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Centered Dem. Pro Obama, Pro Jobs Act, Pro Obamacare. Anti GOP obstructionism. Take back Congress & States in 2016! I Block RW Trolls! #UniteBlue

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Looking forward to the #InsaneClownCarPosseDebate next week.Wow! Huckabee is an expert on the #IranDeal cause he's been to Israel. Taking dumb-ass to a whole new level! #ClownCarMoron
@WayneEdH @msnbc Trying To Shove Republican Crazies Bullshit Down Peoples Throats..Chuck Toad Is A Mouthpiece For The G0P CLOWN CAR.PATHETIC
Retweeted by WayneEdHTo D-Bags Huckabee, Santorum, etal, how is stopping Iran from getting Nukes terrible for Israel or anyone? Buncha rhetoric-spewing morons!
@ten24get @WayneEdH How about a Toilet Committee? He certainly is full of it.
Retweeted by WayneEdH#hardball Ted Cruz may have just lost his Judiciary Cmte. assignment for insulting McConnell. Is there a Cafeteria Committee?
Retweeted by WayneEdHDisgusting.
Retweeted by WayneEdHLouisiana: weakest gun laws in nation, #1 worst state for gun violence #LafayetteShooting
Retweeted by WayneEdH#Israel and #AIPAC have 300 lobbyists spending over 50 MILLION DOLLARS to bribe schmucks like #MarcoRubio. #IranDeal
Retweeted by WayneEdHRubio: "PBO demonizes his political opponents"! Coming from RW Senator Bottled Water that's incredible! All he does is attack! No Class?@WayneEdH @Alasscan_ it's crap like this, with pols milking votes from hard Kline gunners that is skewing how America feels re guns.
Retweeted by WayneEdHRepublicans schedule new 'Obamacare' repeal vote What is it, number 59 now? WASTING tax dollars on this???
Retweeted by WayneEdHI'm happy that finally, other journalists are starting to realize the @nytimes "scoops" on @HillaryClinton are a steaming pile of horseshit.
Retweeted by WayneEdH#GoodbyeMSNBC
Retweeted by WayneEdHWow! Active shooter in Los Angeles now!Ah yes....that is the accurate truth
Retweeted by WayneEdHWhat a Witch Hunt! Someone sends Clinton an email and it's her fault?? Sheesh, GOP is REAL scared of her!Well I guess it's back to @CNN. @msnbc is dead. Thank @Comcast. #@edshow.
Retweeted by WayneEdHSo Olbermann no longer at ESPN .. now's your chance to make AMENDS @MSNBC ... Cuz I won't watch FOX-Lite ..
Retweeted by WayneEdHJindal is a big hypocrite!
Retweeted by WayneEdH@eggmanbill Jindal sure is showing up for every photo op & presser in Lafayette! Gunman was #TeaParty nutjob that hated #Obama & admired Hitler! #Tcot #UniteBlue
Retweeted by WayneEdH@theonlyadult @Nupe117 @msnbc The are replacing Ed Schultz with Chuck Todd.Liberals and progressives should return the favor and walk away from @MSNBC.
Retweeted by WayneEdHWow.. This woman on #EdShow is sure towing the Winger lines! Overtalking replaces facts with her!Jeb Bush is trying to get his poll numbers up with the extremist GOP wing since Trump is eating his lunch! #EdShow @EdShowJeb Bush loves him some Paul Ryan Medicare voucher system! #EdShowEmails again? Sheesh, Benghazi next again? GOP sure wants to discredit cause their policies suck! #VoteDems2016 #NoDoNothingGOP2016Olbermann, Bashir and Now Ed Shultz! @msnbc wants to be Fox! Bringing in Chuck Todd! Forcing viewers away!Ted Cruz goes ballistic on Mitch McConnell in stunning Senate speech!! a concerted effort by GOP, Fox & Media beating, in sync, the "Hillary Can't Be Trusted" drums! Can't win elections on their policies!@WayneEdH @GoEcomania @msnbc NOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Retweeted by WayneEdH@WayneEdH @msnbc I'm thinking I'm just not going to watch that network anymore!
Retweeted by WayneEdH@MarkSoveign @morning_joe @MarkHalperin @chucktodd are rubbing their hands together at the thought of criminal investigation into HRC.
Retweeted by WayneEdHAs if @msnbc hasn't already moved enough to the right, now they are replacing Ed Schultz with Chuck Todd! #YUK #CorporateHacks
#morningjoe Here's the 41 Senators who voted against veterans benefits. What do they all have in common?
Retweeted by WayneEdH@WayneEdH @msnbc WTF??? Why would they do this? It's a really bad idea...
Retweeted by WayneEdH.@SenSchumer, 53% of US Jews want Congress to approve the #IranDeal. You should...Will you?
Retweeted by WayneEdH@Nupe117
Retweeted by WayneEdH@WayneEdH @Ancientbob
Retweeted by WayneEdH@WayneEdH oh jeez, we don't need more of Todd
Retweeted by WayneEdHReally @msnbc?? You are giving Chuck "Right-Wing" Todd a show, replacing Ed Schultz? You keep forcing us elsewhere!! #MediaFAIL@msnbc to replace Ed Schultz with Chuck Todd! With this move, the anticipated dropping of liberal programming begins! Tom Cotton & 46 cronies sent letter to Iran to sabotage Iran Talks. GOP also met to sabotage PBO on day one! #TheGOPWay #VoteDemUh, #Hardball needs to say that "Common Sense" and "Ted Cruz" just doesn't go together!Cotton was paid to oppose the deal long before it was made. @JoeNBC @SenTomCotton
Retweeted by WayneEdH#BoycottKoch <- Medicare & Social Security is paid by the Employee & the Employer! #SaveMedicare & #SaveSSA!
Retweeted by WayneEdHJeb Bush pushes to ‘phase out’ Medicare at Koch sponsored rally!! #WhattaBush #Laredo that thing on Trump's head jumped down and started humping a reporter's leg!Everytime Donald Trump speaks, an Angel pukes! #Laredo@ALECexposed @LeChatNoire4 Same bunch of loonies that helped Jeb Bush sign "Stand Your Ground" into law here in FL. #StopBothALEC goes after earned benefits, student aid, consumer safety w/ HS curriculum #ALECexposed #ALECSanDiego #publiced
Retweeted by WayneEdH@WayneEdH And the Blunt-Rubio Amendment on contraception disqualifies him too.
Retweeted by WayneEdH@BlueDuPage But Eric, PBO can't run again!After Rubio voted to keep the Gvmt shutdown in order to get rid of healthcare for Americans, NOTHING he says is relevant!@BlueDuPage Every time Marsha Blackburn speaks an Angel pukes!It is time to prosecute Republicans and shady rightwing groups using faked videos to smear Planned Parenthood. #tcot
Retweeted by WayneEdHOn the #IranDeal I trust our Secretary Of State and NOT Senator Bottled Water!@WayneEdH @usedtobgop he's also an embarrassment to Cuban Americans and anyone from Miami
Retweeted by WayneEdH@WayneEdH Just like jaywalking in MO or selling sidewalk cigarettes in NY. No judge or jury required.
Retweeted by WayneEdHOnly good thing about "Mr. No-Class" Rubio running for Prez is that when he loses he will NOT be back to the Senate either! #RubioIsDone@WayneEdH Do you know when someone is losing their argument? When they start personal attacks on the other side. @marcorubio #LOSING
Retweeted by WayneEdHMr. Sneak-a-Sip-of-Water while delivering a nationwide TV rebuttal to the State of the Union is a first-class slob.
Retweeted by WayneEdHwe're looking at you @marcorubio
Retweeted by WayneEdHRemember that changing lanes without using your turn signal is now a death sentence in TX! #JusticeForSandraBlandRubio says PBO has no class????!!! This moron is an embarrassment to Florida, the Country & the world! #HypocriticLyingWingerKerry to Rubio, re: Iran: "I listened to a long list of your objections… But there's no alternative that you or anybody else has proposed."
Retweeted by WayneEdH
Gotta Vote to make a difference! Kasich jumps in clown car! ::::... YawnExtremists with guns standoff against law enforcement, the law leaves #BundyRanch but traffic stop is death sentence! #SandraBland@WayneEdH OMG I forgot...only in @GOP politics can an indicted felon be a Presidential candidate #RickPerry
Retweeted by WayneEdH@stefsstuff I love him getting on the decency stool after being an indicted felon!@WayneEdH The dramatics of Rick Perry....
Retweeted by WayneEdHRick Perry talking about decency?? Now THAT'S rich!!@DOLLAROCRACY Heritage & AFP comes to mind.Oh @MarcoRubio is showing what a desperate, corrupt @gop politician looks like. Not a smart move, con man. Not smart
Retweeted by WayneEdHSo, Santorum tells #Maddow if he loses this time he will go into private sector. Sheesh, another RW lobbyist.Wow! Frothy the Blowhard on #Maddow.If only Obama hadn't invaded Iraq under false pretenses, signed a total withdrawal deal & refused to pay for the war
Retweeted by WayneEdH@msnbc Bring back @KeithOlbermann and @MartinBashir.@SenThomTillis Oops, your ignorance is showing. "No deal" means Iran continues to pursue nukes with no inspections, only option is war.
Retweeted by WayneEdHReally Santorum?? Coming from the guy who called PBO a "Snob" for wanting people to have access to college! #FailCNNTo all the GOP PBO haters, just think, in 18 months Trump could be your Prez! Go ahead, celebrate! Enjoy the soup lines.GOP By The Numbers.
Retweeted by WayneEdHScott Walker vows to repeal and replace the #IranDeal on Day One of his Presidency
Retweeted by WayneEdHWho'da thunk?? Trump too extreme for GOP??!! #HypocrisyCan you say "Corny Comb over"??
please, Please, PLEASE make Trump the GOP nominee!!GOP outraged at Trump's remarks about Veteran McCain but they were all just fine with their lying swift-boating of Kerry! #HypocritesTrump speaking! I can't wait to see Jon Stewart's take tonight!Fox’s Brian Kilmeade: Why aren’t we ‘clearing the waters’ of sharks so ocean swimming is safe? What a maroon! Rubio reminds me of the kid always getting his butt kicked and his lunch money taken in school! He's running for Prez??Veterans, remember that Senator John McCain & 41 of his Republican peers voted against a much needed Veteran Bill in February. #GOPLiesAgain
Retweeted by WayneEdHReally?? The GOP is upset over Trump's "Rhetoric"?? That's hilarious!Amazing how GOP blames PBO for Everything while they do Nothing! Except hurt people & Country!
Probably bunk but would be so welcomed by me! MSNBC Rumor Alert: Olbermann Coming Back? via @mediaite
Retweeted by WayneEdHGOP hates that Trump is actually saying out loud what they all think and believe.@EdShow #EdShow I don't know if #ScottWalker was born a heartless RW extremist or it was a choice.@TAW3333 @WayneEdH @abcnews #Republicans hate to read. Their expertise is fearmongering and warmongering.
Retweeted by WayneEdH
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