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Retweeted by Lanai T.Don't know why we're just seeing this now, but this is the best book video on the internet.
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"England has in all times given foreigners flying for refuge against oppression" #migrantcrisis
Retweeted by Lanai T.RT & FOLLOW to support disabled awareness & win a copy of Anna Matronic from Scissor Sisters new book @MsAnaMatronic
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Target already has candy corn on display. #WinterIsComingDisabled parking isn't the shopping cart corral. People need to park there and can't jump in & out of the car to move carts. #inconsiderate
@Debberrific I'm alright. Having a good hair day. lol@adamsmadams Okay, now I don't feel so ignorant. Haha@ClayShelburn Sometimes I have friends over to play it for me. It sounds better that way. HahaRT @neiltyson: Any time we're impressed by what a non-human animal does, it's simply because we previously underestimated its intelligence.RT by Mon 8/24 midnight PST for a chance to win ALL these books, most signed. International. Winner take all.
Retweeted by Lanai T.I pray thee, cease thy counsel, Which falls into mine ears as profitless As water in a sieve
Retweeted by Lanai T.@Debberrific I'm with you there, sister@ClayShelburn Nice! I have an acoustic Fender. Warm sound. Now I just need to put the time into playing it.@adamsmadams What? I'm confused. Have I missed an acronym? :-)@ClayShelburn Do you have a favorite guitar or two? What do you like about them?@ClayShelburn Yeah, it does have a lot to do with making good connections. You have to build your opportunities. :-)
@adamsmadams Uh-oh... ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿฐ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜ต@ClayShelburn Well, what's the plan? Make it happen! Haha@stephenfry It's your birthday? How marvelous! I hope you have a lovely day of celebrations.@adamsmadams Woot!ICYMI: Word of the Day: basilect - a less prestigious dialect of a particular language...
Retweeted by Lanai T.We feel like detectives after realizing this possibility about #FantasticBeastsโ€ฆ
Retweeted by Lanai T.@ClayShelburn Sounds great! I look forward to seeing you live. And thanks for keeping music alive. :-)I just learned that not only does @ZackGiffin do wonderful work on the tiny houses, he's also a fantastic free skier. My pleasure! I like to spread the word for music I enjoy. Your video made me smile. Come play in California!For all of you who enjoyed the guys in Walmart doing SRV blues, here's info: @ClayShelburn Woot! โœ‹๐Ÿป@adamsmadams So you went from missing it to VIP? How does this happen to you? lol@BluesLover101 I subscribed to your YouTube page. Here is a link to @ClayShelburn who played SRV at Walmart.
Or is it from @diegomcgreevy and @rarebirdlit? @HemlockGrove, well, well...look what arrived in the mail today. @diegomcgreevy @RareBirdBooks!?! I've been looking forward to this for ages! ther be warmth and ynk and wyne and storyes And musique eek, to dryve awake the boringe.
Retweeted by Lanai T.@1stvows ...More fascinating with every turn.@occmakeup Pardon me if you've answered this already. Is the Lip Tar RTW the same formula just w/ doe foot, or is it between matte & gloss?Black Dahlia #LipTar is now ready-to-wear. Introducing #LipTarRTW. Available now at
Retweeted by Lanai T.@ladevita12 Oo...I like that one.@Masonglazier How are you doing?@adamsmadams Not bad for a good curling iron. Terrible for a bad one. lol@montepittman Sounds faulty to me. Return it for a new one.Our craftsmanship really shines on the iPhone Wallet, durable, beautifully made and easy to use!...
Retweeted by Lanai T.What's w/ the pissy-ghost stories? Don't want to be seen/heard, then why stick around on this plane? Stop manifesting. #GhostStories #horror
@montepittman Congratulations!
So when in the timeline does HPCC fall? @jk_rowling @MuggleCast@Masonglazier Aw, I'm so sorry to hear that, Mason. My thoughts are with you and your family.Have you seen this, @HarriedWizard @longshotauthor?
Happy birthday to Jim Dale, narrator of the U.S. #HarryPotter audiobooks, who turns 80 yrs old on Aug. 15, 2015!!
Retweeted by Lanai T.
@JulieMerson91 @jk_rowling I once wrote a paper on Jane Austen for a graduate Lit seminar. Spelled it Austin the whole way through. SMH
Some SRV blues at Walmart on a kids' guitar. @TommyJoeRatliff
I cannot support someone who is so oblivious to what's going on in society that he would walk around with that hairstyle. #Trump @simsShouts over din: 27 mph! Replies gleefully: Good God, breakneck speed! @FantomWorks #1917Overland #AutoRestoration
When the state has no good reason for making it harder for people to register and vote, doing so should be illegal. RL Hasen #VotingRights@mattwertz How about Southern California?
BREAKING: Senate Republicans fail to pass procedural vote to defund Planned Parenthood
Retweeted by Lanai T.You look great! But also, anyone may wear a suit who wants to. No need to wait until _____. @jackisnotabird @melissaanelli@adamsmadams Doing better?@montepittman Psh! Adorable
@sims At least she said hotter instead of just hot, the implication being you're hot already. Woot!Never have I stuffed my phone in my bra, using lingerie as a sort of makeshift pocket.
@neiltyson "La a French, feminine, definite article" didn't really fit with the rhyme, meter, or playful theme.
@Runxandersmith Holla! ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿป@neiltyson Don't we have two blue moons this year?
Have a great show tonight at Bardot, @1stvows. Sorry I'm under the weather and can't make it. :-/ Listening to your SoundCloud in spirit.
@sims Psh! I even have a Periscope account. I told you I'm not a Luddite. Haha Meerkat sounds like some tech gadget's new OS. Haha@sims I thought I was up on the current trends and not like my grandmother who still likes to watch "a tape" in the evening after dinner.@sims Oh, for cryin' out loud!! What the hell is Meerkat?! This is the second new to me social media platform (I'm assuming) in two days.
@HarriedWizard Yep, that's what makes it so fun to talk to you. Kindred spirits!
I'm so glad Summer got bangs, 'cause those headbands weren't doing her any favors. #BridesGoneStyled
@thekatvond I got Ayesha and really like it. When do the new colors come out in the Studded Kiss line? ๐Ÿ‘„๐Ÿ’„๐Ÿ’œ
It's great we can tweet to save, but the West Coast can't watch and make an informed decision. Please fix this system. @DANCEonFOX
@neiltyson What clue would you have chosen? Perhaps "Starman"? @nytimes
The call to reform our criminal justice system is urgent.
Retweeted by Lanai T.@TommyJoeRatliff Me? Aw, shucks...!Well, that was awkward. I gut stuck at the far end of @Target without the wherewithal to drag myself and my shopping to the register.@tinydolly WHAT?! That's amazing! You can get good seats day-of when the reserved seats go back in the system, but you did great. :-)
@inkophile Yeah, I like their products. They make interesting things of solid quality at a reasonable price.Being small, adorable, & full of mischief is a full time job. The #ShaunTheSheep movie hits theaters 8/5.
Retweeted by Lanai T.@adamsmadams You did it!!@tinydolly Good gracious! How did you finagle that seat for @adamlambert?! :-D@inkophile It's so nice when paper will take FP ink smoothly, without feathering and too much bleed-through.Do they deny service to adulterers? How about blasphemers? Or any of the other myriad sins outlined in their religious texts?
Retweeted by Lanai T.@neiltyson Then people will just think you have a head cold or speech impediment.@Masonglazier I'm so sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family.
@scotthoying So many felicitations and congratulations to you on all your success. I'm so happy for you. :-D @RadioCity@inkophile I picked up those Paperchase botanical notebooks you recommended. They're lovely! :-)
@Mattdavelewis Can we not pay you to stay safely in the lower reaches of Tanzania instead of scaling a mountain top? @jk_rowling@diegomcgreevy Obvs@qikipedia And the jaguars eat sap and go all Limitless with their hunting skills. #workhardplayhard
@MuggleCast @sims Oh, for cryin' out loud!! $271 ๐Ÿ˜ง Have they lost their minds?!
Damn!! @nappytabs just KILLED IT tonight.
@adamsmadams Sometimes I start to feel that way when arranging things gets to be too much of a production.My UD Naked Smokey palette arrived today. It's gooorrrgeous! Photos do not do it justice. @UrbanDecay also sent gloss samples & a mascara. ๐Ÿ’•
@adamsmadams Did you manage to find a good deal?
@adamsmadams I hope you get something worked out so you can go and have a good time. :-)@adamsmadams It's messed up when venues don't give actual fans the chance to buy tix. It happens al the time, though.@adamsmadams Hmm...apparently this is another situation of: [loop] me What's the word on this concert?@adamsmadams coming to CA?
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