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Dale McGladdery @dale42 Vancouver, BC

Avid film watcher, book reader and podcaster. Web dev and Drupaller by day, CFRO community radio host/producer by night.

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Dear Republicans, Planned Parenthood isn't profiting off of the deaths of children You are thinking of the NRA
Retweeted by Dale McGladderyDamn, I hope this gets fixed quickly: 0-day bug in fully patched OS X comes under active exploit to hijack Macs County fans: A twitter account to help get your fix of Opus, Milo, Steve and gang. #squee Toronto movie peeps, I’m envious. Tape it for THE SNIFFER?A little podcast project with @rtanglao and myself. What are your favourite 3 dishes? And underwear sales are final, there are no returns. Me: Ew! God, I hope so.Went out to buy socks and underwear, also came back with Witcher for the PS4. Malls are dangerous places, sometimes.Co-op radio represent!
In other news, the @wordpress response to the 4.2.3 release problems ( seems lacking so far.Installing WP table plugin -> WP update -> broken shortcodes -> investigation -> update revert -> lost morning. Some days I hate technology.So. Frustrating. WordPress has this great built-in media handling but you can’t add/edit tables in the editor!?! WTF.I'm not the biggest Trekker but you gotta love this!
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@citizenstewart @dale42 As a teacher, I definitely agree with this statement. Even to admit that there are bad teachers is hard for some.
Retweeted by Dale McGladderyChampagne bottle fail.
Retweeted by Dale McGladderyThis American Life’s Audio Hackathon I love that content producers are jumping in to influence the technology!@HeidiW_ @rhipratchett But who is Sam’s Sam?I don't think all teachers fail us. But I think real teachers are far too apologetic about the ones that do, and their loyalty is misplaced.
Retweeted by Dale McGladderyThis was a fun listen, but how does being anti-bad behaviour make your anti-captialist?
@MinorMogul Love that movie. “I've come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass... and I'm all out of bubblegum.” Sad to see him go.Sorry to repeat myself, but today is a very, very, very good day. The VSV #Ebola vaccine works - and very well.
Retweeted by Dale McGladdery@ReneeStephen Happy birthday!
Want to do things faster? Cmd+/ (Ctrl+/ on Windows) reveals a list of keyboard shortcuts. Like magic. Sweet, keyboardy magic. #SlackTips 🎩💫🐰
Retweeted by Dale McGladderySome people have an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. I have a cynic and a Pollyanna.If you must watch the seconds of your life tick by, these progress indicators are a pretty way to do it: #webperf #UX
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Movie trailers are movie ads, to which @IMDB is adding pre-roll ads, so an ad before an ad. Off to @TrailerAddictGo Germany!: "German regulator orders Facebook to allow pseudonyms “ worries action fans, shit be blowin’ up, too: MAN FROM UNCLE, FANTASTIC 4, AMERICAN ULTRA & HITMAN:AGENT 47. At least 1 should be good :)Doing prep for After the Credits recording tomorrow. Lily Tomlin is back! GRANDMA looks fun: @coopradio sister show and good people. Listen online at or old school FM 100.5 moment when you’re done for the day but waiting for someone. Do you sit at your desk and perhaps get snagged, or hide in the lobby …Join me in @scope_community Aug1-15 Creating Engaging Online Lrng Activities JAM #freelearning #open #profdev
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Retweeted by Dale McGladderyFilmmakers fighting “Happy Birthday” copyright find their “smoking gun” you care about getting -- and keeping -- more women in tech, read and share this article.
Retweeted by Dale McGladdery1000 times THIS! "The […] web that I loved — and spent years in an Iranian jail for — is dying." walled gardens
@ReneeStephen On multiple occasions I’ve had the Pantheon control panel lie about website state.Remember when “citizen journalism” was THE thing? It didn’t turn out as expected, but citizens have become part of news reporting.Do mainstream news outlets have a moral obligation to citizen journalists? this @cbc piece on farm marketing boards interesting Would love to see more details on points 1 and 3.@soundcloud Why doesn’t your embed widget have a volume control? Super annoying.
Touchy about people calling 'Mother Canada' #Tarzilla ? Parks Canada flees forum #cdnpoli
Retweeted by Dale McGladderyAlso found this free, online course on Broadcast Journalism I wish could multitask, but one thing at a time for me.My brain is now officially full, and it’s time to shower and put on real clothes.Have spent the morning sketching entities/UA/UI, looking at emberjs for the front-end, and contentful for the back-end.Have an idea for a radio show planning application. Will probably never complete it but it’s an excuse to explore.All Senators appointed by Harper should resign in solidarity with the leader & his bold vision #cdnpoli
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Headed dwntwn to @CelebOfLight tmrw? Bike there & get bike valeted by @TheBicycleValet for FREE. No theft. And for Pete's sake bring a mug!
Retweeted by Dale McGladdery@RobCottingham Delicious, delicious Koolaid
@StacieBee Mine haven’t, either! The have some excuse about conserving water.1,000,000 Min. of AP & British Movietone Newsreel Footage now on YouTube British Movietone: Like @coopradio said, I’m working on @eachforall with @robinpugaW00t! I’m now a @coopradio certified operator, class of July 2015!
That moment when you finally decide to buy a thing after thinking about it for a very long time only to find it’s sold out. *sigh*
@beanjammin Or take Rick Rolling to an entirely new level!Have been digging through HEX dumps to figure out a character encoding issue. Happy this work day is done.Roundhouse Radio announces their coming program lineup It’s like a who’s who of Vancouver broadcast history.Lower Mainland residents, please report any sighting of Tom Selleck in a tanker truck to the authorities.
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@MinorMogul But if they got into trouble their parents could see right through them!@fabulavancouver Oh, never mind, I see they get a partial pass. Wondering what “minimal” means.@fabulavancouver I’m wondering about golf courses. Are they covered or do they get a pass?British Library Puts 1,000,000 Images into the Public Domain, Making Them Free to Reuse/Remix
Retweeted by Dale McGladderyOn Wednesday, our friends at @vancgmeetup are making a visit to @CGMastersAcadem's new location and you're invited!
Retweeted by Dale McGladderyFind out more about filling our chairs at our next Station Orientation tomorrow Tues July 21, 6:30 pm at 2014 Wall St
Retweeted by Dale McGladderySFU study claims Adblock Plus significantly reduced network data usage :)
ANT-MAN was fun. The physics were crap, but I didn’t care. Great summer popcorn movie for beating the heat.@ReneeStephen OMG, so true of websites in general. They ARE like puppies. @Jermolene@bmann Which isn’t to minimize the community governance aspect, which I find fascinating. But as you say subtle, and I’m not informed on.@bmann Victory in the sense it was relatively easy to try different approach. If closed source, io.js would have been difficult/impossible.Not a node.js user, but this looks like an Open Source victory.
"A top audio engineer explains NPR’s signature sound" From an audio segment here @ 15:20
Hey all! Remember this next time you realize the animated gif wasn't such a good idea after all. Or is that just me? @sillygwailo Crossing my fingers I remember /collapse the next time I need it!Twice this week I’ve walked home from Lonsdale Quay up Lonsdale hill. Go me! I don’t expect this burst of enthusiasm to last ;)In other words, watching INSIDE OUT was not a core memory….Finally caught INSIDE OUT. It was fun. Maybe too many expectations from hype, not in my top 3 Pixar movies.@sillygwailo Collapsable GIF would be nice. Or ability to stop an animated GIF from repeating at some point. @SlackHQIn the office alone today, there’s (fake) hardwood floors, and I have "Old Time Rock & Roll” playing in my head. #classicmoviesceneWish auto link preview in @skype and @SlackHQ was selectable per link. Animated gifs in chat channel making me motion sick. :( Also privacy.I’m quickly coming to the conclusion that automatic link preview in personal chat is bad. I’m looking at you @skype and @SlackHQ.
@ReneeStephen A "a lovecraftian dimensional portal”, that’s awesome. The bug is PHP5.5 broke this, right? #annoyedeldergodsAn interesting read. I wonder, would a diverse tech team avoid this? The Quiet Racism of Instagram Filters consequences. Because Skype & Slack fetch pasted URLs for preview info, you can't send 1 time links without 1st obfuscating them.
The fact she wasn’t aware of the congratulations ad fuels my cynicism about the things politicians say.I believe she didn’t personally write the congrats and hope someone at that level delegates. So a staffer needs training or firing.Re Joyce Murray & sobriety ad: Anyone else find it disingenuous she sent congrats for event she wasn’t aware of?@counti8 Have you heard about ? Very cool transportation story.And yet this kind of behaviour is practically celebrated in American Pie and other movies is no Internet of Things, only other people's computers in your house.
Retweeted by Dale McGladderyPolice language like “fatally wounding both men” is bull shit. Can we just call it for what it is, “killing both men”. #plainenglish@PortmanDoe :) And here I thought the dizziness was because I was tired.
The body’s adaptability never ceases to amaze me. 2 months ago my bedroom felt too warm at 21°, now it feels cool.This would be brilliant! If only it weren’t a joke. because Monday
Retweeted by Dale McGladderyThis is nuts! That’s the kind of kick in the pants I need!@kcdyer Yes. Though I’ve only skimmed the the articles.@ReneeStephen As more info comes out Reddit is taking the hit for their douchery. Pao is coming off extremely professional in my book.@Khaled_ca Welcome back to Vancouver! Absolutely we should catch up.
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