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I work at @BrewPR, I love cheese & I am a supporter of @charitywater. For more: http://t.co/n3Sn7vx4w0

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@MediaREDEF @ColinNagy @adage seems like a bad link?@MikeIsaac @fmanjoo dramoramaMy fave playlist from my fave curator @Roystonlangdon. Check it out!! #Spotify #Happy4th https://t.co/HMHTTBxf6bI finally flew @flybladenow Just in time for @TamaraMellon design. It was fabulous. http://t.co/rdgCfzi4XT http://t.co/FgyRWkXCws
A MUST SEE! #HulkHogan https://t.co/XLVqz2KbS4
A remarkable man & story. I wish I could devote all my time to @GCEarth. #FernGully http://t.co/R46u31OzzJ via @MTVNews@dickc @dunn hurry up please.Who will follow suit? "Shyp is turning its couriers into employees" http://t.co/GGspWasISW by @harrymccracken via @FastCompanyRefinery29 Names Executive Editor of News | FishbowlNY http://t.co/WKkirtDt1U
I almost want to think @GovChristie's social media person is actually a Democrat. #tellingitlikeitis http://t.co/WiCXKCGTu0@JoannaStern @hamburger Wait is this new??? :p@hamburger @Spotify That feedback is important and I KNOW they listen to you...@hamburger @Spotify NOOOOOOO....I don't rep them but I do loves them. I hate to hear that.And with that my first product announcement. Hammer pants! An old fave with a modern millennial twist! https://t.co/nvcbjJbNRQThinking it might be time to launch a "lifestyle brand". Because the world needs another one.#Photo c1999 photog Helena Christiansen http://t.co/2itn5gAkQC
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingThere was sound, there was drums, there was guitar… And then there was @acdc on @spotify! http://t.co/fxHHtpXsT9 https://t.co/eHfAxsHLqR
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Truly heartbreaking and something everyone shld read and try to get head wrapped around. https://t.co/IKlATYKLv2Sorry Kanye you're no Freddie! This is hilarious. https://t.co/TXpyPGABtO cc @RoystonlangdonStreaming services are great, but creator tools will have an exponentially greater impact on the future of music. @splice = game changer.
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingWowzers. @jasonamaynard going to #NetSuite is HUGE. https://t.co/sQT26s8rL3@ryanlawler AWKWARD. CC @MssrPotatoYou're FIRED. #NBC #Trump http://t.co/Fu1Hb1Otr0Big music news! @splice launches FIRST of its kind subscription service for sounds. All creators check it out. https://t.co/3UMvQg8gDJNow this is a story! https://t.co/yzMKcduYhyIf my tweet helps him get an agent and a modeling contract I want 10%. #hotgorilla #NYPost http://t.co/8beAVPtGIN
A beautiful and impactful piece. "Ten Days in June" #NewYorker #Obama #lovewins http://t.co/XfBnyeZeZDAnd today, I wept yet again. #LoveWins http://t.co/OMkd5f0wMF
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@jchernov like I'm not all over that. Coach Taylor forever. Love Bloodlines!!An Historic Day.......Bravo! #Mericahttp://t.co/Je2C7PNWHV
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingBeautiful from @CaseyNewton http://t.co/KNnbY8cKyS http://t.co/8UB5WKU4vO
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingRemember this one guys? @brooke @HSonneland @CCdip. You know @adamnash is going nuts over rainbows today. http://t.co/UbPYcwcmQ5
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingTo read what so many of these politicians say makes me not just sad but fairly certain they are all mentally ill. http://t.co/8rC1B2pIox@petemall @lizgannes @photomatt THANK YOU!!!@lizgannes @photomatt ugh but ok looking into.@jordanrcrook and by that I mean IN line. OY.@jordanrcrook and by that I mean..on line.@jordanrcrook I WILL BE STANDING ONLINE!@lizgannes yikes Liz is there anything we can help with?? cc @photomattYou must have been really annoying as a kid. https://t.co/WJLhf2GYtv
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@joshmohrer I'm confused for that Brooke a lot by you uber guys. :)@joshmohrer sad!@joshmohrer born and bred! And yes!Uber rainbows!! http://t.co/sJZFif6PnYLike really. What goes on. https://t.co/9C8gJ37thrIt is still shocking to me this was ever an issue. But YAY America! https://t.co/44ncoUUFVFHealthcare. Marriage equality. Is there time this week to get to gun control because that would be like the trifecta.Congrats to the avuncular @TheStalwart on his new Bloomberg show! http://t.co/9u6BrwKBOa
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingSeriously. Look at this guy. Look at him. I say get him modeling for Tom Ford and call it a day. #Shabani http://t.co/lzk0iQ11oPBoth guilty. Donald for thinking b/c he was approached as investor he had right to song & Neil for going to him ever. http://t.co/tKhJjziwWQ
@IanStClair I'm confused@THErealDVORAK whilst eating cheese and drinking rosé with the girls! http://t.co/6OfmwaRcQk@THErealDVORAK um there must be a ghost in my machine. Changed that! Come to Jamaica!!Guys- Food. Rock and roll. Jamaica. November. Like how is this not the must attend event. Who's with me? #OneLove https://t.co/u7WdoTedplCoincidence how close this is to the Grateful Dead reunion show? Think Phil might be partaking a bit early? https://t.co/wdXwjJDk04Thank you @SIXTYhotels for the #staycation And thanks #Sessanta #JohnMcdonald! #roséallday #NYC http://t.co/vix3JtcZaPGee thanks @Gawker @allierileyjones for making me sympathize w/ the Palins. That is some achievement. Cc @nicknotned http://t.co/NDdUGtdmg6.@Gawker your abortion headline is the most tasteless thing I've seen in a long time, regardless of your view on the issue.
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingWhen CEOs think they can do PR and hubris takes over. Disaster. If I were Martha I would be like OH HELL NO. http://t.co/xlBJ5TxHRwAfter violent clashes with taxis, here's what it was like to take an UberPop in France today http://t.co/SYYe7qmy8y via @karaswisherGawker wins lawsuit against F.B.I. in Hulk Hogan case http://t.co/CXQBwem7F5How does a small coffee company raise $70M in funding? Read @sarahcuda’s interview with the CEO of Blue Bottle http://t.co/C0XuZuSU8K
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingWatching a country band singing a song called Drunk Dial I think on Kimmel and I thought it was a joke but it is real. #worstbandever
Big congrats to @Oracle, @AugustSmartLock, and @smartthings on being named to @SAI's Silicon Valley 100: http://t.co/1JY2Qbd4iL
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Bad comms people. BAD. BAD. https://t.co/OYNWD9x8OS@TrufflepigTweet SO true! Anyway yay to @riozilla for turning me onto you guys as my number one fave thing to do is travel!@riozilla @TrufflepigTweet @jackdancy WOW awesome name for a travel company but how do they feel about this?? http://t.co/hdg1i6zAz9I am trying to get my head wrapped around the name Truffle Pig. Like hey I work at Truffle Pig? Cool idea but the name man. The name.That sweet aw shucks Angie we see on TV is probably like one mean scary lady. Angie's List sues Amazon Local http://t.co/kyw9CeORSaProbably good advice. (via @MaggieCoughlan) #CannesLions @PageSix http://t.co/IV6k7WOVxu
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@carlquintanilla @sportingnews @Cubs wowwowowowowow@lenadunham and yet I totally back 100 percent. It is our time now.@bupbin that's so weird because most people love losing money. Love it. Like LOVE. :)"Marketing Cloud Companies Blow Into Cannes" @WSJ @digitalshields #Oracle http://t.co/1gCR0mjZvl@kbtravels and THANK YOU!!@kbtravels it is on my bucket list and planned for next year so I would LOVE it. U can email me at Brooke at BrewPR dot com!! Cc @DenaCook@kbtravels I want to know how you planned your travel! Did you use an agent because I would love to plan similar adventure!
Yeah Royston! Billboard - From Spacehog to Spotify: 7 Rockers Turned Music Execs http://t.co/1ltdHRvgyo
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@kevinroose I mean SHOCKER. S@SG @ashleymayer this is why I adore you both.@CCdip @tkdhingra the bestProud to see rocker @Roystonlangdon in @billboard: 🚀🐖➡️📱🎶 (@spacehog to @spotify duh) his tunes>my emoji game http://t.co/YOUjeyVjNy
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling. @Roystonlangdon bravo!! So well done. So so smart of Spotify and others to do this! #Billboard #musicBillboard - From Spacehog to Spotify: 7 Rockers Turned Music Execs http://t.co/ZxKdCgEuOI -> this article is everything! Cc @Roystonlangdon@april_conyers @wauckward #nocomment but can you believe he got away with it?? wowzers.@wauckward there is no point!!!Hahaha @jswartz this guy is a real gem! Glad he's the voice of tech pr for USA Today! http://t.co/vIzww6RVqt@jswartz @edzitron @USATODAY I have so many things to say but I'm actually biting my tongue on this. Poor guy.@jswartz @edzitron @USATODAY huh? Reallllly?#Oracle has developers covered. @Oracle announces #OraclePaaS to complete Cloud Portfolio http://t.co/DC6JdgGhJR via @rachelking
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@brooke the labels signed the deal on behalf of their artists, as they collect the money in the end.
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingFascinating. https://t.co/kY5RPAsIukHOW COOL would this be??? "Samsung's 'Clear' Truck Aims to Make the Roads Safer" - ABC News http://t.co/Pu1SlDFGJD via @ABCRockstar program, #WomeninDigital board with @nycbabylon! @ariannahuff @SallieKrawcheck @brooke @Padmasree @alexia https://t.co/EMEuYmZwFT
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@ZachNelson @lazerow hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahHahahahahahahahaWhen @brooke re-reads his emails, "it makes me feel like he's just on the other side of them." Gmail archive's power http://t.co/bWQkOIWoQG
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingIt is not everyday I watch golf on TV but I am today and the @usopengolf looks like it is being played on a wheat field off the highway.
I am so confused by this. I kept waiting for the punchline but apparently this is really a drama. #Lifetime http://t.co/nCUgs0wJkII'm so moved by this and to be included. #ModernLoss https://t.co/W2tE62AiOS
@MaxWendkos YES!!!
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