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Lea Verou @LeaVerou Cambridge, MA

Research Assistant @MIT_CSAIL, @CSSWG IE, @OReillyMedia author, Ex @W3C staff. Made @prismjs @dabblet @prefixfree. I ♥ standards, code, design, UX, life!

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@komiska Where are you currently? What do you think so far??
@komiska ughhhh that chapter 5 heading. Why Antennahouse, why you don't obey page-break-inside and page-break-after :(iOS voice typing #fail. It happened about an hour earlier but I couldn't stop laughing to post it. :p /cc @meyerweb http://t.co/pA0BLT0FFZ
@katiek2 Thanks, but I don’t submit to (industry) CFPs. If a conf isn’t 200% sure they want me to directly invite me, I’m not interested. :)@nielsvanmidden ?@fremycompany Nope, that's not how polyfills work, otherwise every jQuery UI component is a polyfill :P see @rem's tweet to me@rem The example I had in mind was http://t.co/s95YkJJGIw i.e. when native func is insufficient & not interopable, so used as fallback only@rem Which is why I asked what it should be called, because I know that wouldn't be a polyfill :)@tomekluczynski I’m commenting on the usability of this interface, not the feature. E.g. it would be much better to flat out reject 0.@alsciende e.g. script doesn't load or you remove it in the future because there's no need anymore.@titi_alone Being able to think of workarounds doesn't somehow make it good user experience.Assume you want to disable upload. You enter 0kb/s as the limit and what happens? It disables the limit! O_o #UXfail http://t.co/CCZeFr4kXr@positlabs https://t.co/SgEcCRSmdp@brocklallen How do you call someone who dismisses before they try to understand? Idiot, I guess.@nathanielflick I thought shim == polyfill. No?@tonylukasavage Limited functionality & customization, inconsistencies across browsers. It’s what I had to do w/ Awesomplete.@tonylukasavage Silly why?A polyfill uses native functionality when available & implements it when not. What’s the opposite called? (=uses native funclty as fallback)@d4v3nu11 Sure. Then stop visiting websites whose ads violate your privacy.@kimmelpalooza Sorry for all the layout bugs! These will be fixed in the final version by the awesome production editors at O’Reilly :)
@seanlinsley I know… prefixfree & awesomplete have been spammed so hard lately :( I report them, but not sure what more to do :( @github@xkit It was released today as an Early Release at O'Reilly, but I’d rather wait for production to deal w/ layout bugs b4 I post samples.@sarah_edo You will definitely like it then I think. It’s exactly in the same style as the CSS Secrets talks :)@sarah_edo Definitely a huge surprise to me! We’re talking about a book that hasn’t even been released yet! O_oYou’re probably sick of my #CSSSecretsBook tweets by now (sorry!), but HOLYSHIT. #5 in CSS and #6 in UX?! Whoa! O_o http://t.co/7GuIIkk57O@constructor_io Awww, thank you! <3
@ilovecomputers @reybango You don’t say! Of course they are very JS-centric, JavaScript’s creator used to be their CTO until very recently.@reybango Ugh, this is a textbook example of the adage that when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Sad.@reybango Classic! What’s the reason they gave?Wow, I haven’t realized how amazing HTML Imports will be http://t.co/lf12n8F7Tz Look at the Bootstrap example. This is seriously cool stuff.@robertwilliam_s Yup, it’s was like creating a website, but with no dev tools. Especially since it was written in HTML5 & styled with CSS :)@robertwilliam_s Yes, but it will take considerably more time to convert. (Also, relevant: https://t.co/irLIEsosgq :P)@jasondwhite Aww, thanks! :)HOLYSHIT, #CSSSecretsBook is already #13 in Amazon for CSS books, before it’s even released! O_o http://t.co/HvaWtLv7FH I <3 you guys!@gabovanlugo @github Yes they do, but in a few hours there will probably be another spambot. It keeps happening :(Great ad targeting, @Facebook! http://t.co/W3MxVQDxQN@kevinbongart Thanks!@charactersgr ?@kevinbongart Cool, what's that? Link?So @smashingmag newsletter & @CSSWeekly that came out today both mention Awesomplete. http://t.co/apfdFk3TCY <3 you guys.@robertkatzki Aw thanks :) Btw, it's on Amazon and Barnes & Noble too, in case that's better shipping-wise. http://t.co/3sbVXWd4SY@drainpip Well, duh, of course I’m letting them. That doesn’t mean I’m happy about their crappy choice of way they consume content :P@brntbeer What's the point? @github is pretty good at removing the users and their issues pretty fast. But then there’s another one next day@brntbeer @github Thanks, but I’ve been already doing that.@brntbeer @github In what universe is locking & closing issues the same as deleting issues?!?@peterpme Not really. Kindle e-readers are extremely limited in their CSS support and @safari applies its own style.@michaelarestad Awww, thanks, hope you will like it :) Re: every format, I believe there will be a bundle available for print + ebook.@blainsmith @github Of course, but that's not the same as deleting them. They still get in the way.@godaisies Yes, but I’d rather wait until after production is done to publish them :))Craploads of @Github issue spam lately made me realize that GH doesn’t provide admins the ability to delete issues IN THEIR OWN REPOS #FAIL@godaisies [2/2] However I *do* think #CSSSecretsBook is the most beautiful book designed with web technologies instead of InDesign, FWIW :)@godaisies Yeah, those books have incredible design, I have them both. Best I’ve ever seen in a coding book. Mine doesn’t even come close.You spend ages designing a beautiful layout, then people tell u they’ll read ur book on Kindle or @Safari. Such disappoint #CSSSecretsBook@amyvdh @marieforgue True dat. By the time I got home, I couldn’t feel my thighs any more! Btw Eirik’s twitter is @eirikbakke
@mpaluchowski No, passed tech editing. Copyediting and proofreading still to go.@mpopp75 O’Reilly: http://t.co/pLu15OtfIz And they’ve been wonderful. Being worried has nothing to do with them! :)@hans_koevoet Of course they do, and O’Reilly is wonderful so far. I never said being worried is a rational emotional response :P@hans_koevoet More like how proofreading, copyediting, production will go.Re: feeling worried about finishing #CSSSecretsBook, guess that’s how parents must feel when they send their kid to school for the 1st time.Today I finally finished the manuscript for #CSSSecretsBook! Contrary to what I expected though, I don’t feel relieved, but worried…@edanhewitt @disqus @disqushelp WTF, I thought I had turned these off :S@foldedfish I hope you’re at least keeping stats and constantly re-evaluating if you can drop support.@foldedfish Ah ok, I see. :)@foldedfish Why do you have to support IE8? Is it your boss, or a personal decision?
@foldedfish Nope, it would require too many changes. But perhaps it could work in IE8 with polyfills.@sprog_ch Thanks!@sprog_ch Probably. But I lack the time or the energy to do it. If someone else sends a PR and it isn’t a ton of code, sure.@sprog_ch @halflings Sorta = I found a bug in IE9: When pressing backspace, if the popup is closed, bksp can't make it open until u type sth@stevelacey Haha, I was surprised too! Had never happened before!!@leaverou Probably because it doesn't require JS for simple usage and looks good by default!
Retweeted by Lea Verou@alexdevero Productive? Awesomplete is the result of procrastination! I have tons of deadlines; none r “make ur own autocomplete widget” :PBloody hell! O_o Turns out the world *did* need another autocomplete lib after all. In 3 days, Awesomplete was starred 1000 times on Github!
@fremycompany @fantasai Ah, yeah, that’s very common. I often had wished CSS specificity took proximity into account (parent vs grandparent)@fantasai Honestly, I don’t remember the issue I had when I posted that. But that spec is very confusingly written.@dannyvankooten @petersuhm It only has a handful of options. It’s a demo. The actual number of programming languages is huge.@danyup84 Can you post your idea in Github issues please? https://t.co/q5uckGZMbT@danyup84 Good idea!@doodlemoonch THAT’s the main issue you noticed with this? LOLYes Simpsons, that’s *exactly* how websites are made and taken down, and this is exactly how their code looks. #fail http://t.co/NsjqmMye26@mindmodel @goldrattbooks did not mention a client. Experts don't only talk to clients!@goldrattbooks And then gets disappointed in you if you still can’t find the answer? Nah. I’d rather them tell me what they think directly.@fantasai Can you please check ur email when you see this? Urgent. Thanks! (couldn’t DM you, apparently you’re not following me :-S )@mecseki_k Yeah, even I kept mistyping it as awesomeplete. :P@mecseki_k Thanks! But it’s awesomplete (= a portmanteau of awesome and autocomplete), not awesomecomplete.This must be a sign that @lanyrd has made it. There are now spam emails that include it. http://t.co/BViMtB9TSKSo 12 hrs after Awesomplete got out, it has 160 faves, 220 tweets & 6000 pageviews! For a few hours of coding, I’d say that’s pretty rad :D
@DesignedGrafix Thx for sharing but why this is tagged #jquery? There’s no jQuery dependency. In fact, 0 dependencies was why I wrote it :P@leoniewatson Thanks so much! Will do if it turns out to be trickier than using aria-owns :)@designedbyblind @johnfoliot @leoniewatson @stevefaulkner Oh no! What happens?@davidbruant Not sure about that. User might want to have inline elements…@davidbruant Yup, don’t see anything wrong with that. Will do once I get a bit of time :)@davidbruant Then my script needs to *disable* native autocomplete, because they can't coexist. But it might work.@davidbruant datalist should already work as a data source btw, it just fetches the innerHTML of children.@davidbruant @webreflection Prove me wrong then. Do it with a datalist *including* in browsers supporting datalist.@davidbruant @edouard_lopez Good luck using datalist and making it do the same things that demo is doing.@davidbruant @edouard_lopez Check my tweets from Sunday, there’s a link to it.@davidbruant @edouard_lopez The same concerns have been raised with the WG 3 years ago by someone else, and were largely ignored.@stevefaulkner @leoniewatson Thanks so much!@glazou Don’t worry, I said nothing about the leprechauns! :X@stevefaulkner @designedbyblind @leoniewatson @johnfoliot […] I used ARIA, but no idea if I did so correctly…
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