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Creative Director, Writer, Maker, Professor of Advertising, Advisor to Brands, Ad Agencies and The Next Generation. Boston University, Mullen and Beyond.

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@uberblond Great read. http://t.co/BF1OiGkoKM
For pro cyclists, the high-speed ride downhill could be key to winning races http://t.co/AOmzcmH3cP via @WSJCoasting downhill. A bit more technical than you may have imagined. http://t.co/gUjztpQcqV
The Sociology of Branding. Great interview w @andjelicaaa Smart observations about advertising and creative, too. http://t.co/H2jx8HbNWx
Your rainbow avatar is just another Facebook study. We are all subjects of social experiments. http://t.co/DGqEnvEf2YSimplicity still wins. Even in age of data and digital. Via @pblackshaw http://t.co/SBGWdJ92k9
Brand utility has been around way before the digital era. This would have won at Cannes for sure. Via Kristina Sal… http://t.co/dpA2PaOoipExcited to have the voice of @saigrundy coming to BU. Appears we need more powerful voices like hers. http://t.co/NN26GdgZ2uExcited to have @saigrundy arrive at BU. a powerful voice with much to teach and share. Hope we meet soon. http://t.co/Gkvt7TwJNo
“Beer Bat­tered Pret­zel Coated Deep Fried Cheese Curds.” Among the many delicacies you, too, can enjoy at your lo… http://t.co/Rlgmvsnr4H
Thought leader and super prof @edwardboches - "I'm a refugee from Advertising" #BostonUniversity #Mullen https://t.co/SkWhLUhvDp
Retweeted by edwardboches@joebobhester January? So I'm told. (Analog takes longer than digital.)Printing out my 23,000 word contribution to the next edition of Hey Whipple. Writing the social and… https://t.co/VR0MFD9Bsg
Yeah, what he said. http://t.co/98jvqT8kY5Connected devices for Homekit, once Siri can actually interpret what you're asking her to do. http://t.co/CbKXJ4glib
@edwardboches: Boston startups can get some solid and inexpensive branding insights. Good idea from @theadclub http://t.co/RnkFKgZucR
Best thing you will read all day. Great story by a young poet about living w a stranger who has dementia. http://t.co/Ppr5FQgFVq@tobetv Did you just pay me a compliment? Or was that a compliment for our admissions folks?@jasonkeath obviously a joke, then again I am sure the conversation actually takes place behind the gilded doors.Brilliant. Harvard admissions has new algorithm to identify applicants who will be future billionaires likely to m… http://t.co/uANnxiUnrGBudweiser frogs morph into fish. This thing wins at Cannes? Advertising has a short memory. http://t.co/S9mirqeZWzFacebook to outline new mobile ad formats in Cannes, tells @JackMarshall about them http://t.co/HZgkZxleGu @wsjCMO
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Work for the work not for the hardware. Good piece by @griner on winning at Cannes. http://t.co/gwCWeLYCPM
Bottled water is poised to overtake soda as America’s foremost commercial drink within the next year. http://t.co/pXaHBHdwPs via @johnlingan
Glad to have helped David Griner connect with two of the best Jonathan Ruby and Tim Cawley for this piece. All thr… http://t.co/xHIBQCQo5F
Someone can't control themselves #Lego https://t.co/VWdPCMx1vu http://t.co/oCBWGFXMtO
Retweeted by edwardbochesWelcome to the family, @TriliaMedia http://t.co/7AL9Qy8BZg
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5 Companies Creating Dynamic Content With Their Own Data http://t.co/c79Py8q6fQ
Retweeted by edwardbochesSir Martin gets the OK to make $66 million. http://t.co/O7e2ef5c2b
.@michaeldavis777 @Adweek Michael. Thanks so much for that. Grateful.Deflate gate disproved. Brady vindicated. Perhaps. http://t.co/lvzdayvnBk
@thenow always.Photos from today's Boston Pride Parade, which took place in the Back Bay http://t.co/wfYR1eAr3X http://t.co/es4iJ88mKL
Retweeted by edwardbochesBarbie has 459,000 followers on Instagram? https://t.co/2wrvvs52AEBoston sits atop the sports world. http://t.co/KBraldR3HANever mistake activity for achievement. John Wooden's quote apropos re the valuation of some startups. HuffPo worth $1 billion? Via WSJ
Brilliant. No desktop access to the NY Times for Times' employees next week. Teach them the importance of mobile. http://t.co/k5IfaNUiMbDigital Still Disrupting Ad Agencies: Driving a Wave of Agency Reviews http://t.co/m6pnCqT83Nhttp://t.co/pKM4aFuyyD@Bastholm Headless body found in topless bar. Alas those days are over.@Bastholm That headline drove a lot of traffic, however. Which a media property has to do. Clicks count. We have all learned from Buzzfeed@Bastholm Ha, my original headline on my blog is Advice to a first time crew ice director. http://t.co/daivx34Bv1.
Twitter Kills the 140 Character Limit for Direct Messages. http://t.co/aLvaXl07pFA big idea: combine narrative + systems, advertising _ digital. Ex Havas CEO David Jones Launches Brand Tech Company http://t.co/o7rcgMktaP
18 things great creative directors do every day: http://t.co/N6AZTCiOnf (By @edwardboches) http://t.co/XuoxMgkIOi
Retweeted by edwardbochesI just published “Tomorrow Today” my chapter from the new @CreativeSocial book https://t.co/vdoUtTLST3
Retweeted by edwardbochesFun piece from a student and friend Kristina Saliba. Ah, summer abroad. http://t.co/eeTly3HfUa“Theories as to why my motion-sensor shower light doesn’t think I exist” by @kristinarayya11 Good young writer. https://t.co/vOfpzM9H6X
Thanks everyone for the reaction to the CD piece. Glad it resonated. Appreciate the response and the Tweets. http://t.co/5LUCjNvqJx. @thewriteben Sadly that is true. Work for a less than great one and it gets sort of obvious..@MattyB I know. Yes all good. Will have to get you to BU sometime. Hope the book is selling well.@MattyB @advertisingage Matt you always rock it..@ashlyo @Adweek Thanks, Ashly. Flattered..@ThatOtherBrian Thank you Brian..@gustad Thank you. Glad to have made the good list.@stevecalder thank you Steve. Means a lot.18 things great creative directors do every day: http://t.co/N6AZTCiOnf via @edwardboches http://t.co/35IBDHn5p6
Retweeted by edwardboches18 Things Great Creative Directors Do Every Day | Adweek. My post on Adweek today. http://t.co/WS55dQ8gt1Why (and how to) one man defaulted on his college loans. Plus some suggestions for how to fix the problem. http://t.co/jeaJE7W4OT
. @EFulwiler Your old boss sounds better than ever. http://t.co/4Ds0Mgil7i via @shareenpathak and @Digiday.@garyvee kicking ass. The "ad" industry dismissed him many times, but he and @vaynermedia are here to stay. https://t.co/diquZvESKo #gogv@DaveBalter Dave, can you dm me your email please. Have an intro I want to make that I think will interest you.Congratulations to American Greetings Mother's Day Video and @mullenloweus For Top Prize at Effie Awards http://t.co/k5ukq4pAHY
Shaving Dogs Into Cubes Is A New Japanese Craze And We Can't Stop Staring. Does this worry anyone else? http://t.co/NNErbzEYOg@mjenson @Twins Sadness at Fenway this season.@brunoleoribeiro I am with you. They know everything there is to know about me already b@stevegarfield Their next business opportunity.@tpanicucci It can be the best job in the world. Good luck. Be amazing.@creativecohort Hey. I am an old timer. Thanks.@thefantastical Thank you to my favorite emerging agency.@CommArts Always love a shoutout from the true creative experts. Thanks.@michaelgass As always, thanks for the support, Michael.Advice to a first time creative director http://t.co/PpPqjTZ1R2 via @EdwardBoches #advertising
Retweeted by edwardboches@seed_co Thank you cork town. Means a lot.@mjenson Thanks for that, Mark. Appreciate it.Better than the typical Doritos ad. Great spot. http://t.co/rg3AvslHlW"Do you suffer from DSL-ARM?" by @mancevic on @LinkedIn https://t.co/3ZxL4iwUdF
Retweeted by edwardbochesThis is one of the smartest marketing ideas I've seen in a long time. Right out of the classic case asking if trai… http://t.co/rYZdkf56nOThe good and the bad of Google photos. Or maybe it's all good. Depending on your perspective. http://t.co/p9tUj6gY3I
While real FIFA is in the shitter, videogame FIFA hits historic milestone by introducing women http://t.co/MJnypL8PQH http://t.co/hbQ9yvTP3i
Retweeted by edwardbochesJon Stewart on Caitlyn Jenner coverage: "Welcome to being a woman in America." http://t.co/j9U2bCjy7f http://t.co/r9QL49qwfr
Retweeted by edwardboches10 Tips for Writing for the Web for Ad Agency New Business http://t.co/hZ1dHxFwT8
Retweeted by edwardboches@alistairmbarr @WSJD Brilliant. A new social media metric.Google wants to count the calories in your Instagram food porn http://t.co/lqcbCuCXfl
Retweeted by edwardbochesAirBNB but just for places to take a mid-day nap
Retweeted by edwardbochesAdvice to a first time creative director. Inspired by singer/songwriter/CD Mark Radcliffe http://t.co/L24xxBicr3Advice to a first time creative director - http://t.co/1sCNf4XlPu New post that might be helpful.Advice to a first time creative director http://t.co/iwvne2hYmN"More often, administrators behave more like bureaucrats under siege — minimizing the paper trail, wishing that th… http://t.co/30pBABZqSe
Pop culture data analysis. Caitlyn vs. Kim, by the numbers: Who really broke the Internet? https://t.co/Y1sIttQrygEverything a marketer needs to know about transgender. From Chris Edwards @cedwardswrites http://t.co/23lNVet52cFor those affected by floods in Texas & Oklahoma, our disaster response tool can help. Find places to stay or host: http://t.co/AbEEpA0Tb4.
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Google Photos for iOS. If you have not downloaded yet I suggest you do. Lots of fun. http://t.co/ux2GGAMGrWIn Texas you may soon be able to carry concealed weapons in any university building. http://t.co/ePTNQL35u4
A mother's prayer for her child. By Tina Fey. My favorite line: Lead her away from acting but not all the way to f… http://t.co/p16CEmndS0I like little media hacks, experiments and reinterpreting the ways we can use social media. This is great. From RP… http://t.co/gS16xc25LRUnderstanding stock buybacks and how we got to excessive CEO compensation. Great reporting by @GlobeKranish. Impor… http://t.co/mPBUk3Wn7o.@GlobeKranish Truly great piece on stock buybacks and CEO compensation. Terrific reporting, clear explanations, interesting story telling.Yet more reasons that ad agencies are struggling for talent. It is in high demand at startups and in tech. This is… http://t.co/wx9nX36Kb0
What I have learned listening to commencement speeches: talk less about yourself and more about the the students in the audience.Huge shoutout to innovative agency @allengerritsen and @joelidelson for this TV news native idea. http://t.co/mnJRH6ugkm
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