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@DavidGArnold ha ha…that’s what she said.@DavidGArnold My wig is definitely better than that frightening black thing!@sstarbelly Ha! 💅🏻@DavidPrush91 oh my glob! Yes it is!@DavidGArnold I laughed out loud at this xcurrent mood http://t.co/jSeSpdcARp
Thanks gerfer tattoo for the tribute. 💔 http://t.co/rgHPcnfFX8@cohenesque HA! I forgot about that. Bringing vinyl back in ‘96. Everyone thought we were mental.@livincurious Can’t make it Molly but I wish you luck! Nail it. X
@FloatSpa1 danke!@IWMag I needed that today!@ninastiefel SO fucking true!You are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. A fine predicament indeed. 🍌@joealejos @ItsTaylorRaye Right? Hopefully S will plot her revenge against them ALL! And MwahhhhaaaaAAAA!!@PamelaChelin You are so sweet Pamela.Good news! The 2 songs from our @recordstoreday 10” - The Chemicals & On Fire will be available for download on 6/2! http://t.co/G5Nv9YrHHA.@dutchuncles support @garbage in November! Listen: https://t.co/ay8Ml0gQEY 2nd show tix: http://t.co/CWr4TuMaaK http://t.co/TRbT0Winnu
Retweeted by Garbage@chantalclaret Yup. The world has gone entirely mad. x@garbage from GRRM himself: http://t.co/EsmrloXKS9
Retweeted by Garbage@All1ve 💖@bluexalazi Practically every line in a fantasy tv show is a “trope” to advance the storyline@queerpuff absolutely you can voice your opinion as I can voice mine@queerpuff It is a fantasy sci fi show. The entire thing is a device and the viewer doesn’t get to censor or shape the storyline.@ItsTaylorRaye So we never show anything distasteful or upsetting on tv again?Or is it just the people winging off who get to pick+choose?@ColdLotion EXACTLY!!!@miksago It’s A fantasy sci fi tv show. Lets get a grip.@annejumps @queerpuff Then allow the storyteller to tell THEIR story. Nobody else is entitled to do it nor are they entitled to censor it .@m_maclennan The idea that because Mary Sue or whomever didn’t like the storyline they will no longer watch it is so entitled and childish!@penwing write your own TV show…..and allow them to write theirs….how about that? When did other people get to decide someone’s elses story?@ItsTaylorRaye It’s not their storyline. And by the way, I don’t recall such a fuss when Theon gets mutilated and loses his penis.@mredinburgh That is exactly my point.@queerpuff The point is it happens. To try to pretend it doesn’t is silly.To try to dictate the storyline because it upsets you is childish.@BestCoast @yumhoneyblood Hey! You are playing with my people!! That makes me so happy. 💄I can’t believe the fuss over the rape scene in Game of Thrones. Do they think rape doesn’t happen to nice girls or something? Wake up.@Tapkina_M Yeah we’ve been flirting with the idea ourselves.@yumhoneyblood So thrilled for you! Things going SO well!! I bloody KNEW it. Sx
@BestCoast @SongExploder Ha ha ha……B you are MENTAL! Look forward to hearing this! Love love love, Sx@delannkon So pretty D. X@SilverEagle506 Lets barter nearer the time? I may have read it by then! I was fanatically obsessed with the tv series…@delannkon I need those lace dream catcher earings you made. I am serious. X@delannkon woah! X@SongExploder @BestCoast I KNEW they would love it! I think ALL musicians would.@mrmchoohaa Then don’t be sad. Just get over it. Be tolerant of views that are not in line with your own. Or….be sad. 👠@dutchuncles Looking forward to meeting you all. Let’s have fun. Shirley xWatching your step. http://t.co/gtkvud56a4Very excited to announce we'll be touring Europe with @Garbage this autumn… dates and ticket links here… http://t.co/syYgj4uRYh
Retweeted by Garbage@itsrealH cuteLove this video from @dutchuncles. We're excited to announce they'll be opening up our European #20YearsQueer shows. https://t.co/4pbkw6GjH6
@spikecop 💔@DarklingPixie 💖Proximo jueves 28 de mayo #desconectado Tributo a @Garbage por lauralove en @Mateopub. Apoyamos al… https://t.co/c2ze6fukbb
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@jmwoods09 👠Just watched the finale of MadMen+now I feel sick+ weird but I don’t know why other than it feels like a little piece of my life has died.💔Уже в продаже билеты на @garbage в Москве, 11 Ноября: http://t.co/ok169TxNwC http://t.co/PF3IHF8Hip
Retweeted by GarbageWOAH!Charlize Theron in Mad Max Fury Road just added her name to the elite list of truly legit badass action heroes. BRAVO @CharlizeAfrica💅🏻@brentwoodsonly @phoenixfm thanks for playing this song of ours x30 minute countdown to MAD MAX. I am DYING of excitment. Can. Not. Wait. 🐯So I survived the night and as far as I could tell….it just got very stormy.I didn’t get to go to Oz and hang out with munchkins.
@lupetris1 Um…….Imma gonna ask him for a sweet temperament!@inyourbrightray @TheNoeShow @Metallica@blueyedcole Glinda : “Are you a good witch or a bad witch, which?”. Me: “I am a BAD mutherfucker. Bad to the bone bitch.”@TeganEffect I will! I can’t wait. It is my destiny. XSo I’m in Kansas City and yup you guessed it.There is a tornado warning! I kid you not!So if I get whisked off to Oz, I have loved you all.🍄@garbage311 Um….your time hop is off. WAY off. That was way more than three years ago!@DemriParadis The director has advised against the 3D version. FYI.
@Buletproof_Qpid Young Marble Giants?! Colossal Youth is one of my favourite records of ALL TIME!!!@Buletproof_Qpid @GrassrootsCF10 Please tell me MORE about this! I am intrigued?!?!@garbage hey Pls RT youth music org @GrassrootsCF10 that's nurtured young talent for 35± years needs your help! http://t.co/GM2UJugIz9
Retweeted by GarbageSometimes I can’t BELIEVE how exciting life can be! Sometimes it sucks but when it’s good?!?! It’s OFF THE CHARTS right?!?!? 🔥💅🏻🔥💅🏻🐯💅🏻💅🏻🐯💅🏻🍎@SOSManagement we are so excited!@901FreeAtLastSM its not true! There are so many things I REALLY care deeply about!!!@MrJackDawg Um……and your logic behind this strange idea?Mad Max this weekend!!! I can’t WAIT!!!! Agghhhhhhhh!! ⭐️🍌💥🍄🐯👊🏼🍏🍆💄💚🍎💖🔥🍒👻💘⭐️💥🍄🐯
Devastated to learn of the passing of BB Kiing. A true great. We are a lesser world without him in it. RIP.@GregKurstin I am lame but I got in under the wire. You have an entire hour left. Happy Birthday Greg. I love you. Your goyle, Shoyles. 🍌Sometimes things go wrong or our plans don’t go accordingly.Sometimes the forces of the world hold us back for a while but not forever.👻@bbaker315 I’m not scared of much these days@shaunabussiere hi sweetie x@MuseZack not yet but I’m gagging for it….let it DOWN already for the love of god!!!@mindlessfaith I don’t have smelly feet strangely. I know I look like I might but I have never had strong body odour. 👊🏼@billy_manson THAT’S THEM ALRIGHT! X@rone maybe they ain’t 👻@elfiglass 💅🏻@dolce_zee 😡@baderonus woah!I unearthed these boots from storage today. Wore them to death in the 90's and quite a few garbage videos. Bless.💅🏻 http://t.co/OG7nWTAGh9Good news: It is raining in drought stricken Los Angeles. Bad news: In Scotland we would call this “spitting”. Worse news: Not kidding.🌵NOT YOUR KIND OF PEOPLE was released internationally on CD and vinyl three years ago today 14/5/12 @garbage http://t.co/QxbrRpnMyV
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@SOSManagement 🍉a couple of weirdos http://t.co/KOa0gOrET1We have only one more European date to announce I am afraid and no it is not Glasgow…….💔@heimusica whoo hooo great choice! X@farrellmichaels don’t call me surelyNumbskulls and morons are taking over the world. I am convinced of it. 💥@Radifdinperry @mtvindonesia 🔥💥🔥💥🔥💥🔥💥🔥💥
@Jordo149 good luck kidSometimes I get so overwhelmed by feelings I don’t know if I want to laugh my head off in joy …or burst out crying… …..🍌⭐️BRAVO @birdnbeemusic @GregKurstin I LOVED seeing you both shine tonight! I confess tears came to my eyes more than once. Maestros. ⭐️@DemriParadis My darling you are so welcome….the pleasure was mine. 💔@birdnbeemusic Inara! Good luck tonight. I can’t wait to see you and Greg do what you were born to do. I love you so much my little twerps.💚
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