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Andrew Zimmern @andrewzimmern Minneapolis, St. Paul MN

Chef, Writer, Traveler, TV Host // Watch @BizarreFoods Mon @ 9pm E/P on @TravelChannel // Order my latest book here: http://t.co/DshowFfGTr

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Heritage!!!! hseanbrock wins for such an awesome book... #jbfawards @ Pier Sixty https://t.co/YoMu9E1DHH#Recipe: @bbqfranklin's Beef Ribs http://t.co/Fiz40ivPC0Best view in NYC #pizza #lunch # https://t.co/CiCgQDX4x0@tgebron @shitfoodblogger @chefsouth @Bourdain @chefandthef All 3 superb but she's fantastic and it's important to salute new talent@shitfoodblogger @Bourdain @chefandthef @chefsouth Me too@davidhalesmith @bbqfranklin You bet! See ya tomorrow#ZIM05 is shipping out today! Enjoy one of the craziest food adventures you'll ever unbox. Be sure to tag us and @andrewzimmern :D
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@azcanteen at Target Field! RT @RachaelRayShow: .@andrewzimmern delish Bacon Sandwich : http://t.co/BRpLwwXkEO http://t.co/pAVhL3x3wmWe're loving this warm-weather Cucumber-Mint Lemonade from @andrewzimmern: http://t.co/cq1gtUbeFJ http://t.co/TYM8toiWqc
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern#Podcast: @mollymogren & I podcast from the road. We discuss raw milk, Gary, Indiana & more: http://t.co/bRKVx8N83F http://t.co/VcneTRoOekWhy firewood is so important for good #BBQ with @bbqfranklin http://t.co/VRZwirOE7p http://t.co/9bIv3oDPALSo much fun. Good luck pal. Thinking of you RT @jackfsteward: The Emmys are tonight...better polish my hiking boots.@JeffinPhx @StephenCurry30 Yes.@andrewzimmern my Folks are celebrating their 50th anniversary!! They are huge fans! Can they get a retweet? http://t.co/X80zIOgGuZ
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@ZombiezByte Every Monday night at 9 on Travel ChannelHuguenot Torte with Cherries http://t.co/8pALzEoxn7 #recipe http://t.co/86Q9fz7uz8Get your Mystic Knotwork bracelets here (in my four favorite colors!): http://t.co/KF1lEBSMMs #shopandrewzimmern http://t.co/mfcnNDrBlkJohn Mirabella is doing his part to eradicate lionfish & here's why: http://t.co/T0GNuNyk5L http://t.co/6O7xw8rL6G
Insane #dubnation comeback to win in OT vs Pelicans I say @StephenCurry30 gets MVP trophy because his season was most impactful@nerdalicious314 I'm on it!!Check out the door mice from rural Croatia that @andrewzimmern ate http://t.co/pHGLbYZfO8 #delicious http://t.co/DZL2ijaDaL
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@pdougan79 Where did you see that?Fried chicken, with fresh vegetables and potted livers... Where am I? @ NYC NY https://t.co/gekSIaFNEq@michaelrappoport even more fantastic in person @ ESPN New York https://t.co/PPTWe8VlbX@_dmkei @gzchef With the olives and tomatoes it reminds me of other CA ranch foods from that era. Latin/Am...@caitlynbecker Of course!@_dmkei @gzchef Where was she from?@_dmkei Can't wait to make this!#Recommedation: Din Tai Fung http://t.co/aO4Aj6FaRt #travel #Taipei http://t.co/oQ1FlbNrR7#Recipe: Huguenot Torte with Cherries http://t.co/8pALzEoxn7 http://t.co/IyPHX6J0el@MichaelRapaport Thanks for a great afternoon. Hope @KeithOlbermann gets his job back after your stellar "rookie" debutWho said I did? RT @TheDrewStarr: @andrewzimmern I agree with you. So why do you support unpaid stages?Agree... Lots of things to work on RT @TorinoEvolve: @andrewzimmern how about cutting some taxes (cont) http://t.co/epNaGH8fHdHeaded to ESPN for @KeithOlbermann show. @azcanteen discussion and Knicks draft topics on the tableThis is deplorable! Minnesota should not be cutting wages for tipped restaurant employees http://t.co/F65P0FZ9FF http://t.co/LQL6GPXmvVBeantown Entrepreneurs: don't miss @Food_Sol #CommunityTable Tuesday (Apr 28) at&with @shakeshack in Harvard Square http://t.co/ZKAQaKUlTb
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@GumbyNoir @HuffPostLive WinnerLunch with @kittenwithawhip tastingtable https://t.co/zpLGUzRnUlI just stole @kittenwithawhip 's French 75 tastingtable https://t.co/GDeVqT62Me@huffpostlive with @nancyredd https://t.co/7duXfXWWwYWe must RT @MrSilverScott: @andrewzimmern: good times last night. We need to do that epic cross over episode. It'll be so funny@caitlynbecker I asked why I wasn't immediately whisked there! I arrived 29 min late and am being hustled to ESPN ... Grrr. Xxxx#BizarreFoods Host @AndrewZimmern is giving @HuffPostLive a preview of the bizarre dishes we'll see this season http://t.co/DdlrRrPLKK
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@dash37board27 Yeah Brother!!!We asked @andrewzimmern to share a #foodie pic from his camera roll! #NAMETHATFOOD http://t.co/pHGLbYZfO8 http://t.co/h5IUDaKeOI
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernIn 10 min I am on @huffpostlive @ Huffington Post https://t.co/NQj1PKb9pQI love everything about this hat: http://t.co/abaxkQvjeH #shopandrewzimmern http://t.co/80i7QHeei1@kittenwithawhip Thx for having me on Tasting Table!Knife to see you in the tastingtable Test Kitchen, @andrewzimmern! #ttbackstage @ Tasting Table Test… https://t.co/kgEvNKNEDY
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernTravel pro @andrewzimmern shares his top 16 favorite food markets around the world: http://t.co/1X8CocKWnC http://t.co/Sgb7aYjbFs
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@HowieSouthworth Chinese of course understand chengdu but most others dont@HowieSouthworth Please, you're no troll! Ask the average American to list top 20 food cities and none will have Chengdu. #perspectiveSpicy, Charred Broccoli Rabe Pasta: http://t.co/TjHW9lP1Bs #recipe http://t.co/mdDf1RP85C@theleebros CONGRATS! It's about time http://t.co/SvRS5VxxucBreakfast with @NancyBHG @ Top Of The Rock NYC https://t.co/BJKputbiQFReady for @austinfoodwine #tbt #rockyourtaco with pals @andrewzimmern @grahamelliot and special guest… https://t.co/GiNLk5CqWp
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernHead out to the farm for #pizza in @exploreminn for hot pies made with fresh ingredients. http://t.co/j51eZbiVNp #OnlyinMN #sp#Recipe: Firecracker Shrimp with Blue Cheese Dressing http://t.co/l4sdLoxdol http://t.co/iOwEalZ1Rr
@gavinkaysen @rtprudden @chef_james_kent Having dinner with you 3 and talking life was great finish to great evening.Much respect Curt! Gr8 seeing u RT @curtmenefee: Thanks @andrewzimmern for the welcome to the @travelchannel team! https://t.co/qen5cligtDDinner #2 at New Wonjo with gavinkaysen @rtprudden @chef_james_kent . Three inspiring friends and… https://t.co/IOXaxWgNp7@pats454 Thx for the love@mrsberg143 It's called cow piss. You can't gild that lilyI am jealous RT @hoffsauceee: Sea urchin with pig lardo @andrewzimmern http://t.co/kp7MypkL1lLemon and olive dessert. Beyond insane combination of textures and aromas only outpaced by intense… https://t.co/5hxSfH4FCWAsparagus at Picholine where Chef Brennan is doing amazing things @ Picholine https://t.co/DIjEQhWCiXThese guys. @conantnyc @choptedallen #sniupfront @ Top Of The Rock NYC https://t.co/THistXs1RKchefamandaf and @conantnyc checking out the goods #sniupfront @ Alice Tully Hall https://t.co/I0cIyJkgVTAmanda Freitag. Boom. #sniupfront @ Alice Tully Hall https://t.co/FTBTQzhoY4Steely eyed. @bflay always great to hang and catch up @ Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts https://t.co/NVooNG0ctIWhy firewood is so important for good #BBQ with @bbqfranklin: http://t.co/VRZwirOE7p http://t.co/cUcUfh5kgVAaron Franklin's Beef Ribs http://t.co/Fiz40ivPC0 #recipe http://t.co/dRiVbbidTXWhen you're so excited, and you just can't hide it. http://t.co/GYdVBuOLgo #shopandrewzimmern http://t.co/BfrWc2VdA1#sniupfront @travelchannel https://t.co/dqApk1aYD5THE best new TV on TV... Welcome! RT @travelchannel: See what's new on Travel Channel - http://t.co/aVy98BnZVa http://t.co/XcaHOA4mWvPrediction: In the next 5 years, this will be the hottest #travel spot. Listen: http://t.co/UVTZR7gLpx @GFYPodcast http://t.co/S7wsK4zH5aFrom the culinary adventures of our friends Bob & Sue: L’Assiette Champenoise http://t.co/6huxFVJ1ok http://t.co/evLHCMOLTRSoft, Tender & Rich with Ricotta #recipe from @jennlouisPDX's Pasta By Hand: http://t.co/FGWyOqADjR http://t.co/kfiySNyqHRThis Friday... Cooking up @azcanteen style with @rachaelrayshow and we play Food or Dare too. Tune… https://t.co/o8YhcoGUdXMy take on @jennlouisPDX's Menietti in Vegetable Soup: http://t.co/JF9rgjYVth #recipeMy next @Quarterly box includes the sexiest food movie of all time. Intrigued? Subscribe here: http://t.co/8m3mgsdzovShashlik on Kirova http://t.co/rgbk4pFIzj #Kazakhstan #travel http://t.co/nBLEpwEfk0
@chefjasondady I still owe you a lap dance in my game worn Bavaro jersey!@BobKoss Blue Door 5-8 Matts But my son and I make the best one at home come grilling season@PatiJinich @timcarman I am so thrilled for so many to experience so much great Pinoy food@cinnerj So trueBreaking Bread Cafe Opening (Please RSVP) @andrewzimmern @MayorHodges https://t.co/XpLDs8VYjR http://t.co/TyZf0tboEV
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernKim Jong-un and Rodman Putin and Seagal @chriswarcraft suggests Khameini and Chuck Norris... Who are your strange bedfellows?Impressive!!! RT @MunierParisi: 😍 | @AZCanteen @andrewzimmern #ForeverRoyal https://t.co/6yzjY20HW7The strawberries are more aromatic than my favorite Swiss triple cream at peak of affinage. The NoMad… https://t.co/2FRTqLYsUiDennis Rodman and Kim Jong-un. Now Putin and Steven Seagal http://t.co/OrMFOERxiC via @RosieGray on #TheLead http://t.co/kF3FLCgTANUSDA (actually CDC) links two more cases to Blue Bell Creameries http://t.co/lTsc9uIJGO via @mySA
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernClancys RT @sean_mpls: @andrewzimmern Any ideas for Twin Cities butcher shops that carry that cut of beef rib?. Thx.Indeed! RT @_DirktheGut: @andrewzimmern greatest advertisement ever! #CrawfishAndNoodles #Houston http://t.co/ZJdoMqXjjP#Recipe: @bbqfranklin's Beef Ribs http://t.co/Fiz40iNr0A http://t.co/XFCWLcTLmRGet on this! RT @Quarterly: Movie night...Yes, please! My box is inspired by my favorite food film, http://t.co/wpQXBkWMdrWe're kickin' it with chef @mvoltaggio for our next episode of #ChefsReadOneStarYelp reviews. Awesome… https://t.co/gwzXDYcu5D
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernDin Tai Fung http://t.co/aO4Aj6nzZV #recommendation #travel #Taipei http://t.co/H2ZgFi8T66@ThePatrickRollo @KristenLKish @travelchannel There should be some monster cross over possibilities here@KristenLKish @travelchannel I know where all the bodies are buried. We'll talk....😎 Welcome to our family.
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