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living the dream on SportsCenter at 9am.. husband, father, Temple grad, Philly diehard raised in the 700 level, bleed Tastykakes, wish they built Wawas in CT..

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@JimTrotter_NFL well played.@JimTrotter_NFL you maybe right about being up 2-0. I don't think they would look like this in G3.I blame the Clippers for all of this..@RB_Mrs cool. Done.@RB_Mrs yes! Will you be on pit road?Ryan Howard is hitting .303 (33-for-109) with 7 doubles, 1 triple, 10 home runs, 21 RBIs and a 1.011 OPS in 30 games since April 20.
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiThe iconic finish line at Indy. https://t.co/t5f2kyGrskHow big is the @ims? 4 holes on the infield golf course. We hit em long. ims #indy500 https://t.co/y6z2OJ5gxr#ESPN @SportsCenter anchor @KNegandhiESPN working with team of @TonyKanaan in #Indy500 http://t.co/RvSkUcL4uS
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@sree @roopaonline awesome.
@bkocan15 whining? Ok. Look up the definition of whining. Try again.@kbeaz1976 still have the one constant.Now Horford? The Hawks can't wake up from this nightmare.@SethOnHoops @stelmo no tears here.It was perfect. RT @wingoz: Unless you crave horse radish... tread lightly https://t.co/vRUaTUEy7GI'm Indian. I'm ready. RT @GoodmanESPN: @KNegandhiESPN @stelmo You can't handle it!!!Ready to finally try the world famous shrimp cocktail at @stelmo in Indy. http://t.co/yskMAIYFNrTony Kanaan's pit crew getting it done during #indy500 practice. @cgrindycar https://t.co/MmkAXlogHy#TeamGanassi has a couple new crew members this weekend, @ESPN's Jodi Hebert & @KNegandhiESPN! #Indy500 Welcome! https://t.co/bgdiVd8y6T
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiIndy 500 testing this morning with Tony Kanaan and his crew. https://t.co/krbRKiZfJaWhat Indy 500 Polesitter Scott Dixon's steering wheel looks like for Sunday's race. https://t.co/3PSSatSXDI@MikeBilleci still in one piece. It was one of the biggest thrills
What a game.@theonlyseamus @RoFloESPN @Buccigross @espn http://t.co/Mn84Joy0gd185 mph w Mario. I'm the one smiling. https://t.co/tL7aAluDdz@ESPNprDScott @Jaymee @DavidLloydESPN @IMS we're just getting started.Addicting. RT @jaymee: Such a rush!! https://t.co/tMBYpw6Ess185 mph RT @AndyHallESPN: #ESPN @SportsCenter anchor @KNegandhiESPN going for #IndyCar ride w/ @MarioAndretti http://t.co/f8mbXODoY0Bout to get behind the wheel of this bad boy at the Brickyard. #indy500 https://t.co/vzZa9JkNII
Dennis Schroder should not be taking the 2nd most shots for the Hawks in this game. Especially if he keeps missing good looks. Keep dishing.@HJKforever @erinkelly12 what a pleasure it was meeting you guys and the family today. @jimkellyinc is blessed to have your support.Jim Kelly is cancer-free & the @buffalobills legend is opening up about his story and how it inspired so many. Watch: http://t.co/ogRls1sgli
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@EricStangel now that maybe the coolest thing on any resume.Our @E60 profile of Ernie Johnson--@TurnerSportsEJ--is now online: http://t.co/EtPUhVVDeC
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiA must read. RT @Grantland33: My Letterman Years: Memories of Working with Dave in the '90s, by @danielkellison http://t.co/Q14nxS61MY@zoowithroy I can't imagine. But it would be awesome.Like I said on SC this morning, if I had a little girl and she wanted a pony, daddy would be building a stall for our new family member.I see what my 2 young boys get away w around mom. I'd be done if I had a girl as adorable as Steph's. She'd get whatever her heart desires.A great morning with HoF QB and cancer survivor Jim Kelly and his daughter Erin as they discuss… https://t.co/QoRdlZhGnH@espnlacp @AshokaESPN @JamesMoodyJr this made my day.They were great! RT @Jana_Burson: Thank you for having @JimKellyInc and @erinkelly12 on to talk #KellyTough. http://t.co/kUh3JDWU0U@AshokaESPN @espnlacp @JamesMoodyJr a beautiful moment frozen in time.@metaweta1 no sweat. My bad. Thanks.
@robg0927 watch out for those 5 2nd rd picks in 2015!!!!!Sixers 2016 1st rd draft pick possibilities from other teams: Lakers: 1-3 protected// Heat: 1-10 protected// Thunder: 1-15 protectedThat replay angle did not look good for Dwight.@SteveBunin @JasonRomano that's gold. GOLD.@JasonRomano the pacific time zone is awesome for sporting events. You can do so many things AFTER.@JasonRomano I hear you but not fair to a west coast team fanbase hosting a weeknight game at 5pmAn absolutely must read for Mad Men fans: https://t.co/tDTeMU49A2
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiI'm with you on this. RT @ESPNAndyKatz: Sixers have to take D'Angelo Russell, right? This could be a need-based top five that goes to form.@Jmoeschl7 you sure are. Good times ahead.Russell, Embiid, Nerlens. Lottery possibilities next year. I'm good with that entering next season. #SixersSixers lose out on the Lakers and Heat picks.@damienwoody @CariChampion patience is a virtue. At least I keep saying that during an 82 game season.If these are the new Sixers uniforms, I'm digging em. http://t.co/rldQHnfEib@CariChampion I can't watch another tanking season. I just can't.I froze every envelope in my house to bring good luck to the Sixers tonight.Less than a 1% chance but I'll take it. 1-6-11. http://t.co/z5d2gj2i4e@soconnor76 no doubt.How lucky is Indycar driver James Hinchcliffe to be alive? According to his team owner, he hit the wall at Indy w a force of about 125 Gs.@notthefakeSVP and me.In a season that took so many weird turns, Mad Men's final scene was a perfect ending. Quite the opposite of GoT this week.@ESPNprDScott @SportsCenter @jaymee my jacket does have it's own spots. Plus I'm lightning quick.@sagg72 fair point but each show has reporters in different areas. You will see stories there later today on SC after hawks availability.@RandyScottESPN as long as Dykstra stayed homeTyler Johnson is the first visiting player with a postseason hat trick vs. the Rangers since Eric Lindros did it with the 1997 Flyers.
@meganKarmstrong wow Megan. That book is a celebration of your courage. Good luck on the message: the very important issue of mental health.@SI_PeterKing thanks Peter for joining us this morning on SC.Guest NHL analyst John Tortorella making his debut on SportsCenter this morning with @KNegandhiESPN. http://t.co/FhLhRTREc5
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Chris Paul: "It’s a long summer and it’s getting old to tell you the truth. I got to get better I’ll tell you that much. It starts with me."
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiChris Paul: "So close. I don’t even know what that means anymore... Getting close ain’t good enough."
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiThoughts and prayers are with the Robinson family. Adrian was one of the pillars to Temple Football's recent revival. What a shocking loss.Only 25. RT @OwlScoop_com: Former Temple defensive end and linebacker Adrian Robinson passed away last night. Absolutely heartbreaking news.A week ago the #clippers were the #NBA title faves, Cavs + Hawks + Warriors were all down 2-1 in their series. A lot happens in a week.
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiStill wrapping my head on what happened in Game 6 and 7 of this series. Clippers don't have an excuse on how this finished.
@Jmoeschl7 yup. For 4 qtrs, no one busted his butt more.@Jmoeschl7 yeah.@ZMace10 they were certainly scattered.Some unexplained things in the Iverson doc off the court but they did some of the on court stuff in Philly right. Especially at the end.South African Airways quietly banned the transportation of hunted animal trophies http://t.co/GNLsEcTqhq http://t.co/mIJPtjl2J0
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiHis mother was a mudder. His mother was a mudder? His mother was a mudder.@DickieV no one better than you at bringing awareness to the cause. I was in awe of your passion last night in continuing the fight.This guy is special / caring / giving & talented @KNegandhiESPN always willing to help me raise dollars 4 #dvgala http://t.co/gmFF2QG5AK
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@sree great picThis is profound. http://t.co/KuMgtertgU http://t.co/A8h6UAdew1
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@TaeAndSyd @DickieV you ladies continue to handle things with love and grace. Your dad would be so proud. We all are.@GenoEspn congrats Geno!
At the @DickieV Gala for the V Foundation and they're recognizing Stuart tonight. http://t.co/vbgzKQIDRm@nationalcares @NationalPro yes. And Lance the manager at Tampa Airport made sure to correct everything. He went above and beyond.Having a Seinfeld moment w @nationalpro and @nationalcares right now. What's the point of having a reservation? https://t.co/Ct8IFWZ251@nationalcares disappointed in your cust service. They didn't have SUV I ordered. Still charged me & waiting 90 min after reservation time.Happy Birthday to my man @DesmondHoward who gave us the greatest TD pose ever.@wingoz @adbrandt and producers. Filling up the rundown.Thrill Is Gone @nytimes The NYT obituary for B.B. King, a defining bluesman for generations http://t.co/9PT7e5aL3p http://t.co/NIvX5z4RZo
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@willcain glad to have you on board. Good job.@TimShriver @ESPNCitizenship @SpecialOlympics thank you Tim! Looking forward to the summer in LA.@SixersBlog I think Ben as a secondary logo is cool. Not on the jersey that big.@SixersBlog I do not.A memorial plaque in honor of Stuart Scott was unveiled in the SportsCenter studios today. http://t.co/69sTy1redc
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