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And we're done. It became a cacophony at the end as Liz and I in diff spots getting statements, but it's all here: http://t.co/D0YpsxlydP
Retweeted by Edmund LeeGoogle's GIF response to Wall Street Journal lobbying story http://t.co/ngdCDn5Dfl via @amy_schatz http://t.co/aCD6X1cpCa
Retweeted by Edmund Lee“We love you Ellen,” a woman shouted as Pao walked out of the courtroom. http://t.co/i97RmF6kHp via @LizGannes
Retweeted by Edmund LeeIt was the tireless, yeoman work by @NellieBowles @lizgannes that made @Recode the paper of record for the historic Ellen Pao trial.Ellen Pao Loses on All Claims in Historic Gender Discrimination Suit Against Kleiner http://t.co/cO6b1l2iBs @lizgannes @NellieBowlesJuror #3 flips in Pao/Kleiner Perkins Verdict, so it looks like she has lost: http://t.co/i97RmF6kHp via @LizGannes
Retweeted by Edmund LeeBig smiles, much hugging and a lot of back slapping among team Kleiner Perkins as they've all but won
Retweeted by Edmund Leesomeone at Google's comms shop is having too much fun with animated gifs http://t.co/h1O0fmNm2p who is it?Judge has asked Pao jury to further deliberate after poll showed vote of 8-4 on one of the counts (lawsuit led to firing). Needs to be 9-3.Kahn says his opinion is that the jury should continue to deliberate. http://t.co/cO6b1l2iBsJudge: “At this point ladies and gentlemen, I must ask you to resume your deliberations.” http://t.co/cO6b1l2iBsThe judge says 8-4 is not a sufficient majority on claim four, the retaliation by termination claim. http://t.co/cO6b1l2iBsEllen Pao loses lawsuit against Kleiner Perkins on all counts http://t.co/cO6b1l2iBs by @LizGannes @NellieBowles http://t.co/ltKsfgfM4FJudge Kahn is now going to ask each of the jurors what their individual verdict was. http://t.co/cO6b1l2iBsThat’s the full verdict. No on all claims. http://t.co/cO6b1l2iBsClaim 4. Were Ms. Pao’s conversations / memorandum and/or her filing this lawsuit a substantial reason to terminate Ms. Pao’s employment? No"Claim 3. Not considered because previous claims were not answered yes.” http://t.co/cO6b1l2iBsClaim 2. Were Ms. Pao’s conversations…and memorandum a substantial motivating reason for Kleiner not promoting her to senior partner? No."Was Ms. Pao’s gender a substantial motivating reason for Kleiner Perkins’ decision to terminate her employment? No." http://t.co/cO6b1l2iBs"Was Ms. Pao’s gender a substantial motivating reason for her not being promoted to general partner? No." http://t.co/cO6b1l2iBs1. Was Ms. Pao’s gender a substantial motivating reason for Kleiner Perkins’ not promoting Ms. Pao to senior partner? No
Retweeted by Edmund LeeJoin our intrepid courtroom duo, @lizgannes @NellieBowles, as they liveblog the Pao verdict: http://t.co/cO6b1l2iBs http://t.co/HgsOmUiTq2The Pao v. Kleiner Perkins Verdict is coming in about 45 minutes: http://t.co/JXN3IfDOsB by @NellieBowles @lizgannesBlast from the past -- found an old @nytimes masthead...online: http://t.co/4NGocRmV8L cc @NYTimesComm@karaswisher @lizgannes @anildash @tumbyMe @NellieBowles k let's see if we can get it into the hedThe #Pao Jury has a question for Judge Harold E. Kahn. #kleinerperkins
Retweeted by Edmund Lee#Pao Jury is deliberating now in the Civic Center Courthouse. #kleinerperkins
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@owenthomas @BuzzFeedBen @elcush @lizgannes @NellieBowles will accept all emoji floggings -- for a limited time@owenthomas @BuzzFeedBen @elcush @lizgannes @NellieBowles not going to go that far corrections a correction, even on twitter@owenthomas @BuzzFeedBen @elcush @lizgannes @NellieBowles i actually edited that too@owenthomas @BuzzFeedBen @elcush @lizgannes @NellieBowles !@BuzzFeedBen @elcush $16 million, not $160
How the media -- including @recode -- influenced the Ellen Pao trial: http://t.co/cIcOA7Cb7x by @NellieBowles @lizgannesLOL at comment on the Yahoo piece talking about @kenli729 inspiring The Fast & Furious https://t.co/biCtyzPtNa http://t.co/xbEj4Bn41c
Retweeted by Edmund Leeadvice: write the thing the banker's going to use to sell the deal
As a teen the two books stuffed in my back pocket were Bright Lights, Big City and Bonfire of the Vanities, narratives missing from SF loreoh just say it already, this is a ridiculous non-tease tease: https://t.co/oIXb0hcUKFGripping coverage @fwd, way to go!@RichBTIG @sherman4949 @ShaliniWSJ @Amy_Schatz big picture: exchanging one monopoly (vid) for another (data)@fmanjoo @pkafka @joemfbrown @McCollumAshley @felixsalmon just be sure to include Re/code on the byline ;)@fmanjoo @pkafka @joemfbrown also lots of other testing tweaking on other platforms to keep that audience alive. Lots of smart software@fmanjoo @pkafka @joemfbrown don't know either and you're prob right but Fb traffic/audience is baseline for driving audience altogether@fmanjoo @pkafka @joemfbrown they stoke that audience pretty well with regular Fb traffic buys; they drive audience and don't wait for them@RichBTIG @ShaliniWSJ all the new OTT services help comcast's case now btw@FullDRadio @footnoted @paulaEdwyer @hblodget @talkingbiznews @MichaelWolffNYC also more family members work at the Times than in past.What the $NYT pays owning family http://t.co/X58WFdyueM @footnoted cc: @edmundlee @paulaEdwyer @hblodget @talkingbiznews @MichaelWolffNYC
Retweeted by Edmund LeeBiggest media news today, folks: http://t.co/sC5rKa7pfw
I love the show but it's gone flat recently and as they say it's @JeremyClarkson wot killed itAcc to my feed, the BBC will fire @JeremyClarkson, presenter of the world's most popular TV show, @BBC_TopGear, for punching a producer.@fmanjoo @lizgannes @NellieBowles they’re busy liveblogging ;)@fmanjoo you can follo here: http://t.co/1XfQ2H1gzx@felixsalmon is this true or are you presuming, because this is the entire worry http://t.co/J0HKEdZrLW http://t.co/Uvk2aODmYuHere's what Google's new project to let you receive and pay bills in Gmail/Inbox may look like http://t.co/5lGjcV2Lmb http://t.co/HulZcMebMz
Retweeted by Edmund LeeCongrats @andrewrsorkin Showtime orders new drama series ‘Billions’ 12 episodes http://t.co/S71i0Q4LUG@inafried @geoffreyfowler i think the mother of dragons is the one who will sit there and we all know who that is.#GameOfThrones stars talk tech, San Francisco...and castration http://t.co/EvKCrYYgOI by @KurtWagner8 http://t.co/4hkvgFikNkAmerican exceptionalism, folks. http://t.co/gZXiA4LT03
@rafat @DelRey anytime @raft says "level more" crazy, i'm game to have one of our reporters do thatPao/KP trial is taking the day off. Closing arguments tomorrow, and everyone should come watch! Catch up on it here: http://t.co/FizyXImYlW
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@fmanjoo @MattZeitlin @kevinroose depends...if as a result publishers lose audience on their own app/web, then Fb inherently gets power@fmanjoo @MattZeitlin @kevinroose not only do they already have the power, they exercise itall of a sudden, an influx of media reporters in my feed tonight@margarita @AlexJamesFitz @myurow @petersterne there will be ads and data and audience for all, but none of that will live outside of FbThe @nytimes reports @nytimes will start publishing on Facebook: http://t.co/Xbnmam52eY Good way to soften ground: http://t.co/ottjES6YqsBreaking on @business, months after a $1.12B valuation funding, Slack is raising at a $2B+ valuation http://t.co/GgLc0rlBHO by @serenasaitto
Retweeted by Edmund LeeThe players in the Ellen Pao-Kleiner Perkins suit: http://t.co/gRBqRr49e7 by @nkulw http://t.co/WjkmcZUbQK
@MikeIsaac just read the endnotes Mike that's where the story is. (Or, better, read Pynchon) @pkafka @jimmaiella @nichcarlsonWard off your Sunday blues by re-reading about the pet lamb melting hearts all over New York http://t.co/j55TSPbP7T http://t.co/7b6gLIRIrc
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@MikeIsaac @carmeldea @Recode that's not the hazing she has to worry about>@carmeldea welcome my friend to the show that never ends: @RecodeI'm excited to announce that I'm joining the @Recode team to cover unicorn startups!!! Eeee...Can't believe it :) :) http://t.co/Ip0i2TWFSV
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@AntDeRosa @BenedictEvans @edmundlee just piping in to say India. Thanks.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@BenedictEvans @edmundlee via http://t.co/BIzuIiHltB
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@BenedictEvans @edmundlee http://t.co/W8f2LVMnY4
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@fmanjoo you know since you're from the bay area and all wanted you to feel comfortable ;)@fmanjoo hmm...don't eat here http://t.co/ItuV2DLGU0 or watch anything here http://t.co/W4HEq6w2WP or drink here: http://t.co/kWeYoaF9Qw@BenedictEvans @AntDeRosa citing Euclid is classic western imperialism@BenedictEvans @AntDeRosa http://t.co/DX2xujXYqY@BenedictEvans @AntDeRosa yeah not everyone has the facility, but then Europe "discovered" geometry only a thousand years after middle eastSunday Long Reads has become my Sunday read, replacing @nytimes weekend, now sadly rote, bloodless. http://t.co/rmNVyMe4Hn @DVNJrThere has been far too much written about Yahoo’s dysfunction, but this one is actually worth your time http://t.co/4tz9OzAxGt
Retweeted by Edmund Lee
Kleiner Case Judge Allows Ellen Pao’s Bid for Punitive Damages to Stand http://t.co/V30tOy7ctp by @amy_schatz
Retweeted by Edmund Lee
Hey @Awl you've been summoned... When New York Kids Help Find the Family Home http://t.co/1RzmuF6o8HI just...I can't get with this: http://t.co/42egXdwgvENot just me who finds @Uber’s PR ploy cynical https://t.co/iYJCGP6jnW So does the org it meant to help: http://t.co/YaWqXLkvV6 by @jmbooyah@SFNick @alexbarinka i still get a cut of that in perpetuityIt’s simple, when it comes to editorial, @RJohnMickle is in charge. http://t.co/8utx1XgeVx by @DylanByers@fmanjoo @LaurenGoode @BuzzFeed um @puiwingtam I think Farhad wants to do a readers-ask column. I think it's a great idea, personally.@kevinroose @tim_cook @pmarca @karaswisher @jack what's worth a tweet but a 7-picture post?
Waiting for Amazon to take action against Google now: http://t.co/vmkBorHyzt@McCollumAshley @pkafka @felixsalmon #eastereggJudge Kahn says the case will be submitted to the jury on Tues or, at the latest, Weds. Come Tues if you want to watch closing arguments
Retweeted by Edmund LeeThat @TexasMonthly rhythm finally shows up in @NYTmag. Love the writing here on Alabama Shakes: http://t.co/1xDzHDsvgT
Licensed to Ill reaches Diamond status (10 million sold) after 29 years http://t.co/1RnXTGGl1a http://t.co/dZKVMtIgdb
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@sherman4949 and for all that, no ESPN!Sony's online TV service launches at $50 a month...but no ESPN http://t.co/5XSWYwJCqO (Reuters)@Phil_Hamby @SquawkCNBC thanks!A former Facebook employee is suing the company for sex discrimination http://t.co/TonklfAVFB via @KurtWagner8 http://t.co/4rC3TkaC2s
Retweeted by Edmund Lee.@jimmykimmel: "If you can write 5 [great] jokes a day on Twitter," write for TV. http://t.co/722BYbByxG via @pkafka http://t.co/gsuHeXXHEI
Retweeted by Edmund Lee
Aah the @nytimes gettin' all menschy. Thanks @emilysteel http://t.co/Nc2qo9BNc7 cc @Recode @pkafka http://t.co/IOkWCVg76g
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