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Software Consultant in New Jersey. Runs @jaymobilenj I make people more money with Apps™. Helplessly hopeful individual.

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@AlexDe_L @joshriker I AM@AlexDe_L @joshriker guys no
@AlexDe_L alex no@_Jordan because blockchain or because dope? I think dope is a fun word
@jc4p son please.@jc4p I miss MC Clap Yo Handz@jc4p disappointed it wasn’t a reference to the soundtrack from the TV showJust corrupted a thumb drive by unplugging it without ejecting so someone alert the science community that I’ve discovered time travel
@jc4p lmao again@jc4p lmao
contemplating life choices after my local liquor store texts me via iPhone hey rich old white men signing contracts with other rich old white men for guns we don’t need is cool too amiriteImagine how far we can move forward if we focused less on aggression and put the ~20% of American tax dollars into edu & infrastructureWhich presidential candidate wants to defund the military? I’ll take that one please@AlexDe_L n
@AlexDe_L your wallet is fucked once I get back@AlexDe_L oh boy oh boy@AlexDe_L 😁 so is today the worst day ever for you or what@AlexDe_L of all people I thought you’d appreciate a good dickbutt@AlexDe_L
amazing how full of shit that all was huhremember how in school we were all taught how amazing America isSo who decided not to create a target/action for UIControlEventEditingChanged when making a connection from a UITextField 😐
@jc4p @iano sadly I have no availability left in 2015
Setting up a CI server
@sturmen I used to nope the fuck out of there all the time because the line wrapped around the store …twiceIf Objective-C had mixins the world would be a better place. Swift is almost there but no stored properties in extensions fucks it upMildly more reasonable, I suppose, but needing to have a subclass just for that would be a bummer to decide if this terrible, clever, or if storyboards are just the worst yo fuck TJ’s in NYC I do not fux with those lines@AlexDe_L can’t wait to not show up to your bday@joshriker death over designerThe Xcode team that created the .xcodeproj format what
It ain’t New York but it also doesn’t give me anxiety @jc4p sry I’m a pacifist guys@jc4p rip the reply all button @IMSTEAKY@jc4p .3 or bust. we’re talking about pens right@IMSTEAKY I remember the first time I witnessed people screaming world star IRL so surreal@AlexDe_L like I sat in a chair for an hour because my life is boring af wink wink@AlexDe_L had a quick layover in DFW too if you know what I’m saying@AlexDe_L I like to keep it risqué@AlexDe_L how else do you think I meet new peopleXcode’s warnings for ghost invalid characters at the end of a line in a Swift files are going to drive me batty
A fun thing to do in New York is people watch the people that get onto the L trainI remember thinking how silly Quora was but these days it’s one of the only newsletter emails I always open & read (along with NYT Now)@sturmen it’s seamless that gets me@jc4p why bk it’s so farSomeone help I’m starting to get used to being in New York no no no
@AlexDe_L false also u r afraid of trains@brianmwang ur startup valve is leaking Brian haha@AlexDe_L u need some self confidence sir@AlexDe_L if you get over your fear of trains and come to NY, yThat glorious feeling when someone brings you a donut from Dough
Well, I’ve had enough of New York for the year
@sturmen oh you mean northwestern right?@jc4p defriended@jc4p >not a bourbon guy
@jc4p you ever try this stuff
Hell exists and it is actually just Port Authority@joshriker or get really depressed, that song is way hardcore
@kerrick source: capital N, the other is for compatibility in Xcode 6 AFAIK and will be deprecatedI’m on 9th so I think that makes me Schrödinger’s catEverything west of 8th Avenue is like the Atlantis of NYCGot some friends together to see @nottjmiller and then boom I'm suddenly fifth wheeling a double date goddamn it
MFW listening to some older Wyclef Jean and suddenly @TheRock is doing vocals. 2000 was a weird year, huh.@jc4p this is amazingThings I do not miss even a little bit: commuting into NYC.
Back on that RPT grind is the only place that has ever made me question the almighty @DosToros. So good.RunSwift is back up and running with Swift 1.2@joshriker does the NYT know yet?@joshriker huge if true
@klaaspieter can hook you up with a custom API key this week if you’d like@klaaspieter I’m unlikely to open source the app itself but it has an API you can hook up to in your blog. Editor is just Ace, too
@jc4p 🌲@jc4p it is saturday@AlexDe_L tru@AlexDe_L identify
Dude’s been killing it for like 10 years now but that’s an accomplishmentAyyy BJ The Chicago Kid on the new Dre record, that’s some good shit
I applaud Microsoft for OS’ing something that big and controversial to the scrutiny of one of the most horribly judgmental dev communitiesIn all seriousness though his ability to invoke emotion is amazing, effective storytelling is lost on the current generation of rappersIt’s all fun and games until you listen to an Immortal Technique album and you’re left with a case of the feelsMade a website for testing push notifications in development to replace that dirty ruby script I know you all have:
being friends with @jc4p is it even a party if it doesn’tAlbeit, all the way at the bottom, but you know what Drake saysI’m on a list @jc4p I meant that just because they’re all relevant to the view doesn’t mean you can’t reorganize the logic in diff classes@tamarshmallows @jc4p that being said there are no right/wrong answers and the best solution is the one easiest for you to reason about@tamarshmallows @jc4p it’s more about organization in this case, putting the code in diff files/classes doesn’t decouple it from the view@tamarshmallows @jc4p generally it’s a play it by ear thing for me, I’d probably start with one class and refactor later as it grows bigger@jc4p @tamarshmallows ya sorry I was in the woods hiking when I got the mention, I would just break up the logic into diff controllers@jc4p @tamarshmallows link to the shit I wrote about controllers pls
San Fransisco is my favorite piece of hidden-in-plain-sight satireI was reading and hurt myself by facepalming too hard.
Retweeted by jp@jc4p but what does stack do differently to elevate senior engineers from defacto cap of ~150-180k to what managers at bigco’s make@AlexDe_L random trainer on the floor, not mine
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