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@paulfeig After 45 years on Sesame Street, Maria, (Sonia Manzano) to retire. And no mention in the trades. TV Legend. http://t.co/SH3URq04xU
Retweeted by LessienI’ve been using @Get_Headspace for a couple months now. It’s awesome! https://t.co/CndK1ny47Y
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Dear God I'm screaming. Pls halp. http://t.co/Q0xiaDiP3k
Retweeted by LessienKeep in mind folks. Dylan Roof (for killing 9 PPL) was set at 1mill, but @BreeNewsome gets no chance? #FreeBree http://t.co/Nw6dDXBsU0
Retweeted by LessienPresident Obama Delivers Eulogy at Charleston Shooting Funeral of Clementa Pinckney [FULL SPEECH] //WOW 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 http://t.co/HyIeDbFAB5
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4 black Churches have been burned in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, & Florida in the past 5 days.
Retweeted by LessienThe Rainbow House. http://t.co/k6yJySMnie
Retweeted by LessienSummary of Scalia’s dissent. #stolenjokes http://t.co/Qp27BeWELc
Retweeted by LessienIf you don’t tear up reading this, you have no heart. http://t.co/RcjOR7VpGc http://t.co/Uv7MTQ9U6j
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Vertical Street View. So cool. http://t.co/267tv3hsjy@drbarnard @MalcolmTeas @gte Agreed. Don't watch it.S.C. State Rep. Bill Chumley on Charleston: "These people sat in there and waited their turn to be shot." http://t.co/rDDEjr1snZ #WAFA
@mrhaycock @gte it was a comedy?@gte And yet they cast Sammy J. who was just a poor fit.@gte it takes a special kind of talent to ruin a spy movie with Michael Cain and Colin Firth.@gte what I want to know is why the lady with the knife feet? It’s absurd and I could barely watch after her first scene. Why?!?!?!Some movies shouldn’t be “teen” movies. Kingsman is one them. #getoffmylawn@gte call it like it is. Kingsman is terrible. And it’s a shame. Squandered potential.The new Samsung "Safety Truck" allows drivers to see the road ahead before passing: http://t.co/T025pLa5MY http://t.co/V4LzH8SRnx
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Amazon to pay writers based on pages read on Kindle. I'd like same in restaurants--pay for how much of burger I eat. http://t.co/5FHtJWvVAy
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.@taylorswift13’s RT game is strong right now. http://t.co/LFYA4tJpmF
Retweeted by LessienVery interesting that this is all happening over social media starting with Tumblr and Twitter. No traditional press and no FB.Damn, I wish Taylor Swift were also a Mac App Store developer.
Retweeted by LessienNow this is clout. https://t.co/GHb9SBEOOZ and https://t.co/wEsGFVKadyMy hope is that together we can convert hate & racism to peace & understanding around the globe. https://t.co/eaFa3jwuAV
Retweeted by LessienYep. Only way it's done. https://t.co/0gCnl7fAKg
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Undocumented immigrants paid $100 BILLION over 10 years into Social Security with no ability to ever claim benefits: http://t.co/9Wdfb7rEIr
Retweeted by LessienWATCH: Video catches Donald Trump allowing woman to touch his hair http://t.co/LEbWNhTg0P http://t.co/LRDROfz8CI
Retweeted by LessienMicrosoft's 2015 reorg: Who's in, who's out - http://t.co/Y6QYgvyyrC
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Hope this works out better than Lenny Dykstra's investment firm. http://t.co/hoAXIOhoxFAll I want is one really good Vine of Eddy Cue and Steph Curry doing victory burnouts in Cue's Ferrari
Retweeted by Lessien@reneritchie @c_davies @jdaIrymple But is it Heineken Light?Transformation at your own pace. A personal review (Apple Watch is incidental, how fitting) from @jdalrymple http://t.co/ZOzf2bFKlEThe beginning of @jdaIrymple’s Apple Watch review is glorious. http://t.co/qNZXPxuDLh
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"The Rolls Royce of chalk." http://t.co/Stxdrzmmta@chriskrycho @jonseff Worse than Haywire. Which is saying a lot. I couldn't get past the first 30 minutes of Haywire.Non-spoiler alert: Jupiter Ascending is perhaps the worst movie I’ve ever seen.
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@GlennF @jeffcarlson @danielpunkass Every time I see hot take, I think hot pocket. Not very different, actually.@drance Sounds like a perfect plot for Trading Places Freaky Friday. Short the stock, then wait 30 years to collect!@benthompson The author never asks: "what you do replace the Mac's contributions to the ecosystem with?" Had he, there would be no article.@jeffcarlson @danielpunkass @GlennF Doom = lead. There are legitimate criticisms that you can raise about Apple's prospects. This isn't one."…what if the developers who create for OS X had no choice but to move to things that actually represent the future?" #okaySo Apple should kill the Mac. To focus on the future. Xcode Touch must be coming and it will be perfect. http://t.co/BaIwXXLPTAHorse hockey. https://t.co/qCGOi0i1p5
Retweeted by LessienByte's 1994 special report on software bloat revealed that Lotus 1-2-3 had ballooned to an appalling 5MB of space. http://t.co/GrCcPL4wus
Retweeted by LessienSpoilery. The Game of Thrones disinformation campaign begins. http://t.co/2J2coWlND0Best episode of the season, by far. #GoT"And, no, we’re not all equal when it comes to water." http://t.co/mIADt2u1zLThis conversation about black people in Silicon Valley tech was really awkward http://t.co/JUhu6FZgIt http://t.co/fe5p3St79P
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So long WWDC. Hasta la próxima.“I think the smartphone is the most amazing thing there ever was… It’s the most amazing object ever created.” http://t.co/Xz6Fp9GCnf
Retweeted by LessienFor Twitter to thrive, it needs to focus on becoming a more useful tool for journalists. - A journalist
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“What would Goodfellas be like told by a woman?” wonders @rkylesmith not knowing a woman edited the film. https://t.co/qW6G59oXCC
Retweeted by Lessien“@pschiller made it clear that he personally reads and listens to [the iOS developer] community.” http://t.co/nrY4hJ04w4
Retweeted by LessienBlackBerry may release an Android phone http://t.co/rkImqkoBrD http://t.co/Pg1I0N6C0r
Retweeted by LessienRent’s so expensive here even the CEO of Square has to pick up a second job
Retweeted by LessienTwitter's conundrum: ads. Make them so advertisers like them, users revolt. Listen to your users, advertisers won't advertise.
Retweeted by LessienTwitter is focused on remaining an independent company but will "carefully evaluate any offer," Costolo says $TWTR
Retweeted by LessienBREAKING: Twitter CEO Dick Costolo is stepping down on July 1. Costolo will remain on board. Jack Dorsey to act as interim CEO.
Retweeted by LessienStraight up voodoo magic.A Nobel laureate's comments about women have spurred a global backlash http://t.co/F2w7DqM9Xd http://t.co/iXfvmcRoNb
Retweeted by LessienCan't wait for the WIRED cover on this one. http://t.co/IekzHbb4BT
@mxcl Really?
@stutsmansoft Haven't seen that. But I appreciate people who spare others.@rickblauraya Not food poisoning. It's the normal WWDC cloud of germs.@stutsmansoft It's awful!Sick people everywhere.@drbarnard Is it? ;)Shoot. I should have bought the USB-C to Ethernet dongle!The guy who was downloading Xcode on conference wifi must have finished. #working-again@treestman did you miss Eddy spinning a bunch of 20 second music clips?"And nothing justifies the dancing." http://t.co/sk3HGKnjt8
@Lessien @harrymccracken near? 80% penetration in U.S. 80% penetration in China. Not many wo smart phone. Sales declined 4% yoy china q1
Retweeted by Lessien@GiveBack2011 Those people don't need "Move to iOS."@DanielEran @harrymccracken People without smartphones don't need "Move to iOS." In saturated (note not all) markets, growth is zero sum.@DanielEran @harrymccracken You’re misinterpreting. Question is whether some markets are near saturation; growth comes from grabbing share.Why launch the "Move to iOS" app? Early indication that peak smartphone penetration level is near?My earlier "Hm" was due to the nod toward new CPU architectures. No biggie.Hm.@drance ARE-YOU-NOT-A-BOT?@robwitman Oh, I remembered AppleTV plenty during Jimmy's Apple Music intro.Incremental. A fitting word on the day.Well, well… https://t.co/DiOrJQuk23~~still not as drawn out as the PlayStation 4 reveal~~
Retweeted by LessienPlease STOP.IMO "One more thing…" shouldn't be over-used. Last year with Swift it made sense (true surprise). Apple Music not so much.Awkward.Less of this next year, Apple. Less of this.
Retweeted by LessienOk now this isn't great. Why is Drake talking about this?Drake has no idea what to do with this room full of nerds.
Retweeted by LessienStarted at the bottom…Drake!It may be subtle, but Apple is now creating content.
Retweeted by LessienNever seen a (potentially) cool product this killed by a bad intro. Wow.Less Jimmy! More @drdre #WWDC15 #stop #please
Retweeted by LessienJust freestyle jimmy. Drop the script.@ShawnKing it was bad.Stand.They forgot about Dre. #wwdc
Retweeted by LessienThat sounds like a mighty stilted conversation.
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