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atheist, comedy loving, not very interesting, science loving, sociophobe :)

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Migrants are us. The only difference is that, unlike us, they did not have the good sense to be born in a safe & affluent part of the world.
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It may be the last Last Leg of the series this Friday but WAYEY! We have @LeeMack on the show! 🎈🍸✨💥😂💫🎶😀🎈🍸✨💥😂💫🎶😀🎈🍸✨💥😂💫
Retweeted by Jo KellyPublic assets such as our NHS being handed to govt's friends hand over fist. We are being robbed blind
Retweeted by Jo KellyCharities warn that #NHS cuts will deny patients access to life-extending treatment
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#SuggestACorbynSmear Jeremy Corbyn's favourite episode of Doctor Who is that one with Peter Kay
Retweeted by Jo Kelly#SuggestACorbynSmear If asked whether he wants sugar in his tea, Jeremy Corbyn says "no, I'm sweet enough", then laughs. Every. Single. Time
Retweeted by Jo KellyThe way to deal with these attacks on Corbyn is to listen carefully to what Corbyn actually says and not what the BBC and others say he says
Retweeted by Jo KellyBest chart ever.
Retweeted by Jo KellyI'm not that partial to Dickens. Can I get paid now?
Retweeted by Jo KellyArt is never finished, only abando
Retweeted by Jo KellyOnly place right-wing media & New Labour can go now is: "Jeremy Corbyn is Anti-Christ". Don't tell me Daily Mail has done it & I missed it!
Retweeted by Jo KellySupport for Jeremy Corbyn comes from an unexpected quarter
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I've seen a good few patients like this already today. They are not really in control.
Retweeted by Jo Kelly#voteCorbyn Here's a little reminder of what Jeremy said during a BBC Radio 5 Live discussion a week or so ago:
Retweeted by Jo Kelly"what is meant by living a good and worthwhile life — achieving a sense of peace within oneself" RIP Oliver Sacks
Retweeted by Jo KellyDutch MPs criticise #TTIP secrecy, demand openness. Why is our Govt silent? @UKTradeMinister
Retweeted by Jo KellyUN is to investigate whether Duncan Smith’s welfare reforms have caused “grave or systematic violations” of disabled peoples’ human rights..
Retweeted by Jo Kelly:(
Retweeted by Jo KellyBest-ever sum-up of Britain and its 'democracy' (& thanks to others who have just tweeted this, too). #BrokenBritain
Retweeted by Jo KellyAccidentally made decaf tea this morning but drank it anyway, so don't talk to me about overcoming adversity.
Retweeted by Jo KellyRe Corbyn: "I just don't get it" says Tony Blair, man of the people
Retweeted by Jo KellyTerrifying (disabled) thugs who intimidated MP Priti Patel. It must have been simply awful!
Retweeted by Jo KellySunset no human eye has ever seen... on Mars
Retweeted by Jo KellyYou're dying. Imagine spending last weeks of your life threatened by DWP & in fear of losing money you need to survive. British values 2015
Retweeted by Jo KellyIn 2010 NHS had highest-ever public approval rating. Now on verge of collapse. This man can't be trusted with our NHS
Retweeted by Jo KellyWoman found fit to work by IDS's Department of Work and Pensions actually died in Bronze Age
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Tories lie on benefits but don't care we see. Labour undemocratic on leader election but doesn't care we see. Message? People don't matter.
Retweeted by Jo KellyTop Tip: Benefit cheats, don't defraud £20. They'll send you to prison. Defraud £2000 for a moat. You'll get a pat on back & get made a Lord
Retweeted by Jo KellyCameron. Put your surfboard down. Show some leadership. This is the biggest humanitarian crisis in your lifetime.
Retweeted by Jo Kelly@SavemyNHS #TTIP Will affect every aspect of our lives, environment, health, food, goods, workers rights all under threat #voteCorbyn
Retweeted by Jo Kelly"The difference between my country & yours is that we all know we have a corrupt govt" - Nigerian nurse, St Thomas'
Retweeted by Jo KellyCameron, who takes piss out us by making Lord of man who claimed £2000 of public money 4 moat, spends day swimming in p**s. Poetic justice?
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"A nation's greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members." - Ghandi "Fuck 'em." - Iain Duncan Smith
Retweeted by Jo KellyJews for Jeremy condemn smears
Retweeted by Jo KellyBowties are cool! #NationalBowTieDay
Retweeted by Jo KellyOn the new episode, @TomGodard and @livlaliv tell the split infinitive where to fucking go.
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Cameron abuses power by stuffing House of Lords with Tory donors. No surprise so many want a fresh start & a change from status quo #corbyn
Retweeted by Jo KellyIf you're not careful, newspapers will have you hating people being oppressed & loving people oppressing - Malcolm X
Retweeted by Jo KellyOur public services like NHS being stolen - handed to govt's rich friends And our TV gives us this. Night after night
Retweeted by Jo KellyRT if sickened that Andrew Lansley made a Lord. He's responsible for Health+Social Care Act that's wasted £bns, undermined NHS+worsened care
Retweeted by Jo KellyArchitect of NHS destruction made Lord. Lansley removed govt's "duty to provide" healthcare for you and your family
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Public assets such as NHS being handed to govt's friends hand over fist. Robbery of all of us on unprecedented scale
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In a parallel universe, Labour are celebrating that they've got no new members and that no-one gives a toss about their leadership election.
Retweeted by Jo Kelly#NeilGaiman inspires 'Meh', kids picture book on #mentalhealth
Retweeted by Jo Kellypleased to say that my appearance on RHLSTP has led to a spike in the book sales of Syd Little and Don Estelle
Retweeted by Jo KellySo @EE has just told me I need to pay just under £500 to cancel my mum's phone contract... Even though she died on Thursday. No morals.
Retweeted by Jo KellyWhy hasn't IDS been sacked over this? Deliberately lying to the electorate is a corruption of our democracy.
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@DrAseemMalhotra @LesleySemmens @svig2 @PeoplesNHS @butNHS @SavemyNHS @keepnhspublic @NHSour Have you seen this ?
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I have no plan.
Retweeted by Jo Kelly"We need a Labour government in 2020,but we cannot wait until then.Labour has to be a strong&constructive opposition"
Retweeted by Jo KellyMy little boy, Calvin, died tonight after a short illness. Devastated. Please RT his beautiful face. Thanks. X
Retweeted by Jo KellyReasons not to eat at @lasiguanas.
Retweeted by Jo KellyIronic that ex-Labour voters like me are now banned from voting when it was New Labour that strayed from party's founding aims and values!
Retweeted by Jo Kellyinteresting piece on sanction targets for job centre workers -
Retweeted by Jo KellyGlad there's so much focus on Corbyn's economics. Can you imagine someone without a 100% guaranteed-effective economic policy being elected?
Retweeted by Jo KellyIf Donald Trump becomes President I’m moving to another universe.
Retweeted by Jo KellyIf a plant is sad, will other plants photosympathize with it? "Hey, I chlorofeel you bro."
Retweeted by Jo KellyThe New Labour candidates are not perceived as convincing whereas Corbyn is. Instead of slagging him off, why don't they ponder that?
Retweeted by Jo KellyHe inherited debt of £760 billion (2010) He has "reduced" it to £1260 billion (2014) (Maths not his strongest point)
Retweeted by Jo KellyAlso worth remembering--it's the ones pushing austerity who are the extremists
Retweeted by Jo KellyWhen ending NHS privatisation is viewed as 'socialist' you know capitalism has gone too far. Profit from ill-health should not be the norm.
Retweeted by Jo KellyFigures uncovered by @lucianaberger show Ministers have broken their pledge to increase spending on mental health
Retweeted by Jo KellyJeremy Corbyn wins economists’ backing for anti-austerity policies
Retweeted by Jo KellyWelcome to Pessimist Club. Pretty poor turn out this week. I knew it would be.
Retweeted by Jo KellyPeople raise £14k after woman fined £330 for stealing 75p Mars Bar after benefit sanctions left her penniless
Retweeted by Jo Kellyffs humanity
Retweeted by Jo KellyRebecca Watson threatened with a defamation claim if she does not remove posts about Ben Radford.
Retweeted by Jo KellyCameron: "we are the party of One Nation Britain*" *does not apply to the disabled
Retweeted by Jo KellyWhen you realize that life is going to be really hard because your mom is batshit
Retweeted by Jo KellyNothing unites Twitter more than a Louise Mensch shaming.
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Bang on cue, rejected by the Labour Party. It's "we have reason to believe" that's my favourite bit
Retweeted by Jo KellyI've been banned from voting in Labour Leadership election. Because I don't share the party's aims and values* *I wanted to vote for Corbyn
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@TheLastLeg I found this
Retweeted by Jo KellyWhat we do have is a very particular set of instruments #TubullarBellend
Retweeted by Jo KellyOur own @marcuschown getting a lot of press mentions today after #LabourPurge. (FYI he's not on our elected Nat Exec)
Retweeted by Jo KellyI have noticed!
Retweeted by Jo KellyAt last! Hugely important thing to do. Healing, necessary, overdue.
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Good to see Labour moving to tackle all those infiltrators hell-bent on spreading social justice and equality. #LabourPurge
Retweeted by Jo KellyWonder who wears the trousers in this house?
Retweeted by Jo KellyI am in shock. I have voted Labour in every election, including the last one. But I do want a non-privatised NHS
Retweeted by Jo KellyReally honoured to receive the support of the Daily Record tonight. Thank you
Retweeted by Jo KellyI also support aims of National Health Action Party - which is not party of power - because I want a publicly funded, publicly delivered NHS
Retweeted by Jo KellyI'm so glad there's no way that @herring1967's me1 vs me2 snooker podcasts can be hacked and listener lists be released on the 'Dark Web'.
Retweeted by Jo KellyThanks to @TheForumNorwich for allowing our cake stand this week for @ageuknorfolk & @NorwichMind #norfolkhour #norfolkrt
Retweeted by Jo KellyYes @DMBRICH: @marcuschown @BBCNews We know that a large proportion are #refugees. In this, #Germany and #Sweden put us to shame
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There are over 1600 billionaires on the planet. The fact that not one of these has chosen to become Batman is very disappointing.
Retweeted by Jo KellyWe call it a “fence”
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Excellent (but long) analysis of UK economy. If you haven't time to read it, here's summary: AUSTERITY IS BOLLOCKS
Retweeted by Jo KellyIf New Labour had spent half as much time opposing the Tories as Corbyn, we wouldn't have our country being carved up by Cameron & his mates
Retweeted by Jo KellyWhile New Labour attacks Corbyn, Cameron and Osborne take the opportunity to transfer more of our public assets to their wealthy friends.
Retweeted by Jo KellyWhat an appalling race we have become. When did we turn our backs on compassion ? Bri
Retweeted by Jo KellyThe more Corbyn is attacked, the more suspicious I'm becoming about the others.
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Friendlly Tip for New Labour: If there's another Blairite Big Beast out there about to say: "Don't vote Corbyn!", tell them to Shushhhhhh...
Retweeted by Jo Kelly@RufusHound Liking Stewart Lee's work. #LabourLeadership
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Corbyn might be wrong. He might be unelectable. But I'm convinced that he is a good man.
Retweeted by Jo KellyTrying to find bigger venue for our event with Prof Bill Mitchell #ModernMonetaryTheory. Overwhelmed by response.
Retweeted by Jo KellyThis is how a protein (kinesin) moves within your body
Retweeted by Jo KellyThe real #CorbynMediaFear is that ordinary people have formed a movement in which the press have no part.
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#ProfitfromPupils #ProfitfromPatients #ProfitfromCancer #ProfitfromPrisons... Just a few of the hashtags David Cameron currently sponsoring.
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