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Jen Joyce @knitpurl Capitol Hill, Seattle

Captain of Makin It Happen. @Uber Marketing. Knit when I have time to sit. Always needs more tattoos. Music. Cats. Fun. Burritos. Also see: @Uber_SEA

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And in other news @GovPenceIN is a horrible human/giant douchebag/needs to wake the fuck up.
What podcasts are you listening to at the moment besides @tbtl featured on Podcart Network @infiniteguest cause I already listen to that duh@pelossus Next time :) Need to get back to the office!Kirkland City Hall. That is where I am.Never mistake activity for achievement. - John Wooden
Retweeted by Jen JoyceSafety, safety, safety. It’s our top priority! WATCH: http://t.co/cJ4LwGhzMv
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@SeattleMaven ❤️❤️❤️Stupid semi ruined date night. EFF YOU, SEMI.WARNING: TOTAL DAD ROCK BAND PLAYING IN PIONEER SQUARE. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE PAY THEM TO STOP? THANK YOU.@JessEstrada on rePETE: http://t.co/GMAoa4avtC I just can’t…PETE CARROLL PHOTOBOMB! http://t.co/iw66DUxJJ7
Retweeted by Jen Joyce@christengreene Also, tacos.
OMG @lenadunham ON SCANDAL yessssssssssssssss@ChooseSPUN HAHAHAHAHA“I like to hear myself read sometimes.” OH, BRUCE.
Retweeted by Jen Joycei would like to be here now: http://t.co/w3RkElRUMIWant to be able to open your Uber app anywhere in WA & get a ride? Tell your representative that #WAneedsUberhttp://t.co/okzHnDFKfG
Retweeted by Jen Joyce@kristy You can do it. I believe in you.@kristy I am on number 3. Where you at girl?@ISV_Damocles DA DUM CHHHHHHH ;)@bigmalx Or that. That could be a thing too.Let’s all play the game of 'How Many Cups of Coffee Will Jen Joyce Need To Get Through Today?'. Ready? GO. ☕️@alexpriest Re-watch Parks and Rec! SO worth it. http://t.co/iDoqTpHoQA
Marnie isn't totally horrible sans Desi. Never try to birth a child in your own bathtub. I'm excited for that new relationship. #GirlsHBOGIRLS SEASON FINALEEEEEE 🙆
I want to be Leslie Knope when I grow up.@omsandhoney 😍😍😍😍
Also, my Friday nights are really exciting.Will someone invent an on-demand cat grooming app? Margaret Yang needs professional help. 😑🙀@seattlish OMG @omsandhoney needs to see this.
No chicken chicken noodle soup - please save me 😞
@MarshallOsborne @ryonlife @JeremyGrosser I 3rd it! Thank you!It’s only 8:34am and this has been me like 5 times so far today 😂 http://t.co/oPKfXQcnNS@Taylor_Soper Or it is just how @SamLachow chooses to say hi to people? hahaha@ryanpflynn haha! Game of Thrones!
Marnie is the worst.April 12th! April 12th! April 12th!@nickf @davidhoang ❤️❤️❤️@davidhoang @nickf You are supposed to wear pants when you walk your cat on a leash? Shit.@davidhoang When I moved here I tried to do this with Margaret Yang. It basically looked like this http://t.co/2YZxj6tpvpRide safe, y’all! RT @SamLachow: Enjoy St Pattys Day! Travel safely too though @Uber_SEA https://t.co/wqFxsGlupA
Retweeted by Jen Joyce@bambichronicles it's face!GIVE IT ALL YA GOT. GO! https://t.co/WuHLH9BWpA@BEVEE_BAGS Will do! :)@HeyMikeGuay http://t.co/4421Kg2SeC
@kellyhclay 😘😘😘@SarahLovrien @jseattle All butts all the time http://t.co/kCEFk8QDimMe every time I click on a @AppMeerkat link in my twitter feed http://t.co/7YJCCBLtOQ@SeattleMaven Look at all those sticks and twigs! Oh…wait. 😉😘
@JessEstrada I had no idea! Omg.Soooo @best_coast... you might want to consider a name change when you come to Seattle http://t.co/VGK0gpQVxJDarlin (@krows54) take me by the hand, we're gonna see a punk rawk band - @mxpx 😎 (@ The Showbox for MXPX + more) https://t.co/6O1yLHlzSyiPhone 6 plus. In gold because I'm a baller obvi.http://t.co/1yaoB6GhOpTil yesterday I thought"on fleek"meant very crazy.Like"she murdered her last five husbands,hid their bodies in the swamp,bitch is ON FLEEK!"
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Aloha! Sign the petition to support @Uber_Hawaii! #HawaiiNeedsUber https://t.co/AYdaqL5blN#SXSW friends! 🙌 RT @Uber_ATX: Austin, your #uberPOOL is arriving now. Celebrate with a free commute on us: http://t.co/j6pTa8zBoj
@shanevans #SUPERCOOL
Truuuuuuu RT @Taylor_Soper: Seems like 75 percent of Prius' in Seattle are UberX@fortheglow haha I know. I tried emailing you on the 1st but didn't hear back so I am trying again :/ sorry. This is why I think it hates me@fortheglow I think your whole system just hates me. :(NBD going to MXPX with @krows54 Saturday NBD
Every time I think I am gonna die during cycle circuit class, I think of @DinoKnucks & I kick it up a notch. #gayboyfriendfitnessinspiration"A more equitable world is only possible when women have access to better+flexible earning opportunities" #Beijing20 http://t.co/U7ObKCWdRY
Retweeted by Jen Joyce@BrianWestbrook I'd love that!@BrianWestbrook hahaha Good to see you too! ❤️@BrianWestbrook Well, now you've seen me at my worst 😥💀My 👂s are so excited! RT @heymarseilles Just completed work on our 3rd studio album. http://t.co/MQrLXIFWxQ https://t.co/b9up41HXO5I guess nobody consulted @mosesbread72 on this trade, eh? #GoHawks
Retweeted by Jen JoyceHey @MarshallOsborne @AndiPim! Guess what we were doing two years ago today... http://t.co/dUuSHFR9sL
Why tech is so fun: MP3 Player -> Phone -> Phone with Apps -> Uber -> Watch -> Pressing your watch and having a car pick you up on demand.
Retweeted by Jen Joyce@JessEstrada @geekgiant Sorry to bring down the mood here http://t.co/vOWgQXJani@JessEstrada @geekgiant I almost died when i was a kid thanks to an ostrich running at me while I was on a horse #TRUESTORY 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭@geekgiant that is so frightening. omg. // @JessEstradaPlease feel free to inform that person that if they really knew me, they would know that Im like this RE: house music http://t.co/7GsslUMJnPIf you get a message from a random on Spotify telling you that you’d like some house playlist cause you are buds w/ me DONT KNOW WHO THAT ISPeople who say shit without researching or understanding but claim to know everything. JUST. STOP. </rant>WHAT IF TIM COOK CAME OUT ON STAGE AND JUST YELLED "HOW 'BOUT THEM APPLES" FOR 20 MINUTES
Retweeted by Jen Joyce@aileen206 😘😘😘 Thx dollI went to a wedding this weekend where a shark ate my head and boyfriend turned into a wizard. http://t.co/tO7vOrfkvx@girlandcoconut Get it girl! @yogawithadriene is lovely!
@PorchlightSEA I SEE YOU: http://t.co/gPOqPeIWDlHappy #InternationalWomensDay to all of our amazing female partner-drivers & riders. You move us. #WomenMoveUs WATCH: http://t.co/wjgwPOqqML
Retweeted by Jen Joyce#WomenMoveUs - Happy #InternationalWomensDay to all of the amazing ladies in my life. You move me. WATCH: http://t.co/gPOqPeIWDl
Before. After. 💁 http://t.co/Wb9MwrRj6qLast night was amazing. Thanks to everyone who came out! Great chats with fab women. #WomenMoveUs http://t.co/uEHxjBRCZgMeet Kristina-Star Trek fan, rider & student. 1 word to describe herself: badass. http://t.co/GYwWOebCQ4 #WomenMoveUs http://t.co/mQWhMXFIsz
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@darnellsue Obvi. But from Uber to inside I'll need assistance. // @omsandhoneyWho wants to carry me like a baby tonight because barre? Looking at you @omsandhoney. #WomenMoveUsTHIS SKATEBOARDING CAT WILL JUST ROLL RIGHT INTO YOUR HEARTS https://t.co/PKtL7IbQ1gPRAISE BABY J RT @SportsCenter JUST IN: Seahawks/Marshawn Lynch agreed to terms on new contract. (via @AdamSchefter) http://t.co/Lwpgj7PIK4More than once, I've thrown my hands in the air like i just don't care, when secretly I cared. I cared a lot. I apologize if I misled anyone
Retweeted by Jen JoyceBOOOOO RT @Uber_AK Rides will no longer be available in Anchorage. We need leadership that believes #AKneedsUber: http://t.co/uIln7e33OJTell @MayorSullivan that #AKneedsUber — sign the petition today! https://t.co/zT3p6y5c63I love this. http://t.co/aFQ6QnZ3WP
Retweeted by Jen Joyce@dnathe4th jk it’s not me@dnathe4th sorry.Meet Suzy-Uber Partner with a streak of pink in her hair & a never-ending smile. http://t.co/tdW9scum45 #WomenMoveUs http://t.co/LEgHZTSEaL
Retweeted by Jen Joyce@kristy Truth! Always the cat's fault. Always.@kristy At least I am not alone.
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