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@benparr see my last tweet for the bingo cardWho's ready to play #DebateBingo on Thursday night? @benparr I WILL MAKE SOME@benparr TEMPTINGSeriously: Where are the NYC debate-watching parties going on? I called my local sports bar and they didn't even know there was a debate.And spending a lot of time browsing @WarbyParker man this just keeps getting better #BestElectionEver a tear into a mint julep for @LindseyGrahamSC you are my boss and you think something I am writing should be "more exciting" just FYI my brain processes that as "needs more bad puns"@sogrady @monktoberfest ok fair point@sogrady I wish every day was @monktoberfestI made a cup of coffee and realized I do not actually want to drink it. I want a beer."Must cover something that isn't Trump." I think my targeted Facebook ads are onto it this calculation look funny to you? @joemarchese explains “The Denominator Problem”
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy😳 If they are, and @JebBush was hence wearing Chubbies before they were even invented, let me know bc he DEFINITELY has my vote then@ErinGaetz also I hope the error message short shorts will be available for saleAre those @Chubbies? I was on his site earlier to try to buy the "My dad is the coolest" shirt, WHERE IS THAT@caryrandolph @RenttheRunway I do. We are overdue for drinks (that's my bad) so I can tell you about it!Florida Man Threatens To Beat People Up For Insulting His 'I Love My Dad' T-Shirt
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyUhhhhhhhhh @MikeIsaac yeah, I find that interesting too. They're not using their own platform for it.@brew_york Hey, you should write a blog post about it. "Good Beer + Bad Democracy" or somethingWe can agree that interactivity is key for recall, as @AccessUndertone found via @emarketer
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@samslaughter215 I'm thinking of calling them today. I live right nearby so that'd be AWESOME.@brew_york SWEETI might sign up for a virtual assistant app just to have someone call every bar on Atlantic Ave to find out who's showing the debate ThursCouldn't there at least be 2 more spots on that debate stage to give exhausted headline writers a decent supply of "Twelve Angry Men" jokes?Let me break down the responses to the PR/journalism pay gap: 1) pr people are bad journalists are good 2) pr person snorts self-importantly
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy
I just earned the 'Hopped Up (Level 6)' badge on @untappd! Sanders Clearly In Pocket Of High-Rolling Teacher Who Donated $300 To His Campaign
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyFiling this one away for my future kids should they end up existing Francisco can fall into the ocean now love this. #advertising #viewability on #marketoon via @tomfishburne.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyHi Donald, I am ze viper and I am on ze zecond floorHi Donald, do you have Prince Albert in a can?@samfbiddle wait he legit picked up and you are not making this up?@jlgolson You have a point. I mean, if he cared about image his hair would not look like what it does.The big LOL here is that Donald Trump has a 917 cell phone number. If anyone would've muscled his way into a 212, it's him.Hi Donald, is your refrigerator running?An app like those flash flood alerts, except for alerts when a smug couple in a cloying Vows column/marriage trend piece files for divorce@JessHullinger @mental_floss cc @DevineousSo You Want to Write a Shipwreck Song
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@MikeIsaac you and @conz just tweeted like exactly the same thing at the same timeWe were too late to get tickets to the MST3K-themed debate party at @QEDAstoria -- hoping to find something in Tribeca or environs.NYC: What's the intel on downtown bars that will be showing the Repub. debate on Thursday? Preferably ones with heckling and drink specials.@faris Reading the post now. Wow. Quirky is shutting down too?@faris It got acquired, no?
@sogrady what a cutie pie!@sogrady I know! They're basically like upgraded cats.@sogrady They are so much cuter than most dogs@needcaffeine they might just have a well-designed house and the raccoons envied the decor, they are smart and discerning little bastards@needcaffeine Yeah but a dozen of them? If they're rabid, they tend to be loners.Raccoons are adorableWhen it comes to adorable misunderstood animals I am basically Ellie Mae Clampett so SORRY I am always going to side with the raccoonscc @darth look at those cute raccoonsCUDDLE FRIENDS!!!!! Give them some snacks! They love you! might want to eat you tbh, the world's cutest local vagabond, enjoys a lazy Sunday evening after getting fresh food and… hasn't really changed much.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyJust got home from the shore and look who wanted to be picked up for hugs and kisses 😻 #russianblue 2000th Instagram post: Taken during a seaside run on a beautiful summer morning. Wouldn't have it…
Early evening plans. @ North Beach, LBI brother's reaction: "So let me get this straight: A museum in an old church filled with shipwreck… AM: Red sky in the morning. #sunriseporn @ North Beach, LBI
#bluemoon from the deck @ North Beach, LBI Beach Island #sunsetporn. #nofilter @ Barnegat Lighthouse State Park was a great afternoon for @brianwillette root beer. @ North Beach, LBI NOT DISTURB US FOR THE NEXT EIGHT HOURS #FirstDayOfCamp @ North Beach, LBI The vase is from a @frankiealbert_ antiques box :)Scenes from a morning run. @ Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 2 @andyellwood @Aerocles me please?Furry alarm clock on fleek this morning #russianblue #catstagram #catsofinstagram @ Brooklyn Heights…
@AnneFlournoy omg -- I've never seen that pic before!!!!!!When you try to dangle a massive cheesy pile of nachos in front of your face for a photo op. @… Yeah I was counting him. He died too.@TxemaMarin @superpixels @brianstelter blank background is coming@TxemaMarin @superpixels @brianstelter the red hashtaggingI have not been here since the days of Lost viewing parties upstairs. (at @Professor_Thoms in New York, NY) died #ct #currentthursday #christierney feat. @robb and @caro
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthycc @mager @alexisgAlumni of @cnet never change, except that we pose for photos way better in our old age. We miss you… @aperobot @robb @mager he's bald and he looks really sad@robb @aperobot @mager @alexisg ok @aperobot and i are going to tell mean stories about you@aperobot @robb @mager @alexisg ME TOO@aperobot @robb @mager @alexisg cool i'm down for a beer right now where you atI was walking on beach with @adambain. When I looked back there was only 1 set of footprints. "That's when I carried you." #adambainissonice
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy*applause* this is great to click to make sure you weren't my neighbor and this wasn't my grey cat and my neighborhood's nextdoor @aperobot @alexisg @mager when is Mager here next@aperobot @robb @alexisg @mager @CNET seconded@aperobot @robb @alexisg @mager aaaaaaawwwwww this is making me miss @CNET@aperobot @robb @alexisg @mager oh my god. I was there.
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