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Jo Kelly @jokelly333 norfolk uk

atheist, comedy loving, not very interesting rationalist (when i can be :))) science loving, single sociophobe :)

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"If the human brain were so simple that we could understand it, we would be so simple that we couldn't." - Emerson M. Pugh
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Retweeted by Jo KellyHow small Earth is compared to the largest known star http://t.co/mELoJrumsc
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You're welcome. #jalex http://t.co/7DrureMQkx
Retweeted by Jo KellyExcellent Rant by Adam on @TheLastLeg about registering to vote - DO IT!
Retweeted by Jo Kelly"The toothpaste paradox" #cartoon http://t.co/MaLctFIbHQ
Retweeted by Jo Kelly#RIP @TheRealNimoy who popularized #space travel for generations to come so we may live long and prosper http://t.co/UxWc3PVulO
Retweeted by Jo KellyThere has never been a time when we needed the BBC more to hold politicians to account. And it's failing us http://t.co/sAWH1DV1qx
Retweeted by Jo Kelly#LLAP from all of us at WIRED http://t.co/u2oa887Q65
Retweeted by Jo Kelly@bengoldacre Give me fucking strength!
Retweeted by Jo KellyTo Kirk, the last word: "Of my friend I can only say this. Of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most human"
Retweeted by Jo KellyHold up your thumb. 100 billion neutrinos are passing through it every sec. 8 1/2 mins ago they were in heart of sun http://t.co/3U7U3DR0j9
Retweeted by Jo KellyThe only blue and gold that matter today. #TheDress http://t.co/ggA0WUJfXG
Retweeted by Jo Kelly"I loved him like a brother. We will all miss his humor, his talent, and his capacity to love." -William Shatner http://t.co/U8ZN98tVYp
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Today four people in the early stages of dementia will be featured on @rednoseday Twitter. Follow live #DementiaDiaries
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When buying a bed for your pet dog and cat, never forget to get one for your pet reindeer http://t.co/euM7rSLoKF
Retweeted by Jo Kelly😍 "Greg Wise & Emma Thompson refuse to pay "a penny more" in taxes until HSBC tax evaders go to jail" http://t.co/ejFxgK41rC
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We've just added @GregProops​ to our roster of special guests - keep checking for even more announcements this month! http://t.co/Fa7bEdNybK
Retweeted by Jo KellyWhy so serious, science? We speak to @robinince about comedy, science, and his favourite fact http://t.co/zel43hJY7c http://t.co/1F04VDDhSW
Retweeted by Jo KellyBrad Pitt and Edward Norton on the set of Fight Club, 1999. http://t.co/NQJ1vA76vH
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Social media terrifies the State. Because it reduces their capacity to regulate discourse. Even the most liberal State fears free discourse.
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Democracy cannot function in an ocean of lies. We need to demand that our media & politicians stop lying to us http://t.co/XwwE5TwefW
Retweeted by Jo KellyThis man is allowing tax avoiders and fraudsters to run our public services. Retweet if you are not happy about it http://t.co/eSemlio2gC
Retweeted by Jo KellyWell my phone's "airplane mode" turned out to be a big disappointment.
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Plug your headphones into your head, because #AMT308 is OUT at http://t.co/AqWLugpk2D
Retweeted by Jo KellyThe surprise of the Telegraph revelations is that anyone is shocked at hearing that our 'free' press present their owners views as 'news'
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The first international Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) conference is coming to London on Sat 30th May! Find out more: http://t.co/s9QlDbTgjU
Retweeted by Jo KellyTHIS is the greatest threat to our freedom as we know it. #TTIP is coming to a town near you. http://t.co/sHFpqN2KdY
Retweeted by Jo Kelly"The NHS is the envy of the world." Let's honour its founder with #BevanBanknote Petition: https://t.co/SljJrr6P1A http://t.co/xQd0AVOzAa
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Will this ever get old? #ProbablyNot http://t.co/A3OTwRVN1g
Retweeted by Jo KellyDavid Cameron: "working for benefits will end the something-for-nothing culture. Except for the companies the unemployed will work for."
Retweeted by Jo KellyWe need to dispel the myth that #NHS is unaffordable and stop scapegoating smokers, drinkers and obese people http://t.co/iytPsZGYaB
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God this UKIP thing is such utter, utter bollocks.
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Spectacular images of the sun, collected over 5 years by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory http://t.co/mL3kUMA4nX http://t.co/rFU0qTjz8a
Retweeted by Jo KellyRead & understand http://t.co/SmTjIpAJDU 'health care, like blood, is too precious to trust to the market'
Retweeted by Jo KellyInteresting feature in yesterday's @Telegraph magazine on the brilliant @sjblakemore http://t.co/3W018P1qtX http://t.co/yImIrg5vfX
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#GetCameronOut the poorest & most vulnerable and our #NHS cannot survive another 5years of viscous Tory attacks http://t.co/5l1GlnHRcU
Retweeted by Jo KellyI #loveNHS because it is not just a healthcare system. It is the heart of the social fabric of this country
Retweeted by Jo KellyI feel sad that resources r spent so heavily on pharmacology & on mystifying the social factors that r so important @mark_bolstridge
Retweeted by Jo KellyI'm standing against David Cameron in 2015 General Election to hold him to account for his damaging & undemocratic NHS reforms #loveNHS
Retweeted by Jo KellyBe careful not to let your anti-theism turn into anti-humanism. http://t.co/x3L0nWnZlR
Retweeted by Jo KellyAlready 50 tickets sold to the 1st International BDD Conference. Do you have your ticket yet? http://t.co/xfD3K85zSt #bodydysmorpicdisorder
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#TGIF cuz we're kind of feeling like this rn http://t.co/NMUTAL6Aps
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It's @TheLastLeg tomorrow night with @RealDMitchell - tweet the team your #isitok quandaries - so much to chose from this week!
Retweeted by Jo KellyRun for everyone's #mentalhealth at the #Royalparks in October. http://t.co/F3fRG3dlTL http://t.co/MVJAxt8rsH
Retweeted by Jo KellyThis is 2015: Stats show 26% of people think rape/sexual assault victims partially to blame if they were drunk http://t.co/fmYRXktiR4
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New episode is out! It’s all about why what we euphemistically call 'the cunt-word' is ruder than the other swears. http://t.co/3rjrYG6yBQ
Retweeted by Jo KellyA happy faced galaxy cluster, the smile is caused by gravitational lensing. (Image: NASA, ESA, Hubble) http://t.co/4MqE1yFuo0
Retweeted by Jo KellyAusterity has kept the rich rich and made the poor poorer. Meanwhile the debt grows. We been duped everybody. Listen to @NicolaSturgeon.
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International Collaboration Says Nutritional Medicine Should Be “Mainstream” in Psychiatry http://t.co/76n7jcSDXx
Retweeted by Jo KellyThe problem is a lot of you are stupid.
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
We need to dispel the myth that the NHS is unaffordable and stop scapegoating smokers, drinkers and obese people says @drmarielouise on @LBC
Retweeted by Jo KellyThe more we learn about dna the less we know http://t.co/feo7CZ3qQZ
Retweeted by Jo KellyPls support my fiancé @BusterBrooon and his5000km row across the Atlantic with @oceanrowevents http://t.co/gUwbCUmcn8 http://t.co/0Z13akQmop
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Oh Valdi - you're so Money Supermarket #isitok #EpicStrut http://t.co/xKB68QbbLV
Retweeted by Jo KellyMissed @thelastleg? Then you'll have no idea why pirates say "Arhhhhhhh"!
Retweeted by Jo KellyToughest OCD decision of my life... http://t.co/oGCxOEEip2
Retweeted by Jo KellyIT HAPPENED TO ME: I Removed All the Mirrors in My House to Treat My Skin-Related OCD: http://t.co/qarPo0banR #IHTM
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#timetotalk: is social media helping people talk about mental health? http://t.co/0NEgssOpgf https://t.co/y5B4Hr7BoV
Retweeted by Jo KellyJaw-dropping intervention during @lisanandy poverty sppech in Commons yesterday http://t.co/oip410OY6P http://t.co/gQTgE7PGxJ
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@NHAparty Don't worry. I will be voting for @drmarielouise Hunt will be toast.
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I want to open a stats-themed pub called The Error Bar. The alcohol content of every drink served would vary across a normal distribution.
Retweeted by Jo KellyPlease spread the word @SweetArts_ Dance with us on 14 Feb at 1pm and break the chain of violence against women http://t.co/dXlCmegr6k
Retweeted by Jo KellyAll over the country, mild-mannered people are beginning to get cross http://t.co/oMMMSFgYDC
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London's population hits 8.6m, highest since 1939 peak. Tory response? Close London's A&Es (4 out of 9 in NW London) http://t.co/Ota6q6DtAJ
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Next time you're told that the English #NHS is not being "privatised", show them this (Source: WHO) http://t.co/H7rhEYg58j
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
Please listen to this @BBCr4today interview with @drsarahjarvis on the problems facing NHS GPs. Thoroughly depressing http://t.co/6JH5IZI7po
Retweeted by Jo Kelly"I don't have the time to #meditate." You do! http://t.co/F0ChH8I2iK http://t.co/z7zD46Wr8C #reasonstomeditate #TGIF
Retweeted by Jo KellyHere's @alex_brooker in preparation for tonight's #cleggleg showdown... http://t.co/LeQVWoolNK
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We should not see #NHS and education spending as a cost. They are an investment #PublicDuty
Retweeted by Jo KellyAs a nurse for the last 24 years it's my #PublicDuty to fight against the tory destruction of the NHS my mum and grandad also worked for.
Retweeted by Jo KellyAs an ITU doctor with 16 years' NHS experience, it's my #PublicDuty to inform you that the Tories are dismantling and privatising the NHS.
Retweeted by Jo KellyI fear David_Cameron selling off the #NHS means my family will suffer and it is my #PublicDuty to make sure people are aware of this loss.
Retweeted by Jo KellyAs a doctor and user of NHS for myself and my family its my #PublicDuty to urge you all to join fight to defend the NHS
Retweeted by Jo KellyAs a patient with 44 years of lifesaving NHS use, it's my #PublicDuty to inform you that the Tories are dismantling and privatising the NHS
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
Listeners to The Bugle have now raised nearly £40k for Michelle: http://t.co/ruBMR87a8F Nice people! #PODCASTPOWER
Retweeted by Jo KellyAlabama's gay marriage ban has been ruled unconstitutional in what is hopefully the first step towards Alabama being ruled unconstitutional.
Retweeted by Jo KellyNigel Farage can't count and UKIP are upset with this image. So please do not share it around. Thank you. http://t.co/f1exRPbFZP
Retweeted by Jo Kelly"$64,000 question for politicians. If we can't afford the most cost effective health service in world what can we afford?" - @DrJackyDavis
Retweeted by Jo KellyMT“@NHAparty: @drmarielouise letter in @farnhamherald on why Jeremy Hunt is out of step with his own constituents. http://t.co/ZDidaY1ZLx
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
The devastating impact of vaccine deniers, in one measles chart http://t.co/xmzeKsada0
Retweeted by Jo KellyChicken Kiev sandwiches = totally awesome! Also works well hot in a wrap. @helenzaltzman
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
This is why we say "NO to NHS privatisation" http://t.co/vsBEQkUUT2 #GuardianLiveNHS
Retweeted by Jo KellyAs an NHS worker, it's my public duty to inform the public that the Tories are dismantling & privatising our, not their, #NHS
Retweeted by Jo KellyOur NHS is loved because it's built by everyone, and for everyone. Regardless of their bank balance #GuardianLiveNHS http://t.co/2yx58tHYyL
Retweeted by Jo KellyNorman Lamb gets booed as unable to admit Lansley reforms been bad for NHS. Remember that voters. #GuardianLiveNHS
Retweeted by Jo KellySeems the Tories have already drafted a note to leave Labour if they lose the election. http://t.co/vADWRpylQb
Retweeted by Jo KellyAs an NHS worker with 10 years experience it is my duty to inform the public the Tories are privatising & dismantling our, not their, #NHS
Retweeted by Jo KellyAs a nurse with 27years NHS experience, it's my public duty to inform the public that Tories are dismantling & privatising the NHS
Retweeted by Jo KellyAs an NHS professional it is my duty to inform the public that the Tories are dismantling and privatising our #NHS.#NHSinCrisis @NHAparty
Retweeted by Jo KellyAs a patient with 60+ years NHS experience, it's my public duty to inform the public that Tories are dismantling & privatising the NHS
Retweeted by Jo KellyThis is what the NHS was like as Cameron took over. He has since created utter chaos. Don't let him delete history http://t.co/HN03yE5NfH
Retweeted by Jo KellyAs a GP with 15 years NHS experience, it's my duty to inform the public that the Tories are dismantling & privatising the NHS #nhscrisis
Retweeted by Jo Kelly.@drbobgill faces a hilariously inept Ukip spokesman in this #NHSDebate https://t.co/z7zVknU6sO
Retweeted by Jo KellyAs HCA in A&E with 17years NHS experience it is my public duty to inform the public that the Tories are privatising and dismantling the NHS.
Retweeted by Jo KellyHusband of an NHS nurse with 20 years experience, its my duty to inform the public that the Tories are dismantling and privatising the #NHS
Retweeted by Jo KellyAs mental health nurse with 32yrs experience in NHS,its my duty to inform the public that the Tories are dismantling & privatising the NHS
Retweeted by Jo KellyAs an ex Physio with 22yrs experience, it is my duty to inform the public that the Tories are privatising and dismantling our #NHS
Retweeted by Jo KellyAs a mere performer w/sudden interest in R country's good it's my duty to inform the public-the Tories are privatising & dismantling our NHS
Retweeted by Jo KellyAs a NHS Nurse for 23years & now a FTO for Unison, its my public duty to inform you this government is dismantling & privatising the NHS
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
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