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Host Writer Activist Musician Filmmaker Cosmonaut Ravenclaw Husband Catch my talk show on SiriusXM106 LIVE 6-8pm and the Pop2Kountdown all weekend SXM10

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@justmartindale Hahahahaha!Shout out to @LanceBass for hosting the best channel on satellite radio ... Pop2k
Retweeted by Lance Bass@CourtneyBobert ❤️❤️❤️❤️ congrats to the married couple!!
@KatamiZarrillo you guys are the best!!. @sweetstorela oh the possibilities!!!. @joelmchale Goose ✈️#CarryingTheBanner w @LisaVanderpump @Newsies The hat really completes the outfit don't ya think? http://t.co/K9OEklff7X@jr88freak I'm thinking icy silver ! What ya think?Great to meet @LisaVanderpump and @LanceBass to our LA premiere of Newsies. Thank you both for coming. http://t.co/zCmnDYUAcZ
Retweeted by Lance Bass. @RealMerrinD we adore you! #OnceAUponATime. @joelmchale OK, the secret is out. It's my Mississippi homegirl @OhMeredith at @MavenSalonBH - I feel so vulnerable http://t.co/hr7ScibaAiWe tried our best #Newsies look from our closet. Eh @newsies http://t.co/MxDcNAGbHA@DDeLuca15 you were incredible! Congrats on the show!@dancinchaz aw man! I missed it! Amazing show! Congrats.Raise your hand if you're happy it's Friday!!! 🙌 http://t.co/Nzax4Xk3YW
Intermission at @newsies ... Absolutely loving it! A must see, incredible! @giggythepom @LanceBass http://t.co/RFCWyUXekZ
Retweeted by Lance BassLet's not forget the Gigster!! @giggythepom http://t.co/wKoDF0x7XDDate night at the opening of #Newsies @Newsies w @LisaVanderpump @Disney http://t.co/hasYGbTwSv@Newsies can't wait!!!Bravo! Audra McDonald Just Took Down Indiana Gov. Mike Pence In A Glorious Twitter Rant #RFRA http://t.co/vTUOXm7vuZHad a blast on @DirtyPopLive w/ @LanceBass @BBJordanLloyd drinking @luckybuddhabeer & good friends! @DreamJobbing http://t.co/H7uA63sYVg
Retweeted by Lance BassLA LGBT Center Joins Survivors of Abuse and State Sen. Lara / Call for Reg of Residential Programs http://t.co/uvP63VTCI4 via @LALGBTCenterMy take on #Zayn from #OneDirection on @DirtyPopLive @siriusxm https://t.co/56Dvr7iARwR.I.P old writing book- Hello to my new one! It's #Pulgha themed! By- @artistmparedes http://t.co/G6OzCmqahF.@Susynerey920 #OutQ106 6-8pm and #Stars109 late night. Welcome to the #peanut family!Happy to stand with @WWE against bullying & holding a rally to teach tolerance at Joseph George Middle School! #WM31
@jdizzle_tv @GabbySidibe OH the memories! Seems like yesterday#OneDirection http://t.co/YmA7JV2Lmq@jr88freak @TeamLance @realjoeyfatone @DirtyPopLive yea pasty crotch!Wow! Did not see this ending coming! Grab a tissue! http://t.co/CDScCe8Gew#WhiteDwarf is out on @amazon now!! http://t.co/77wPinqC9p Check out this movie!! @AndyWarholla @LanceBass @HeatherAnkeny @RyanRottman
Retweeted by Lance BassIt's #WCW on @DirtyPopLive! @LeaBlackMiami, @Kim_Gravel, & @homebabysitting joining @LanceBass on the show! http://t.co/RwMn5BVR0d
Retweeted by Lance Bass
3 WEEKS to DVD/VOD release! Pre-Order your copy now! @MichaelUrie @RandyHarrison01 @LanceBass http://t.co/38C7kvg6R7 http://t.co/1xCHP6z7v8
Retweeted by Lance Bass#ApartmentTroubles - #MovieTrailer http://t.co/aXLcVTPLGR@brytwithawhy ❤️❤️❤️❤️No. 1 'N Sync vs. No. 2 Spice Girls http://t.co/iTAGtbXkQd Cant let the spicegirls take this @NSYNC @LanceBass @jtimberlake @realjoeyfatone
Retweeted by Lance BassTune in/download/bleep blop bloop TODAY - 3pm pst I'm on @DirtyPopLive w @LanceBass @thisisdrew talking @nltheseries & new @LogoTV show!
Retweeted by Lance BassUncle @MichaelTurchin teaching our Goddaughter how to make a Monet in class today. http://t.co/vzqsolQzzl
http://t.co/FmEYXwExIJ. @joelmchale http://t.co/jbrqil8CfcSocial Media Fights For Man Beaten In Miss. Where Hate Crime Laws Don’t Protect | If You Only News http://t.co/G8mR13LmadHappy #NationalPuppyDay!! Celebrating by playing w all the new pups at @LuckyPuppyRnR !! http://t.co/42cYe0KoaEHappy #NationalPuppyDay! 🐾🐶@LanceBass @MichaelTurchin #dingofosterlily http://t.co/tI5WLHKcPP
Retweeted by Lance BassThe trailer has arrived!! It's going to be a blast! http://t.co/UmzRGD39Kn @LanceBass @WhatsupDanny @jairodriguez
Retweeted by Lance BassHappy #NationalPuppyDay !!! Really cute puppy pics from #LuckyPuppy coming soon!COMING SOON! http://t.co/EZCY4MNgoK
April 11th meet @LanceBass at @LIQUIDTAMPA Tix/Info: http://t.co/eKLkmzWAr7 http://t.co/murtWme4OM
Retweeted by Lance BassRoad trip pee break for @michaelturchin http://t.co/PbvtasqmxCWhat a moment! Congrats again @LanceBass & @MichaelTurchin ! This rehearsal lunch was truly beautiful! http://t.co/JGsz2AhD4b
Retweeted by Lance Bass
How to Take Long Showers and Still Save the World From Drought http://t.co/TUFPnQjiStIt's like someone read my mind! This is my ideal lunch menu. #53Kitchen http://t.co/EPj7tWeDFkHappy birthday lil fella! #NoStringsAttached http://t.co/bZj7DxrWYN
We couldn't wait to try out our new faux fur onesies!! Mammoth was the perfect tester! #ElevationGaySki @DirtyPopLive http://t.co/5Hl0BhkisYHey, check out the Sparxx app, specially made for LGBTQ at http://t.co/qtKb6Z4wP0 http://t.co/U7xJ6JSCD3We might have a drinking problem. This case of #HintWater was supposed to last til Sunday. It lasted 12 hours. http://t.co/lV4Ou5cf4B
DID YOU KNOW: If one person uses a high-efficiency toilet for one year, they can save approximately 330 gallons of water. #EMA #GreenFacts
Retweeted by Lance Bass.@green4ema 19 Reasons California’s Drought Isn’t A Big Deal http://t.co/ciD0KvR5xa via @SideOfGingerTurning left! #Zoolander #DinnerAtTiffanis http://t.co/RKqCLFyfmRThe @DirtyPopLive crew heading to #ElevationGaySki in Mammoth ! #WeTravelALT #RoadTrip http://t.co/Bo5XwZivqj@joshwolfcomedy "I'm all feet!"Hey @lancebass, thanks for teaching me some dance moves yesterday. #byebyebye #imthecaptainnow http://t.co/XkJIAfE6tv
Retweeted by Lance Bass.@NSYNC's "No Strings Attached" album has turned 15! What's the best song on the album? Vote! http://t.co/8q3zU2NnGE http://t.co/wp3bzIaC4b
Retweeted by Lance Bass
. @JamieLSigler Cast In ‘Fantasy Life’ | Deadline http://t.co/NH9FXMm3SJ.@lancebass is now onstage! Give him a e-round of applause! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 http://t.co/yBcTWuRmTb
Retweeted by Lance BassQuite an honor to help out with @ddlovato benefit tonight with @joejonas @LanceBass @PerezHilton http://t.co/H0ThIblG1x
Retweeted by Lance BassICYMI: Here's what I posted yesterday... http://t.co/2389QA4O4i. @TiffaniThiessen @ErikEstrada @MichaelTurchin @CookingChannel hahahahahaha! ClassicIt's time almost for Breakfast at Tiffani's! @RealBreeTurner @LanceBass and @MichaelTurchin!! #pullupachair #dinnerattiffanis @cookingchanne
Retweeted by Lance BassTONIGHT! @LanceBass and @MichaelTurchin have "Dinner at Tiffani's" with @TiffaniThiessen! 10pmET @CookingChannel http://t.co/8IkOGUR8qE
Retweeted by Lance BassCmon @LanceBass @WesleyTSnipes - you both know this tree - Save our tree!!!! https://t.co/cOfHcozKiO
Retweeted by Lance BassGet Involved — International Day of Happiness http://t.co/9CrTnAqZ0yHe is!! Lack of sleep this week! RT @RainbowKid79: @DirtyPopLive is it me or does @thisisdrew seem (cont) http://t.co/1xV8QIUsViDon't miss out on the fun! Catch hilights from @DirtyPopLive @LanceBass! App, FB or website! https://t.co/O1w5IsCHB7 http://t.co/wz5msRNRwW
Retweeted by Lance BassPhoto: http://t.co/S2PhmLgyxr@TiffaniThiessen @CookingChannel @LanceBass @MichaelTurchin I will just say this: maple glazed bacon with fennel.
Retweeted by Lance BassWatch #dinnerattiffanis tonight on @CookingChannel Brunch is what we are serving. The meal to start off any day well http://t.co/LaawaHYAck
Retweeted by Lance Bass
Live tweet party starting now!!! 🙊 @NBCOneBigHappy join us!! NBC now!
Retweeted by Lance BassCatch #MeganMullally and myself make an appearance in #ApartmentTroubles - pre order now! http://t.co/XfnwkfKvWUI friggin adore this girl!!! Everyone watch #OneBigHappy tonight on #NBC 930/830c @HappyElishas @DirtyPopLive http://t.co/ZhcHOxFVOAFun times w/@HappyElishas on today's show w/@LanceBass & @thisisdrew. Watch her show "One Big Happy" 2night on NBC http://t.co/q7jyyer1mc
Retweeted by Lance BassI love watching my husband @michaelturchin work! Check out this new collaboration w @artistmparedes !… https://t.co/e7cfMqra7F. @DirtyPopLive starts now on @siriusxm 106 !! We welcome @hopeleighmusic and @happyelishas !! #OneBigHappy#HappyStPatricksDay !! Flashback to my July 4th Sea Foam Green look http://t.co/vbedZbaTiIWatch @lancebass @michaelturchin @realbreeturner on #dinnerattiffanis @cookingchannel 10pm ET 7pm PT #pullupachair http://t.co/fxg8bWdYet
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Great interview today with TLC's @TheRealTBOZ & @LanceBass @thisisdrew http://t.co/SVXVINsU3q
Retweeted by Lance BassHUGE thanks to @LanceBass for supporting my mentee @_kierangoodwin as he walks London>Paris for charity. Your turn! http://t.co/QQdGeY7jVg
Retweeted by Lance BassI love supporting people that want to do good in this world! http://t.co/D0BM1qRwbzCan't wait! RT @ddlovato: My incredible friends @khloekardashian and @LanceBass will be there to support as well!! ❤️ http://t.co/mOREs29vGK. @thisisdrew you need to find this girl! Holy!! http://t.co/1CLzCS483R @DirtyPopLiveI NEED this girl to sing on @dirtypoplive stat! No one can listen to this just once. http://t.co/1CLzCS483R via @youtubeHandsome Foster https://t.co/QcZuOkGN1UVoila! My @HRC Gala article in @hwoodtimes! Special thanks to @LanceBass, @cheyennejackson, and @TheEllenShow's mom! http://t.co/HAmygIcpDI
Retweeted by Lance BassThe frosted tips region?? LOL! @LanceBass --> What Is The Most ’90s Band Ever? http://t.co/3AxCzKHEFi
Retweeted by Lance Bass
. @LisaVanderpump @Serabbi @StayB10 this is where you say "Bye Felicia!!"Wondering who's going to watch Keeping up with the Kardashian's tonight 9/8 central? #KUWTK http://t.co/wgDRNK79CM"@LanceBass Stole My Life" Hear Lance on #StraightTalk with @helloross http://t.co/dGyTBowIwP http://t.co/A12GnqJfXM
Retweeted by Lance Bass#amBASSadors We are so close to 50K views of #WalkingOnAir!! Lets get it there for @LanceBass https://t.co/Gyj0ruijJr Just a few more!!
Retweeted by Lance BassFew hours left to join @nltheseries team & help this LGBG webseries with @LanceBass to be extra special https://t.co/bsbnZh3iRb #indiegogo
Retweeted by Lance BassHappy Birthday Giggles!!!!!! @LiseeD ❤️🎈❤️🎈❤️🎈❤️🎈❤️🎈❤️🎈❤️#HRCLAGala honorees, guests, supporters @HRCLosAngeles @shondarhimes http://t.co/DfmGaI83qP & http://t.co/YjOP2kBo0I http://t.co/Nlcg5zaG4L
Retweeted by Lance Bass
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