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Publisher of @FDRLST, radio host, daily newsletter @TheTransom, fellow @ManhattanInst. You can tell a man’s vices by his friends, his virtues by his enemies.

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So, PP will apparently also sell body parts of babies "delivered before procedure" aka born #PPSellsBabyParts
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@bdomenech They're punting it to the CR so they can eventually cave using the "we can't shut down the government" excuse.
Retweeted by Ben DomenechI honestly think Republican leaders will look back on this and wish they had fought Planned Parenthood funding on Highway Bill vs CR.Clinton calls Planned Parenthood videos 'disturbing' in interview with @UnionLeader
Retweeted by Ben DomenechThis is really well done -->
Retweeted by Ben DomenechMitch McConnell has the yips.
Chilling on @FDRLST radio today!
Retweeted by Ben DomenechNew undercover video of #PlannedParenthood released -- @frates reports #TheLead
Retweeted by Ben DomenechPretty clear, Planned Parenthood is going all in on the words "family planning."
Retweeted by Ben DomenechI'm being polled on Planned Parenthood right now, and it is not a quality poll.
Retweeted by Ben DomenechEat my shorts, Establishment! @Neal_Dewing @bdomenech
Retweeted by Ben Domenech@carmenlaberge hi Carmen how are you this fine dayHello Twitter it's your friend Bartholomew.
Yooooo @Jeopardy, I want the option to watch the episode with froggy voiced Trebek
Retweeted by Ben Domenech"Pray to me." - Alex Trebek @Jeopardy@wbdnewton @Neal_Dewing pizza brings us all together@bdomenech not today but I thank you all the same
Retweeted by Ben DomenechIf lawmakers add too many straws to the camel's back, @danieljmitchell warns that the US may end up like Greece.
Retweeted by Ben Domenech@bdomenech We need an ap for peer to peer pizza splitting. Obstacles 1) networking timing and toppings 2) I actually want the whole pizza
Retweeted by Ben DomenechWell it is nice to split pepperoni pizza with you Twitter! We should do it again sometime.@jimmiebjr @BiasedGirl #pizzarino@StephenGutowski @gabrielmalor @KevinWGlass @bdomenech Not true. @WiseguyNYPizza is pretty credible.
Retweeted by Ben Domenech@bdomenech That right there makes you the Mitch McConnell of pizza-splitters. @BiasedGirl
Retweeted by Ben Domenech@BiasedGirl then we are of the same mind on toppings!@bdomenech I have nothing against that... I just prefer pepperoni. ;-)
Retweeted by Ben Domenech@StephenGutowski well, i mean, yeah. but that's just standard operating procedure. @bdomenech
Retweeted by Ben Domenech@BiasedGirl I am open to ham and pineappleDon't split it with Karl. It will be that Chicago crap they call pizza.
Retweeted by Ben Domenech@mttbry perhaps a Costco pizza is more humanedammit now I want pizza. you guys are the worst.
Retweeted by Ben Domenech@JayCaruso hello neighbor! What weather we are having.@bdomenech You always order anchovies. Why? You know I don't eat fish pizza.
Retweeted by Ben Domenech@gabrielmalor @KevinWGlass @bdomenech Nowhere in DC.
Retweeted by Ben Domenech@KevinWGlass @StephenGutowski @bdomenech Yes, but then comes the great "where can you get good pizza" debate.
Retweeted by Ben Domenech@StephenGutowski @gabrielmalor @bdomenech nah monday was three days ago
Retweeted by Ben Domenech@KevinWGlass @gabrielmalor @bdomenech It's Monday, Kevin.
Retweeted by Ben Domenech@StephenGutowski @gabrielmalor @bdomenech 4pm on thursday is a great time for a pizza
Retweeted by Ben Domenech@StephenGutowski @bdomenech Right? We should have had pizza four hours ago.
Retweeted by Ben Domenech@bdomenech YES.
Retweeted by Ben DomenechHello Twitter it's your friend Ben. Would you like to split a pizza?Good piece by @bdomenech --> Why Does The Republican Party Exist? -
Retweeted by Ben DomenechRand Paul is not going to Koch Brothers confab.
Retweeted by Ben Domenech.@bdomenech's cri de coeur: Why Does the Republican Party exist?
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@bdomenech Something. Like. This...
Retweeted by Ben Domenech@bdomenech @instapundit
Retweeted by Ben DomenechLulz at McConnell stinkeye.'m re-upping this old piece about cronyism & the GOP in "honor" of the 23 Senate GOPers who voted for Ex-Im.
Retweeted by Ben DomenechFascinating:
Retweeted by Ben Domenech
Congrats to @LarryOConnor and @meredithdake!@ZachRuby2 @scottlincicome Donald Trump goes to Casa Bonita.New campaign slogan. I am not a vegetarian or a fan of cardigans but thanks for saying hi neighbor!@Will_Antonin it's good to be neighborly Will@bdomenech but...but... my neighbors don't appreciate the yelling.
Retweeted by Ben DomenechWhat if your neighbor is Mexican?
Retweeted by Ben Domenech@bdomenech You’re not the boss of me.
Retweeted by Ben DomenechCommie.
Retweeted by Ben Domenech@SonnyBunch @bdomenech Seriously, what the hell? This is twitter not something awful.
Retweeted by Ben Domenech@bdomenech weirdo
Retweeted by Ben Domenech@bdomenech gross
Retweeted by Ben DomenechHello Twitter it's your friend Ben, reminding you it's a good day to go outside and say hello neighbor!The things we do for our children
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I'm willing to give Ted Cruz a lot of credit if this gets a vote. Hear that, @tedcruz? Credit. From me. A lot of it.
Retweeted by Ben DomenechEnjoy my latest. Let me know if you don't: To Get History Right, Democrats Would Erase It -
Retweeted by Ben Domenech"Stimulus for accountants and tax lawyers!" - Krugman, probably
Retweeted by Ben DomenechYou are who we thought you were, Mitch McConnell.As @bdomenech notes in today's @TheTransom this "idea" first came from trolls during the battle flag debate. #gapol
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Follow Amy Otto. Read The Federalist.
Retweeted by Ben DomenechObama DOJ To Investigate Group That Busted Planned Parenthood:
Retweeted by Ben Domenech#ff national treasure @AceofSpadesHQReally interesting. Why the Catholic behind the Planned Parenthood videos went undercover
Retweeted by Ben Domenech@talkradio200 @bdomenech My diet is largely a product of a dollar menu. #HealthNut
Retweeted by Ben Domenech@bdomenech peach raspberry pie is healthy right?
Retweeted by Ben DomenechYes it is good Rebecca you are welcome friend@bdomenech I had Popeyes for lunch.
Retweeted by Ben Domenech@bdomenech who you think you are … the first lady?
Retweeted by Ben Domenech@bdomenech I am having ribs and beer and baseball. It is very healthy. Thanks for reminding us Ben!
Retweeted by Ben Domenech@KevinWGlass @bdomenech Cuban Club: Roasted pork loin, prosciutto, turkey, provolone, deep fried pickles, honey mustard, and chipolte mayo.
Retweeted by Ben Domenech@bdomenech So, beer and a sandwich and fries? Deal.
Retweeted by Ben Domenech@bdomenech you can't make me
Retweeted by Ben Domenech@bdomenech sweet. Going to pick up my cheeseburger right now actually
Retweeted by Ben Domenech@bdomenech too late, I got Earl's in Arlington. 'bout to go into a food coma in half an hour...
Retweeted by Ben DomenechCan this be a thing? I always forget to eat lunch.
Retweeted by Ben Domenech@bdomenech I went with steak and cheese.
Retweeted by Ben Domenech@bdomenech Can't remember last time I had lunch before 3 PM. And exercised before 7. And had dinner before 10. I need help.
Retweeted by Ben DomenechHello Twitter it's your friend Ben. Just reminding you it is time for a healthy lunch.You could see this coming, but jeez.
Retweeted by Ben DomenechI have made fire. The Boys of Pointe du Hoax.
Retweeted by Ben Domenech
God bless character actress Margo Martindale. #BoJackHorseman
Retweeted by Ben DomenechWho wants to chill with The Hoff on the moon? 🙌🌑 #Sharknado3
Retweeted by Ben DomenechPeak college
Retweeted by Ben DomenechIs it really true that America faces less racial strife in 2015 than we did in 2008? @bdomenech writes:
Retweeted by Ben DomenechRick Perry: Donald Trump's A Cancer And A Coward Who Was 'Born Into Privilege'
Retweeted by Ben DomenechHere's what @joshtpm said in April needs to be in a good Iran deal. Neither item is. He still supports the deal.
Retweeted by Ben Domenechman puts 16 Trump ties into a safe, closes and locks it, drops it in the ocean. fade to black I’m Rick Perry and I approve this message
Retweeted by Ben DomenechSo @davidaxelrod joined me today on @FDRLST radio hour, along with @AndrewStilesUSA and @enbrown's use of the phrase "itching ears" in his speech today is a biblical reference, to 2 Timothy 4:3
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