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Trying to find the balance between not enough coffee and way too much coffee.

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I love the Internet. https://t.co/X6glOlV9vNShe's so tired, but just keeps chanting #StanleyCup repeatedly. #BecauseItsTheCup http://t.co/APNH0FHjNC@NHLonNBCSports #BracketBar #StanleyCup http://t.co/AHVc78iNroThe hard work of fundraising & lots of grant proposals/ requests is starting to pay off. #BringingInTheBigBucks #SupportOurTroopsThanks @SIRIUSXM 90s on 9 for starting my Monday with some "Gangsta's Paradise." #LetsGoShortWeek
I've got Prust/ Turris @Buccigross . #BucciOvertimeChallenge #BecauseItsTheCup@funkycoldmedema the worst!@JRegalmj they hate us cause they ain't us!Spending this rainy afternoon deciding which country will stamp my passport next. Any suggestions?@funkycoldmedema yes!!! So jealous! Enjoy the Madhouse on Madison!Batten down the hatches, Illinois! I'm making my return this week!
Thank goodness I only purchased 2 6-packs of @Molson_Canadian &refuse to switch to another beer for this playoffs drinking. #KatieNeedsACabNever fake call your friend's player in this drinking game. Karma sucks. #LearningTheHardWayThis Rangers playoffs drinking game should be called Katie needs a cab. #BecauseItsTheCup"Gas, grass or ass; nobody rides for free!" It's only the 1st period, & we've already declined to this.The drink of choice for my playoff viewing experience. #BecauseItsTheCup #StanleyCup http://t.co/mqMOWPnIhi@Almann06 I'm surprisingly okay with that one.Making plans for Iowa next week & @Almann06 recommends the world's largest truck stop. #ThingsOfMyNightmaresToo soon to wear Maple Leafs attire to a playoff party tonight? #JustLoveTheGameDontCareAboutTheTeamsTonight #StanleyCupThe 18-21 year old me is fired up that Jack's Mannequin & @andrewmcmahon are the playlist this morning. #RentsAreHighAndLAsEasy
@JRegalmj perfect score everytime!Completed my first ever employee performance review as a manager. #GrownUpTasks
At least if I'm going to get talked into sketchy bar trivia tonight, I can catch the @NHL playoffs on the way! http://t.co/WfLP9NRSed"Well, aside from that Mrs. Lincoln, did you enjoy the play?" #Fords150 #lincoln150
One of the most frightening exhibits is Lincoln's casket in the Capitol Rotunda @ALPLM. #Fords150 #Lincoln150 http://t.co/J6g09LO40pTomorrow! So fired up. http://t.co/myDjtadqys #StanleyCup #BecauseItsTheCupNothing like realizing you can take a half day!
There are now ducks and a gun in my office. I love this place.Politics fascinate me, but a 19 month long election season is incredibly long. They don't even grow playoff beards!
War in Afghanistan continues for families of fallen U.S. soldiers http://t.co/CVb94CrzRr http://t.co/roLUjiJZ8a
Retweeted by katie kennedyWe've got mayhem, folks. A kid just kicked a coach, another is hanging from the goal posts & there's a baby running amok! #U3soccerThere must be a sniper out here, because these kids just keep falling. #U3soccerCoach just shouted: "stop pulling down my pants!" #U3soccer@JRegalmj- @ShooterMcGavin_ spelled North Augusta wrong. #NobodyWantsToStayInGeorgia #SCisTheREALpeachStateThis graphic will be the reason the Ducks don't win it all. #Superstition #StanleyCup https://t.co/S1rplfxtdtGenerations, friends near & far; sports connect us. Great work @ArizonaCoyotes & @NHL connecting military families. https://t.co/Iff4EZZyW4
The temperature must be heating up outside. There are so many angry people in this hallway. #WorkplaceHallway@RoryJMGreen it's not asking; it's "an invitation to change the world." Love that!@shanecglass that never works. #SomeoneGetsStuckDaily
@shanecglass but how do you get from one level to the next with only one?What is the purpose of only one stair? http://t.co/MVww7JGlKqI'd pay big bucks for coffee from Timmys. Any chance you'll deliver to South Carolina, @TimHortons or @TimHortonsUS ? #PleaseSayYes
The description is accurate. Question is: why would this candle be a thing? http://t.co/heqOOSisnEIt's strangely comforting to know some things will never change. #ThatDoorWillAlwaysBeBroken
There are 5 cups on my desk, 3 of which contain coffee. Bring it, Tuesday afternoon.@KellyKKRoberts why even trying? #NectarOfTheGods
#OpeningDay is one of my favorite holidays. Wish I was back at Miller Park watching the @Brewers play! http://t.co/dQ6Ujlj9JpWell, Plan B costs like $50... - GUEST: How much is it for a one-night stand? Ah! I mean, one-night stay? http://t.co/Nhtv2F7pmX
Retweeted by katie kennedyNotes like this from some of my favorite soldiers are even better than the gift itself. http://t.co/tIMtURRtTwMake a moment for our troops and their families by donating on 5/5 through #MidlandsGives! https://t.co/IAPB7Z56JF
Retweeted by katie kennedyWhere am I supposed to fax you this letter; 1992?
I love this game. “@Molson_Canadian: These Canadians went to hockey heaven because they do #AnythingForHockey. https://t.co/jueJYYUIvfClassify your antagonists as haters, & your flaws are absolved by their greater sin of envy. “@nytimes: http://t.co/BlT4e3Fdlx
Worst promo ever. #FeetAreGross "@goicehogs: LAST CHANCE! If you want to see your feetsies on the video board tonight."My niece may be the only 3 year old who begs to read a Ronald Reagan biography. #WinOneForTheGipper.@TheMasters week, nearly @MLB Opening Day & @NHL Stanley Cup playoffs- bring on the most magical time of the year!
End of the month reports aren't so bad when you find gems like this from one of your favorite soldiers! http://t.co/Ju9bwQ0mbb
. @funkycoldmedema one of my favorite Hawks games pastimes is daughter or trophy wife. @WhatsTheLede is really good. #HarderThanYouThinkIrmo drivers are on par with Florida drivers. #TheWorst #RoidRageHelped a soldier from North Pole, Alaska today. Turns out, he knows Santa. #FriendsAroundTheWorldThis is why minor league sports are amazing. "@THNMattLarkin: We've been had, by funniest franchise. http://t.co/kTp7FZnLHU” @shanecglass@jenniferweiner Maggie reading ee Cummings in In Her Shoes!It's almost my favorite week of the year at the airport! @TheMasters is coming!
@JRegalmj it's fun to do bad things! http://t.co/VPFVRMMXZL #HoodratHe cried himself to sleep, bc he wanted to keep driving the @Jeep . Best day of his baby life. #AuntieAndWilson http://t.co/JYwrfvat0V@JRegalmj @ShooterMcGavin_ damn you people! This is golf, not a rock concert!
Does this mean I should roll up the windows? http://t.co/A1uO7sJfUL@kennedykatie sorry? Or YOURE WELCOME!
Retweeted by katie kennedyJust killed the speech I gave in front of a few hundred CocaCola executives. They laughed, cried, & a standing ovation.I wonder if these guys would mind if I joined their golf game? #HiltonHeadIsland #BeerCartDriver
Dresses, heels and Jeeps are not a great mix. Sorry for the show, guy watching the security camera.@JRegalmj thanks for the confidence!Let's roll, 15 hour Monday!
"Everybody grab your balls!" Thanks, coach! #U3soccerCoach's kid got kicked off the field, so he's stuffing himself in a bag. #U3soccer http://t.co/1HDXVAspQZ# 36 just keeps knocking down the goal. If she can't score, no one will! #U3soccer"No holding hands!" Says the coach. #U3soccerCooper just punched the coach. This kid has a future. #U3soccerNot one f is given. #U3soccer http://t.co/B1JK8MOP6cThese kids don't care about their teammates. They just leave the field whenever they want. #U3soccer"Nobody touch my butt!" Says the goaltender. #U3soccerI don't even need to feel like I'm 22, T Swift, because there's still no hangovers for me at 27! #Day4ofYear27
@odognine2 amazing!@kennedykatie I believe you're looking for this... https://t.co/fUB504OQlo
Retweeted by katie kennedyAn alarm clock that will make me coffee? Sign me up! http://t.co/3H0BRTJj4t
May be a bit selfish, but I love getting a note & picture of a soldier & his family saying I made a difference. #JobLove #LittleThingsI love this state. Even the inmates working on the road wave as you pass. #HomeThanks @WaltDisneyWorld for helping me celebrate 27! http://t.co/Uwjeisb7X0
U- turns in the interstate medians are a thing here in Florida. #AllTheCrazies
Thanks Jake at the Magic Kingdom @Starbucks for helping me create a moment & for making my day! http://t.co/a5NyCOhYqe@JRegalmj hahaha. I have been all day! Good thing she still thinks I'm funny!@funkycoldmedema I can't stop laughing about it.There is nothing more magical than watching my niece watch the welcome show @WaltDisneyWorld . #AuntieAndAdler
Batten down the hatches, Florida! I'm home!"This state smells!"- Adler on GeorgiaMy 1- year old nephew makes coffee. This is the best use of child labor ever. #AuntieAndWilson http://t.co/nCaX0xx3nl@JRegalmj but we live that everyday!@funkycoldmedema she's very advanced. She was glued to this book!Our reading material for this car trip. #AuntieAndAdler http://t.co/i9x5xlOfhE
So many handwritten notes & picture collages today. #DonorLove
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