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Lea Salonga @MsLeaSalonga Wherever I hang my hat is home

Singer, actor, occasional dancer, wife, mom, writer, traveler, foodie, and budding Instagram photographer. Coach on The Voice (Philippines). Loving my life.

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@Trixieannmae20 @geneviequijano3 I tried to read it, but failed miserably. Ang lalim, di ko siya kinaya!@vizcarraespanto This is tough. Skill, si Darren. But Lyca's charisma is super strong. Puwede silang dalawa na lang? Na pinagsama sa isa?Was made aware of Curt Schilling and what he did when two idiots harassed his daughter: http://t.co/pdK1jgeltV I am taking notes!!!!!!!@Leensey03 If that's the case they need compassion. But they're still getting blocked.@leAgasaLach @Trixieannmae20 That's mine too. Personal.@garcia20_a @irissspring Yeah. But I knew this going into The Voice. Can't please everyone.@benign0 I just need to get better at ignoring idiots online. And discerning who the good guys are.@benign0 Face to face, I do. Absolutely I do.@irissspring You know what, no I don't. This doesn't seem to happen anywhere else.@ruthcoleen__ Nope. That hasn't happened.@DadaArtadi Agree 100%.@Trixieannmae20 My official Facebook page has the verified symbol.@_dis_enchanted_ True. Just like real life. As for Internet being a need, I'll have to disagree with you there.Enjoying some intelligent discourse. Why can't dissenting opinions be this respectful all the time?@iamlittlecherry With freedom comes responsibility. Freedom shouldn't be abused.@giulifish Cue the applause!!!@MsLeanaCarmela I was getting sexually harassed here on Twitter. Blocked without hesitation.@jasminpiedad1 @giulifish So we keep blocking and reporting. Can't let myself get beaten down. I refuse!!! #Makibaka@ruthcoleen__ None. At. All.@GibbsCue Indeed. At the end of the day, it's about personal accountability. If that still exists.@iheartLeaS Oh yung mga pa-epal in real life? They're ignored.@rachelnacilla How about this for a benchmark: Don't say on the Internet what you would never say to someone's face.@rachelnacilla The Internet is wonderful and life-changing but perhaps it's still a work in progress.@mymags4SG Uhmmm... no.@8ac9ad2ab93842a I realize how this can be misinterpreted, and for that I apologize. Nakakapagod lang din kasi minsa ang mga hunghang.@__YourGrace @JamesBlunt I love his methods, but the recipient would need to be as clever. Or just clever.@giulifish Oh goodness I hope they don't. But nowadays, you just never know.@chicprotagonist Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!@MsLeanaCarmela @LeAga_Syndrome I normally don't unblock or unmute.@8ac9ad2ab93842a Read my next post. I said nga no to that previous idea.After much thought, no to the IQ/EQ idea. But how do we make Internet abusers accountable for the evil they commit? Ideas, anyone? Anyone?@giulifish There's gotta be a checks and balances thing. Accountability. Consequences. Something!@LeAga_Syndrome Never.@UnsonJ out the worst in some of them.@UnsonJ You hit the nail on the head. I'd like to think that people in general are raised not to be dicks, but the internet anonymity brings@benign0 Sigh, yes. Until there's a way to figure out how to clean it, I shall block and report with glee.Help my friend Bubba win! https://t.co/eezfXpmqxr@mon2samson Baaahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!@UnsonJ And... hi, Jaime!!!@UnsonJ Ah yes. And censorship is something I don't like either. Any ideas? I'd suggest common respect, but that's seems less common now.@beatriceca Sadly true. But at least it makes for an interesting read. So much f*** you's and insults hurled around though, hence my tweet.@Supermia78 That should common sense. And a given.@beatriceca Try to see where I'm coming from before hitting me. I didn't mean kids and persons w/ disabilities. At all, ever.@beatriceca I'm just tired of so much of the abuse, bashing and idiocy online that seem to be the rule more than the exception.@beatriceca Oh they have far more IQ and EQ than many people that seem to be populating the Internet now. I didn't mean them!!!@dontpugme So, how do we control the abuse and the bashing that seems to be more the rule than exception online?@beatriceca Given what's out there, it seems almost necessary. But I get your point.@Dianephelan @kelliohara Unless there's video, this didn't happen, Phe Phe!Agree or disagree: mandatory IQ and EQ testing before giving someone Internet access. What do you think?@ImCamille247 Wala.@Ramonito_L @TheVoiceABSCBN As for quality, that's a personal taste thing.@Ramonito_L @TheVoiceABSCBN Speaking for myself, the one objective standard is intonation. Like math.@reanneivyyyyyyy Bashers get blocked and reported. Dapat may IQ test din ang Twitter before access is granted. #justsaying@ruthcoleen__ Yup! Mine are black and beige.@MinervaJoyceT @SurwezCynthia You sure the replies were absolutely comprehended? Sarcasm doesn't always translate via written media.@Ramonito_L @TheVoiceABSCBN Art is subjective. To say one singer is inferior is like saying Picasso is less than Matisse.@SurwezCynthia Pressing "Block" takes less energy than thinking of a clever retort.@sarahgroar I had beer. I think she had wine.Now that the run is over, our #FamiLEA has grown to include... well... every artist from Season 2 that wants to be part of it. #WeAreFamily@iamSir_G Then you're no better than they are.@sarahgroar I'm always happy when good things happen to her.@MJGatpolintan Mute, block, report. Repeat as necessary.@MelySupe Do not engage the idiots. They'll beat you down with experience!!! #JustSaying@JUSTjuvyLEA If they're false why should I be bothered?@prowebspider The areglo of @Gerard_Salonga for Leah was new. He and Leah started from zero.@AlabadoLa @JasonJamesDy Very happy for him. They all deserved it though, for sure.@25_asher @JustSarahG Who says we won't be seeing each other? Huwag mag-assume!@BalboaCaryle @aemsmely @angeelftw Use your gigl for something constructive. There are better ways to expend the energy.@iamSir_G It does neither Sarah nor I any good for the bashing cycle to continue. Which is why she doesn't really engage in Twitter.Thank you, Allan Policarpio!!! http://t.co/MY2Xreg3mEKeep it classy, people... keep it classy. #LeadByExample@aemsmely @angeelftw No one deserves this kind of treatment.@LeaSaIonga @aemsmely Oh is THAT the cause of controversy? I was crossing my fingers. If I raise my third finger, it'll be straight up. Sus!@angeelftw Block and report. Don't waste your gray matter on people that don't matter to me.@yowitsmae Gorgeous and supremely talented. And from what I've heard, an amazing cook.@iRishpando @JasonJamesDy I don't recall making mura. Could've been someone near me, I don't know.@AneeBenedicto Sa TV lang naman eh. For life na siya sa akin which is far more lasting and important than a TV show. @NinoAlejandro@iamlittlecherry Ohhhhh there's so much of my coaching that doesn't get shown on TV.......@chattyfangirl Recording chuva. I won't be in the concert this Thursday. I'll be on a plane heading away.@elleainaaah GoT. I'm not big on zombies. I nightmare easily.@baby0811 If that's what you think, then you also believe my opinion on her talent is low. She is an amazing singer and deserved to win too.@BrendanPart And we know each other by face. The follow is just a formality.@ChiskaSiga Tumaba at pumayat na ako. Siya... well... Yun na lang muna.@hellolaureana I can't control interpretation. And I have neither the patience nor the sinew to explain myself. #TooOldToCare@kadi0428 Hindi pa ako in charge doon. Tanungin ang may ari ng billboard. Salamat.As strange as this will sound, my Season Two work on The Voice PH isn't over yet! #TaposNaDiBa
I love you, Coach Apl! Thanks to Steffi Inocentes for this picture! And for the record, I was sober.… https://t.co/SQjfT3Hdi1@mrbradgoreski Would it turn you a gentle shade of pink if I followed you? Because I just did. And gosh you are adorable!Wanna hear @NinoAlejandro and me rocking it out? http://t.co/ZRcE7q468O@giulifish Along with 4 other Kids: Zach, Romel, Julienne, and Fritz.@LeaSaIonga Apl wrote it along with two others, whose names escape me right now.Thanks to @AicaDioquino of GMA News for this wonderful article: http://t.co/DvzexX58P6@drewhush @TheVoiceABSCBN Hmmm......... and now you have given me an idea.@omgpleaseomg I don't think about them. And an apology? No, they're not getting one.@lovenhinz @charcatbagan09 FAH BYU LUSS!!!@MsSheryyyl Then I start breaking people's faces in real life.
@estreracath Dino-dobol ded ko sila sa isip ko. With medieval torture devices.@krysselmndoza After reading it a few times, parang kinakalyo na ang mata, puso, at isip ko.@daphneyyyyyy @zydyn_lecaniel Oh please. I'll kiss him sober.@LeaSaIonga Ayyyyy, secret!!!
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