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My style is unorthodox, but of course it rocks.

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@calavera @janaboruta exactly. I said I didn’t find it interesting, and said thanks.@fabrahamlincoln they typo’d fperez2052@JaiWolfx this is hella fun https://t.co/RmMIb2APW8
Watching 🇺🇸👩🏼⚽️ and Hope Solo reminds me way too much of Deborah Morgan from Dexter. http://t.co/9XlOHinkxNThis is big: Amazon rolls out an open source TLS library “s2n” as a svelte replacement for OpenSSL's libssl. https://t.co/9NGjPfQplg
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@solarce Could be an interesting ignite talk@thetombell “Just an analogue instrument, i swear. Blue wire or green one, you pick”Poor @blawan. Really, it’s not a bomb. https://t.co/jBpppJdgUS@maddox That’s how I lost my AIM account. Except I did contact support and they didn’t help me.
@kdaigle yolo@blakegentry yo, that is not a giants hatIt’s safe to buy an apple watch now. Most people have seen them, it tells time(w/ some bells and whistles), and you can swim in rivers.Guy behind my visiting parents and I at the ferry talking about his company's Series A round failing and wearing a tights, tutu, & top hat
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@aq OMGYES@dreww @kneath @maddox you know you can just leave it up. *embrace the rainbow* (skittles ad voice)@raggi @janaboruta oh she’s flying home today and probably too tired.@atmos totes went to the park. http://t.co/G0XSrWKVFJ@raggi maybe? I think @janaboruta wanted to go.Dude, dude. PARK? http://t.co/kAI3nbNQEs
@Grimecraft it’s still good@Grimecraft ninja scroll@tinybaby they do mescaline the first episode and i couldn’t watch anymore@frazelledazzell taking time to clarify docs for new projects is worth it. They may not grok the implementation yet but they're trying.@mislav hands down best pants at #codeconf 🏆 http://t.co/J9J2k9cJsw
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@konstantinhaase @lusis 😜https://t.co/cMPBFedIYT@lusis NEVAR!That thing where you follow a joke account that seemed hilarious and they just retweet tons of garbage from accounts you’d never follow.@awonderdj I had a friend trace a photo of my dog in illustrator and they turned out well. dog stickers are the best. http://t.co/756IGyrtgW@roidrage How german of you@rands boondocksBig ups to the @AtomEditor crew on the 1.0 launch. http://t.co/CMsnFuuJ2Z@daveoflynn @toolmantim none yet. Just chilling for a few weeks.@toolmantim @keith_duncan dope. When I left there was a bit of design trouble over where to put the icon outside of prs.
@willduncanphoto that’s why they’re shutting down@notwaldorf @holman https://t.co/jK2h69tAJv@mrtazz it really is@ohhoe don't ever get a dog over 50 lbs a teeth cleaning, it's about 4x that much due to anesthesia.@lstoll @icey Except for the places that only support SMS. venom, twitter, etc.@craydrienne I always use 🌿. It’s the right word but the wrong image.
@boysnoize got it through juno. 🙏🏼@boysnoize Thanks, I found the blog post w/ more links so I’m trying to find it. New album is 🔥@boysnoize Yo is the vinyl for strictly raw vol 1 available anywhere still? I checked @BleepBot and they’re sold out.
@mhat @nrrrdcore http://t.co/HjCMxeTp1x@mhat @nrrrdcore Whoa, I know adler from the park. 🐺@briandoll I had similar nostalgia earlier today when I saw that@mrtazz lmao@veganstraightedge nope, at home. I quit a few weeks back.@okayjeffrey @veganstraightedge @mofo37 that turned out super dope. Nice job.
@jlsuttles @jessicard wat. http://t.co/AnPGCg5qtgI'm gonna fix that last joke by taking out all the words and adding new ones.
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@jordansissel my phone keeps correcting ableton to abortion and it’s so weird asking friends “wanna fuck around with abortion?”Kind of what I've been saying. Yuppies want servants too as an investment meme. https://t.co/6EA4jOYv5M by @umairh
Retweeted by Corey Donohoehttp://t.co/vX8Nsf1dGm
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe
@schofield 😳@tekkub_ebooks @tekkub I can’t handle how much these sound like things you’d say.@_DOG_NOISE 13" retina mbp is my fave, but I'm mostly doing dev work.@aphyr that's basically my experience with my husky. Unsure how well it'll work for you.@ag_dubs congrats ✨
@toolmantim i like my 38mm@jrecursive http://t.co/fWcKetZDxJ
Obligatory road trip stop. http://t.co/eFkQ1YOrsN
@coda fireworks in PotreroA pull request from a questionable account reverting the latest rails CVE updates. https://t.co/4leq6kVAzC Huh. http://t.co/eAQV4TUd0X@kdaigle @jamieann23 “Enorm-Ego, LLC” 😉@tenderlove Thanks for handling them 💖@tenderlove All I received http://t.co/28eLDDPUgp@leereilly OMG I spent countless hours playing that map with @technoweenie @Caged, and @willduncanphoto
Rotate your @LastPass master password (and turn on 2FA!) https://t.co/ic1WGzRnz9 (via @emdantrim)
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@shayfrendt My watch just found it on my network. I don’t recall setting it up at all. I think I did for my phone but it was forever ago.@shayfrendt Remote app on the phone/watch is network based and works a lot better for me@jarkko Is this the orienteering stuff you told me about years ago?
@haacked 👍@haacked were doing trivia at a wine bar if you wanna join.@josephruscio @JoryZRuscio I switched to a duffle from rolling luggage last year and love it.@dukeofberlin nice! I still have mine too
@shaiguitar yeah, well done. Hits you in the feels. My Denali is doing ok though http://t.co/Ds9eInVW9wtext from my brother. “Some startup went out of business so I got an aeron on the cheap.”@_DOG_NOISE 👍🏻calvin harris and the chipmunks 😂@brettgoulder @lstoll @dylanegan definitely skip down the street holding hands w/ someone singing thoughSF friends, me, @cieluxxx, and @mtodd are playing @PublicWorksSF tonight. Roll through, there will be vinyl. http://t.co/DIrf94z0LnLife is too short. Let the dog sleep in your bed.
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@thetombell I need to fix client input, parsing rich messages from slack, but it’s displaying and shit quite well. A ways to go though.@mperham Gotta be related to the twitter CEO change up@maddox beneficial to see more ads?@dylanegan Dottie’s True Blue was good last time I ventured that far for breakfast foods@yann_ck chilling, I sent you a dm
“Christ, how deep down this fucking rabbit hole are we going? I just want to launch an app.” http://t.co/lCugycEkPW
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@kneath yassss@roidrage http://t.co/6JVlrGMQ4P http://t.co/Z2qaDpOSI1@thedaniel @jrecursive @mattly @adron my KRK5s have been all i needed for the last few years. Can’t beat the costShoutout to crime in my neighborhood. http://t.co/ZUpat7VYAR@isamlambert 👏🏻@jakeboxer Glad to see that stuff finally land. 🎊
@flangy lawyers have your back afaict
if you’re writing @reactjs apps, do you just avoid jQuery entirely? I get stuck and know how to do it in jq, but i never end up using it.@AnimeGenres OMG Thanks so much@jdalrymple @janaboruta 🍻✨@jxnblk I’m getting the same thing
@dannygreg I’m hiding out all week
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