always been romantic
Bounty http://t.co/qznmXHRuzh@HollandTaylor "Hello!" @TheNormanLear needs to sells this to SOMEONE as a summer replacement. So ahead of its time https://t.co/6CrU6DzC6x
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Ashton @AplusK gets his birthday cake (for the w/e) before the BIG WRAP party for #TwoandaHalfMen what a 12 yr ride http://t.co/0PGH2ADMBW@MissObdurate ha ha!
@PierceLilholt @Kathleen_Rules It's a one company town.@CtLMN @borstalbon there's a lot of bird feathers in there, believe me.@RCJackson0045 you're on top of everything
@francyitaliajen I like these@borstalbon @CtLMN thank you.
Oh okay. One more birdie. http://t.co/vMPC4LRoIZ
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@BuckLikeBronco cool@kevinddaly Yes!@borstalbon Thank you, what a gracious remark to make.Garbo walks the beach, with her usual air of inner contemplation. Yes, it really is she. http://t.co/CeIFCuUvuf“You will burn and you will burn out; you will be healed and come back again.” — Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Retweeted by Holland TaylorCandle burning, scarf wrapped around my neck, coughing The wind & snow swirl outside my window When did I become #EdgarAllenPoe? #amwriting
Retweeted by Holland Taylor“I want to work with Congress to replace mindless austerity with smart investments that strengthen America,” Obama said. Hippie.
Retweeted by Holland TaylorA look back at our top photos from around the world in January: http://t.co/abB63i9yxE http://t.co/7rUrnWZpk0
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@kevinddaly @JanvierNoir HEY KEVIN. It's still so hard to accept Elaine's out there in the dark.
@ABFalecbaldwin So glad I heard about this from you. So eager now to see it, to take him in in a new way... His many mansions.
Look at these excellent birbs. (cc @brassiest) http://t.co/JdRLmIOimV
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@NicoleNaife @MsSarahPaulson ... Quite -- indescribable.@ABFalecbaldwin my God...@HollandTaylor Nope. I've seen that look. Someone will pay.
Retweeted by Holland Taylor.@ABFalecbaldwin Noted.Up to no good. http://t.co/MCAPc88ylc@RadFinch in the mistssss.@MsSarahPaulson @HollandTaylor I prefer to think of her as an international tile thief, creeping into beautiful homes across the globe.
Retweeted by Holland TaylorI miss @HollandTaylor in #TwoAndAHalfMen I hope you're in at least the finale!
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@MsSarahPaulson Silly?? SILLY...???@HollandTaylor You described yourself as"Good looking for a waaaaay mature woman." UR one of the ones who look best. http://t.co/aqvFhX8gYT
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@MsSarahPaulson On your floor, I mean.@MsSarahPaulson Hmmmm. Do you have my tiles?@HollandTaylor "A rare blue-eyed Arabian horse. This photo is my personal favorite". By Rob Bahou via @boredpanda http://t.co/Cwe6TQPfJ5
Retweeted by Holland Taylor#today's coffee Ann Richards you are missed! Thanks @HollandTaylor for sharing her with us! http://t.co/oKjwMOL7v5
Retweeted by Holland Taylor
The most amazing Los Angeles sky ever. http://t.co/2rCI7DWgbu
@borstalbon @JanvierNoir Yes, complicated...
#FunWithBills #OurMuse #FrozANN @hollandtaylor #snowday http://t.co/xb7xRO2Tr1 http://t.co/ILCwC4W9HX
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@CtLMN 35. Old nikkormat@JODIEstead what was I doing?@PlaybillBlake you GUYS!!! I adore this... What a collection! xoxH@playbill continues their #annrichardplay tradition and this one is great. http://t.co/ffCdgPQV0p
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@bendsley @playbill HA HA HA HA HA Fantastic. Love that they are still at it! They're ALL great. Soooooo flattering.
@RCJackson0045 Oh my gosh...!@JasStanford John Boehner can insert a boot in his ass.Today's window. http://t.co/7TqEYiUomV@JanvierNoir Laffs at the pathos of it.@JasStanford Shanks' mare, Dude.Out my window on MacDougal St. ~ 30 years ago. (more? maybe.) http://t.co/53bRFPlHRA@JanvierNoir Whaddaya mean deceptively? Fuck you Debbie...@OfficialMaggieL Awww, C'mon...@JanvierNoir God, if I had the legs that I had then. Damb! Checkout bean bag chair ep.@NYCTheatre @timmcdonnell Aww. My old Flexible Flyer. I remember sledding down an huge hill & right under a truck through to the other side.Just after #juno lands in NYC, Central Park is already a winter wonderland http://t.co/N9ajNgkPXX http://t.co/EBiszFKrAI
Retweeted by Holland TaylorNo, according to that Cards of Fate system I am the one eyed King of Diamonds.@KevinYounge @marcmalkin i can't stand to be farther away from my theatre than I can do on shank's mare.Oh to be in Manhattan right now. Memories of wading 45 blocks up to work thru quiet snow drifted streets- glorious city at a standstill.@RWitherspoon @MsSarahPaulson so glad I already caught up with you in the morning, Reese. What a girl.@melanielynskey Angel.
@ElayneBoosler @BettyBuckley Thanks, Elayne.@HollandTaylor @BettyBuckley Well then, you're a REALLY great actress. LOL!
Retweeted by Holland Taylorhttp://t.co/1WMFDRariQ
Retweeted by Holland Taylor#Togetherness is so appealing so well done & thank GOD gives delicious @melanielynskey & the vibrant, smart Amanda Peet license to kill us.When the government fears the people, it is liberty. When the people fear the government, it is tyranny. -- Thomas Paine #quote
Retweeted by Holland TaylorIt's starting http://t.co/ZWCQo1NhaG
Retweeted by Holland TaylorIf you aren't watching Togetherness you truly aren't doing what you should be doing..#amandapeet @melanielynskey @MarkDuplass getittogther
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