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Lea Verou @LeaVerou Cambridge, MA

HCI researcher @MIT_CSAIL, @CSSWG IE, @OReillyMedia author, Ex @W3C staff. Made @prismjs @dabblet @prefixfree. I ♥ standards, code, design, UX, life!

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@tabatkins Is it normal that I get this “Bikeshed Pending” message since yesterday on CSS Images specs? http://t.co/lVunQ01jmT@mit5o5 Haha, totally! We need a Moutza emoji!@davidonionball We already have that http://t.co/F52lDw2YizLooks like an April fools joke, but it isn’t! Unicode 9 will include SELFIE, SHURG, FACE PALM & DROOLING FACE emojis. http://t.co/On90fsZbzq
Interesting technique by @dudleystorey: Easy Cross-Browser Text Masks with Blend Modes http://t.co/Z8zFlt7GFGLove the design of this year’s @HybridConf website: https://t.co/TrytWMilxB Well done! Especially the endorsements & speaker bio sections.
@edwardbenson Anytime after I come back from NYC! :)Just used awesomplete, by @LeaVerou, on a project, and it was fantastic! Get your lookahead/auto-complete on https://t.co/UrT1oUdv1G
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Word of the day: unhyphenateable @csswg
Retweeted by Lea VerouOH « TBB = to be bikesheded »
Retweeted by Lea VerouOH « html6 to deprecate html, require head inside body »
Retweeted by Lea VerouOH « Resolved: Valentine's day more important to @csswg than FOSDEM »
Retweeted by Lea Veroucurrent @csswg status http://t.co/NGpzyxPNh1
Retweeted by Lea VerouOn user-select: TabAtkins: [CSSWG takes a break to distribute drugs] glazou: if I start seeing dancing pink elephants, blame fantasai pleaseThe @csswg is currently discussing dropping box-sizing: padding-box; due to lack of use cases. Have any of you ever needed it? What for?
none of the apple watch reviews mentioned the packaging for the strap http://t.co/PFSn6G1MaX
Retweeted by Lea Verou@jryancasas I don’t think they even thought of that.@silentimp That’s @violetblue’s version ;)@thegrugq @FortaCloud I'd like to sing a song about dudes who can only market to other dudes... #fixedit http://t.co/YpoO6qTNIK
Retweeted by Lea VerouHoly crap, if “tone deaf” ever enters the dictionary, it should contain a screenshot of this conversation… https://t.co/fZOkn72dvr@gytskem @openfontlibrary @programmingfont This is ligatures, you wouldn’t have to type special characters.Proof that @csswg is serious bizness: Our chairs even have a gavel :) @ Bloomberg LP https://t.co/2joVfSWTb8Apparently in Scotland “fuck you sideways” is a worse insult than good ol’ “fuck you”. I wonder why…Fascinating interview w/ @meyerweb https://t.co/8dYmPvIoWw Love the part on when he heard about this “new thing called CSS” at the 5th WWW!New trend: programming fonts & ligatures https://t.co/UuHZTsyLkm https://t.co/J2e1RpOGX5 - via @programmingfont http://t.co/RxAV2lvdxP
Retweeted by Lea Verou@naman34 That’s called “prototyping” :)Recursive @csswg: https://t.co/1XNPEKTYegLive from the NYC @csswg F2F: “Can we define ‘kill’ please?”@glazou negativezero is the new transparent black
Retweeted by Lea Verou@svgeesus @smfr All the @csswg photos seem to always be taken when I’m missing. It’s a plot! :)
Given enough time and active development, any code, language or API is destined to become a stinky pile of hacks.@samnabi I doubt there are more than 3 people in the room that do, and I’m not among them.@svgeesus business as usual http://t.co/LyKsSOwxVR
Retweeted by Lea Verou@LeaVerou we still need a few years to consider a positive zero
Retweeted by Lea VerouFrom today’s @CSSWG F2F minutes: “RESOLVED: Auto line counts as the 0 for negative 0 line for span purposes.” Best. resolution. ever.I really wonder what incidents made the NYC MTA feel that they need this sign. And are these… https://t.co/LFxqs4q5BZ@tabatkins ok!@stubbornella That’s up to you too :) Did you review that book chapter? :)@anatudor awww. Although this is worth it just to be referred as a “tiger-hugger”. Best adjective ever. :PBest tip jar sign ever. (Although; who doesn't like hugs?!?) @ Black Cat LES https://t.co/c1BrDUGspM
@esion So you can’t being a responsible adult and being childfree are mutually exclusive? Doesn’t sound right.Can’t believe I refused an awesome pool party with rad people because I have work to do. Is this what being a responsible adult feels like?!@saardagan If I travel even more, I’d be doing nothing else :)@LeaVerou If the movie runs long enough, the universe runs out of extras.
Retweeted by Lea VerouIs it me or after a certain age, everybody you meet reminds you of someone else you’ve met before?@dudleystorey @smashingmag @leaveroudev is not a bot! It’s a real human being! (not me)
In case you missed it, @CSSConf this year is in New York, next month, organized by @bocoup! I’ll be there too :) https://t.co/iZQyRCHOAu@phidip @espressoapp @sublimehq Twitter handles aren't mainly for following people. E.g. I barely ever read my timeline.
@krijnhoetmer Hey, re:IRC logs, what are “!” and “?”? And I guess # is number of messages? Thanks! /cc @amyxzh@phidip @espressoapp @sublimehq Not sure why twitter handles about products should follow anyone.@phidip Huh? I’m not following…@myherodevon @espressoapp @sublimehq Yup, that’s the one I bought!@bastianalbers Or even the right door to the bathroom :P@codenihal @sublimehqMoving to a new code editor is kinda like moving houses: At first it just doesn’t feel like home, but you persevere and hope it gets better.This is it. I’m done with @espressoapp, after many years of finger-crossing for bugfixes and updates. Switching to @sublimehq. Long overdue.@justsml @jaaprood My definition of user is the same. However, being able to jump through hoops doesn’t mean it’s pleasant or easy.@justsml @jaaprood Or you’re just expecting too much from your users and make them struggle because of it, like almost every programmer.@justsml @jaaprood I’d much rather have to deal with an attack every now and then, than burden my users. Security is no excuse for bad UX.@justsml There are less drastic ways to prevent abuse.@codinghorror I was talking about public data. E.g. people should be able to make their *own* twitter embeds.@codinghorror Nobody wants to authorize a random web app just to *read* a website.@codinghorror Registration required is a HUGE ask! It throws many use cases entirely out of the window.@codinghorror Abuse can be prevented by rate limiting via IP or client ID, just like it was in the past…@nitriques I’ve replied to @mktums.@magnetikonline Then limit per IP, or per client ID. There’s absolutely no reason for user login to do rate limiting.@mktums You don’t need OAuth for that; just set a limit per app ID.@kevdog If that’s the reason, it’s a shitty one. I would want to know who uses my OS libraries; I don’t make them register to download tho!Why did most REST APIs suddenly start requiring OAuth to return *public* data? WTF, public data should be open!
Sex, Houdini and the Extensible Web https://t.co/cQMN93xNam A fascinating read by @briankardell on turning browsers’ native magic into APIs.
the more I read @LeaVerou book, the more I'm convinced css needs a √2 constant.
Retweeted by Lea Verou@stan_droid The user of an API is the programmer. “User” is not defined as “someone with no technical knowledge”.@patrickbrosset Absolutely. The dev tools should also offer the ability to highlight all matches.@mileselam Argument is not a bad thing — that’s how opinions change. :) But I see what you mean.@mileselam jQuery didn’t invent chaining, it’s really common in the Builder pattern. Also, I didn’t mention chaining at all.@mileselam Not sure how jQuery is related.@tabatkins Let’s discuss in person next week! :)@amageed @_jayphelps @thejameskyle You seem to be under the impression that “debate” and “healthy discussion” are mutually exclusive?@tabatkins Think libraries & polyfills.@_jayphelps @thejameskyle At least the feeling is mutual.@_jayphelps @thejameskyle Ease off on the entitlement. You’re both assuming I should care about your opinions way more than is reasonable.@thejameskyle Also, if you think that my feelings would be hurt because a random dude on twitter doesn’t see use cases, you’re deluded.@thejameskyle I tried to end the conversation after half an hour of u monopolizing my feed and my time. I think that’s perfectly reasonable.@thejameskyle Ok, how exactly could I have told you that I don’t have that much time without …hurting your feelings? Honest question.@thejameskyle I don’t see why. Hostility would have been if I added that you clearly seem to have a lot of time in your hands. But I didn’t.@thejameskyle So not having the time to talk with you all night is hostility?!@thejameskyle Example?@thejameskyle What makes you think so?@thejameskyle So being offended is the only possible explanation for not wanting to talk about this all night?!@thejameskyle Anyway, this is neverending and I *really* don’t have that kind of time.@thejameskyle What select2 does is not a usability improvement on every select, because you might have few items. Otherwise, yes, it should.@thejameskyle Assuming the resize functionality is sufficiently better, I don’t see the problem.@thejameskyle My point is that in such cases, your actual query is style-related. Anything else is indirection.@thejameskyle Does it matter how? E.g. by adding resize functionality on all 4 sides of the element.@thejameskyle Example: A script that finds all elements w/ resize != none and improves the native resizing behavior.@thejameskyle Anyway, I’ve heard your opinion, extensively. You’ve heard mine. I don’t have the energy to debate this on twitter all night.@thejameskyle Using a built-in style is problematic if you’re using it for the wrong reasons. Not if what you actually need is style-related@thejameskyle Yes, but I did not suggest this for CSS variables, you did. Also, you might not be able to control the HTML.@thejameskyle The author needs to add the class. You might not be the author.@thejameskyle Just like any other CSS property… document.queryStyle({"--myvar": "foo"});
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