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Brian Dukes @briandukes St Louis, MO

I am a web developer working for @EngageSoftware, developing websites on the DNN Platform (a DNN MVP). I also serve Jesus at @LightTheCity.

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Stop doing so much! Seriously, do fewer things, and FINISH them, before starting new things.
Retweeted by Brian Dukes#DNN's Embedded Open Source Opportunity - http://t.co/1QOTBkGl7j
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
An honest estimate of "2-6 months" helps with decisionmaking but not with long-term planning. Why do long-term planning? this.is.agile
Retweeted by Brian DukesThe FCC voted in favor of #NetNeutrality! We #WonTheInternet! Update your avatar to celebrate: http://t.co/QLuuxThqNE http://t.co/r1JTEyU4pE
Retweeted by Brian DukesNow I am back at work its MVC all the time #dnnlovesmvc
Retweeted by Brian DukesYou can't be a polyglot and make code that looks the same in all your languages. Approach each lang idiomatically, and embrace its strengths
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
Just in case you don't subscribe to the Bellvue Leader... http://t.co/ghNk1uXbJD #DNNCMS #DNN #BreakingNews
Retweeted by Brian Dukes.NET Foundation Advisory Council Announced!! http://t.co/SXirXyqb1F
Retweeted by Brian DukesThe icon library shipped with VSNET contains so many high class stuff. Brilliant how they managed to cram lots of info in 16x16 pixels.
Retweeted by Brian Dukes#Estimates try to drive out the uncertainty in value; #NoEstimates attempts to embrace the uncertainty and mitigate the risk.
Retweeted by Brian DukesReluctantly covered ES6 => arrow functions: https://t.co/6moNdi9gHG Carefully consider the pros and cons.
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
Now you can http://t.co/dHQRoiyNuf free without a credit card with your google or facebook account.
Retweeted by Brian DukesPointer Events is now a W3C Recommendation! More at the IE Blog. http://t.co/pPjDCxXNiw
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
everyone stop replying me, I’m still gainfully unemployed, it was just a prank bro BRO ITS JUST A PRANK
Retweeted by Brian DukesExcited to announce that starting next Monday I’ll be leading product at Atlassian.
Retweeted by Brian DukesVisual Studio 2015 CTP 6 has just been released. http://t.co/p7pWk7V4qK
Retweeted by Brian DukesAaaaand we’re live! http://t.co/s2TNliBEJH Still putting on some finishing touches, but we’ll see you in 76 minutes for early-bird tix!
Retweeted by Brian DukesShare your opinion: http://t.co/ItgcL5JJjA Should it go into the core or not ? #DNNCMS
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
A few years ago you'd have never guess *this* was JavaScript. http://t.co/uuq1OgA9nO
Retweeted by Brian DukesReminder, any extensibility point that’s never used isn’t just wasted effort, it’s likely to also get in your way as well
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
We're now accepting registrations - Reserve your spot for DNN-Connect 2015 in France! http://t.co/ieeI6NFcvN #dnnconnect #dnncms
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
Where sin abounds grace will MORE abound. Man, that's good news.
Retweeted by Brian Dukesthe highly underrated XUnit Test Patterns book addresses a *ton* of problems I see people run into in testing http://t.co/8LQ4ygiyRu
Retweeted by Brian DukesThanks @_ericelliott for pointing out 'class' is a terrible edition to ES6 and the beauty of prototypal inheritance. https://t.co/U6LrkeYz6h
Retweeted by Brian DukesExcited to release: "Fixing Coercion, Not The Symptoms": http://t.co/HfgOtdyQB0 Also, visualize value coercions: http://t.co/1qWF97BQow
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
@DivineChocUSA I get "Access denied" from that link. Is it still just day 6 that's open http://t.co/JsBO2XtIW0?Code reviews and pairing can help to counteract what Senge calls "defensive routines" related to low-level design considerations.
Retweeted by Brian DukesAn interactive introduction to ServiceWorkers https://t.co/lpnWSg9c15 A small set of exercises to introduce the basics.
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
A useful rename, since it support 7to5 too “@rauschma: 6to5 (@6to5js) is now Babel (@babeljs) https://t.co/6Bg5x1K1wj
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
pair programming is not a "go faster" strategy, it is a "waste less" strategy (which often results in going faster)
Retweeted by Brian DukesJSCS 1.11.0 is out! https://t.co/FDWyN0DzO9 … Autoconfiguration so setup is easy, 6 new rules, and tons of bug fixes for ES6!
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
Sorry couldn't hear your complaints about stocks or earnings. Rockets that may save humanity someday are really loud.
Retweeted by Brian Dukes"If you've never seen a screw it looks a lot like a nail." https://t.co/i9PqALEDgB by @KentBeck
Retweeted by Brian DukesWould you like to speak at http://t.co/b7lS23mjSX, our virtual conference? Call for Speakers: http://t.co/5dAFCAE1Vi
Retweeted by Brian DukesBrowserSync 2.0 is out! Now with a browser-based UI & remote debugging http://t.co/WHRb61zuCV ❤ for cross-device sync http://t.co/r9nqJ5LIRl
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
.@rauschma announces ES6 book. http://t.co/8kwyt98f9z (if you didn't read his ES3/ES5 book you should!) http://t.co/wGYQG5NXoA
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
Read "Becoming Open Source By Default" http://t.co/TrnOiNpkC9 (thx @orta for inspiring the post)
Retweeted by Brian DukesRefactoring is a specific way to change code by a series of tiny behavior-preserving transformations. It is not just moving code around.
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
Number of times v8 upgrade and new JS features was mentioned in the node 0.12 announcement: 0 http://t.co/4flNGTYfHO
Retweeted by Brian DukesNode.js v0.12.0 (Stable) is here. Make sure to read http://t.co/Jl8fiZzOUF for the list of changes. Thank you everyone! #nodejs
Retweeted by Brian DukesKey point from @nebrius's excellent talk on community at #forwardjs http://t.co/lXdXNKd8BS
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
Really enjoying keeping Slack on my iPad via @DuetDisplay so I can tab to it to chat http://t.co/R4rx3EuwQA
Retweeted by Brian DukesLatest Flash 0-day fix is on WU for Win8+. Get it while it's hot!
Retweeted by Brian DukesRepeat: please take my one-question input type poll. https://t.co/qwPIRIY9hH I need the data.
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
In meeting #5 about Windows Live Writer #opensource. Remember this? Go RT a few more times ;) https://t.co/9vS7r4wAXr
Retweeted by Brian DukesSo far, the TLDR of #forwardJS is that ES6 will be adding classes, but don't use them! It's just syntactic sugar! Stick with prototypes.
Retweeted by Brian Dukes#DNN 7.4 has been released! Thx to the Cmty who "played a huge role in implementing fixes & features" http://t.co/czxunaQo38 #dnncms
Retweeted by Brian DukesNew blog post: @anurse gives us the low-down on what we want to accompilsh with NuGet package signing: http://t.co/pyIJlzLpO7
Retweeted by Brian Dukes< 3hrs 'til this month's Cmty Hangout. Join @jbrinkman @WillStrohl @briandukes & @francescorivola to discuss #DNN 7.4 http://t.co/w2cDuQ5dWo
Retweeted by Brian DukesJoin the Cmty Hangout tom. to discuss the #DNN 7.4 release w/ @briandukes @francescorivola @WillStrohl @jbrinkman http://t.co/w2cDuQW1kA
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
Important read at ALA today: Reframing Accessibility for the Web @kirabug @alistapart № 413. http://t.co/e5K9T1anjF http://t.co/J7bPh1GxIy
Retweeted by Brian DukesTo Kill A Mockingbird author Harper Lee to publish a second novel in July, her publishers say http://t.co/RXik5c8xMn
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
C# LDM notes up. Spent a good portion of the meeting presenting immutable types. https://t.co/fePMvh4Ghg
Retweeted by Brian Dukes.@BravoDNN congrats on your launch! http://t.co/RVV45hKe3k #DNN #DNNCMS #search http://t.co/HCMWKjdjVW
Retweeted by Brian DukesI've said that Microsoft is changing and we're committed to standards. Please welcome @AaronGustafson to Microsoft http://t.co/yuT5OivedF
Retweeted by Brian DukesYou'll never believe this one weird trick that takes the pain out of cross browser testing: Progressive enhancement.
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
Join @jbrinkman @briandukes @francescorivola & I as we discuss #DNNCMS 7.4 next week http://t.co/HihGA9UHsz #CMS http://t.co/Bsqn6fXMb7
Retweeted by Brian DukesI'm incredibly excited to announce that @codepo8 will be joining Microsoft to advocate for the open web! http://t.co/WHPX31ftgf +@IEDevChat
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
When a currency conversion is not really appropriate. http://t.co/FBGD3F03E1
Retweeted by Brian DukesJoin us today on #DNNCHAT to talk about #DNNCMS and the #Evoq8 webinar http://t.co/DpfiN26ZtP
Retweeted by Brian DukesBlogged: Introducing DNN Platform 7.4 http://t.co/pgZCnXFxkc
Retweeted by Brian DukesCool! ES6 method shorthand syntax creates *named* functions (better stack traces 😎). Source: http://t.co/KH0yFpqN4a http://t.co/LrALVRMBg8
Retweeted by Brian DukesMy new god is the Bloomberg error pages: http://t.co/wHhDfNO5L6 http://t.co/c7vNEIn23M http://t.co/a8SqGwKAJu http://t.co/27BXcs7PbU
Retweeted by Brian DukesGet a live demo of Evoq 8 during today's webinar! http://t.co/VYUZWg9sZh
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
.@MadsTorgersen has put up the notes from the first #csharp 7.0 : :https://t.co/mpUA79hxI1 get involved in making C# 7.0 the best C# yet.
Retweeted by Brian DukesFinally! We've just made more of Roslyn OSS. The new Scripting API, Features layer and Editor Features layer are now open on GitHub.
Retweeted by Brian DukesHey, friends-- Don't forget to stop by Windows Update today to pick up your latest Flash patch! (It's not the one from a few days ago.)
Retweeted by Brian DukesThe @aspnet Community Standup is NOW and it's LIVE (as usual) on Google Hangouts: https://t.co/G8BKnBvlGC & YouTube http://t.co/vZKEHMuNuv
Retweeted by Brian DukesNearly 1 of every 100 babies in the US is born with a congenital heart defect. Help spread awareness http://t.co/szsMVVHsQ0
Retweeted by Brian DukesI won't be using Angular for my next project...and neither should you. https://t.co/7sJ10HyuGs via @javascriptkicks
Retweeted by Brian DukesNEW BROWSER ALERT! “Vivaldi” https://t.co/eOxbNDfgop
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
We’ve acquired @CodeSchool! To celebrate, get a #72HourPass to our libraries. Get on it: http://t.co/hWXVC025zo http://t.co/LbvQgCcUpr
Retweeted by Brian Dukes#Evoq 8 looks to be a game-changer for #dnncms, a lot of thought has gone into making a great experience. Webinar: http://t.co/lQI3tt0oJVlodash v3.0.0 is out w/ string & functional helpers, lazy evaluation, improved modularization, perf gains, & more! https://t.co/VHyGgL4zr3
Retweeted by Brian DukesThe wait is over! Introducing Aurelia, the Next Generation of Durandal. http://t.co/5RSqGvhhwB Leverage the technology of the future, today.
Retweeted by Brian DukesVisit http://t.co/l3Eod4OV9q to catch a vision of the future of JavaScript client development. Learn how to get started today.
Retweeted by Brian DukesAnyone asking why Microsoft didn't go for Webkit as the rendering engine should write -webkit-keyframes 100 times on the blackboard. #choice
Retweeted by Brian DukesNo more speculation- I take you behind the scenes of Project Spartan's new web rendering engine EdgeHTML @smashingmag http://t.co/n6I9wzQZbL
Retweeted by Brian DukesThe CSS “selecting through shadow DOM combinator” was changed from `/deep/` to `>>>`: http://t.co/nKzZKQ6F1Z
Retweeted by Brian DukesLo-Dash was renamed to lodash: https://t.co/YDVtp99hZZ
Retweeted by Brian DukesECMAScript 6 was renamed to ECMAScript 2015, or ES 2015: https://t.co/o4ONJ5CRcu
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
I wrote a blog post about using JavaScript Libraries in #DNNcms http://t.co/qSKHdenMusI like it when companies hire bright folks who want to fix things. "That's not my department" is demoralizing.
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
63 months in prison is a travesty, but this statement by Barrett Brown after getting sentenced today is hilarious: http://t.co/WS255x1uTp
Retweeted by Brian DukesExcited! Evoq Content wins The @cmscritic Critic's Choice Award http://t.co/f5Dzo0kY66 http://t.co/ZSqHrVGyaK
Retweeted by Brian Dukes@codylindley Angular 1.3 drops IE8 https://t.co/VXe5PJm8tC, Ember 1.8 drops IE7 https://t.co/uvg4oez8H4 and React supports IE8 w/ ES5 shimElevator Saga is a game where you program an elevator system in JavaScript: http://t.co/EvvS36jQYs (this is fun) http://t.co/FEXmxMX1mW
Retweeted by Brian DukesWe pushed out an update to patch Adobe Flash's 0-day security issue. Be sure to run Windows Update.
Retweeted by Brian DukesGet your Flash 0-day fix: http://t.co/r1LbRXMUiq
Retweeted by Brian DukesLet’s get more designers contributing to Open Source projects! Fill the survey here. 👉 http://t.co/9CPaKP3E7E 👈
Retweeted by Brian DukesDetails of Project Spartan; our new web browser. Includes new engine. http://t.co/pOBYCr6mnD
Retweeted by Brian DukesYou cannot do it alone #Workout #agilepeople http://t.co/a3xnqQKdo7 http://t.co/aeC7RS98CN
Retweeted by Brian Dukeshttps://t.co/zZvIp7dajo just lit up green. Is ServiceWorker ready? Yes, yes it is, for over 750 million users, & more to follow.
Retweeted by Brian Dukeswe should question our “objective” and “technical” opinions about programming languages. We should make a point of being open
Retweeted by Brian Dukes#DNN Platform users, have you downloaded the 7.4 beta? Lrn more abt this release in @jbrinkman's recent blog http://t.co/tFonnOexme #dnncms
Retweeted by Brian Dukes✎ Over It http://t.co/oFVGKY95cD In which I talk about not caring about browsers and devices anymore.
Retweeted by Brian DukesRepeat after me, there is nothing heroic about working long hours
Retweeted by Brian DukesUsing TypeScript? This two minute developer survey will help us better serve you http://t.co/WK8TucI5gt
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
Huge. http://t.co/Bu6ZzZA8MX
Retweeted by Brian DukesDefinitely worth tuning in for today's event at Microsoft re: Windows 10. Seriously. Starts at noon EST/9am PST. http://t.co/tk4Cx8VIWj
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
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