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lvdjgarcia @lvdjgarcia Henderson, NV

Las Vegas area resident for 23 yrs.. #TexanInExile #P2

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TIL: There’s a ‘Preseason Amway Coaches Poll’.. Coaches who sell Amway, Amway sells coaches?? #ImConfused see we’re doing the ‘expensive haircut’ bit again…b/c people want an *issues based* campaign@Wolfrum I’m guessing… I smell a sock puppet..5 years of nothing & then all Bernie? odd, would be dreaming *you* are a pet puma... Good MorningAmazon brings back the Top Gear hosts, showing once again, being a crude, racists bully is fine as long as you're 'popular'
Mine would say ‘Pinche cabron’ RT @speechboy71: My people have a word for folks like Allen West … schmuck: CNN/Piers Morgan giving him their platform, Alex Jones would still be on the fringe of media#mute works so well when you’re tired of people arguing w/fools, especially when they had given the fool a platform@kungfupussy Amazon Prime ‘My Old Lady’ starring Kevin Kline, Maggie Smith & Kirstin Scott Thomas@QuadCityPat @bobcesca_go @DanBidondi sentient implies being self aware…Dan fails that testWalker has screwed WI economy, budget, education system & unions, but what is the press going with?..He ordered a sandwich ‘wrong’..SMH@QueenofSpain #AllHailHala has grumpy cat, now Jack has grumpy puppy :) must be giddy w/excitement RT @joshtpm: Drudge Report Asks Whether Pope Francis Is The ‘Antichrist’ @TPM @rolling_2: I want a Senate hearing on Trey Gowdy's hairdo //Who wore it better? goody, we’ll be back to 110° by Sunday enough to remember all the outrage over ‘Going Clear’ & now people are again fawning over their highest profile member@andreagrimes You and Judy Garland ;) @Smartypants60 new hashtag for repub primary #HungLikeSquirrel@JM_Ashby they want everything ready for full X-Mas set ups on Sept 1...Welcome to #retaillifeWorking OT Saturday so we can start sending X-Mas merchandise to the stores on Monday 🎄👿@beardedstoner @tootwistedtv entrance you used when you helped take the US into an unnecessary war in Iraq based on lies
…and this is how *not* to react to social media outrage may I suggest toasters?@Karoli it’s what we would have seen in 2000 from Nader supporters except w/more pseudo-celebs@alisoncook I know it’s what it was, but for me, Whataburger was Texas, it was McAllen, it was my Dad.Great thing about streaming services is the ability to watch indie film, foreign films & documentaries that would never play in Las Vegas@txvoodoo that’s where I watched it :) …theses a mid credit & post credit scene, so stay until the very end‘My Old Lady’ Kevin Kline, Maggie Smith & Kirstin Scott Thomas…set & filmed entirely in Paris.. So very wonderful@shoq :) RT @Oatmeal: I love you and ONLY you‘I’m 90, subtly is something that no longer interests me’..Kevin Kline, Maggie Smith & Kirstin Scott Thomas…No way, I could not enjoy this film she’s too old for Trump…hell, Bristol’s too old for Trump@Charmed86 @ScottyBurberry @desertcronenm @janieo they should try putting up Fox News/repubs for 6 years..I’d wanna get PAID too!Chief reason Boehner will remain Speaker is the same reason he was selected: No other repub wants the job.RT @chrislhayes: I love how everyone is now calling it the kids table //J4zzkaHRhO away 1 point.. RT @marcoarment: (The kale salad makes it healthy.).@Michael_Zak bye bye racist misogynist ASSHOLE! #BLOCKRick Perry’s campaign in CA RT @marieke: Couple of California condors just hanging out waiting for someone to fall.. I simply assumed you’d have both@Karoli :)WHAT did you say??? RT @andreagrimes: .@RussianGhost86't know Brady *destroyed* his phone, I thought he just wouldn't give the NFL access to it, can the U.S. govt release Leonard Peltier?People on left & right sure love thier conspiracy theories, facts & the law be damnedReminder that the Nov date for #Pollard's parole has *always* been the date he would be up for parole. Question was only if wld be granted.
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@Gus_802 if Snowden & Manning are willing to serve 30yrs, just like Pollard did, then so be it@LegallyErin 15yrs of waking @ 4:30am to start work @ 6am #LVLife
@txvoodoo @monicaisliberal not sure adding the vodka was a good idea 🍸😁Yup! RT @Green_Footballs: Don't be surprised if Ivana Trump comes out with a statement supporting The Donald fine, but make sure you get the permanent press out of the dryer before they wrinkle!Bones with the beard & big ass necklace medallion :) ‘I know engineers, they love to change things’Those Starfleet jumpsuits were of an unfortunate design…@monicaisliberal you could color code them: Green for margaritas, blue for rum & red for vodka :)…beer, would be yellow, of course 🍺🍸Watching ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture’…my high school geek memories all flooding backHad 3, but lost 1 RT @VegasJessie: Not even 1/8th of a clue can thank Barbara Walters for giving Elizabeth Hasslebeck a career….. perhaps a screen name change to ‘NO! not THAT Michael Cohen’..…& dismiss middle class voters as ‘rubes’ RT @Gus_802: How to win against Republicans. Act like a Marxist. Yeah, that’ll work.@gte check out #StarWarsTruther :)Bollywood musical are so over top, you can’t help but enjoy them@ohheygreat I’ma Pat man for life @jsnell @dmoren Check out #StarWarsTruther :) from @owillisOnly a true Star Wars fan could troll Star Wars fans as well as @owillis is…😎QUIET! I’m watching Aishwarya Rai…@txvoodoo he’s doesn’t appear or narrate :)@txvoodoo Give Morgan Spurlock’s ‘Crafted’ a watch Pellegrino Blood Orange is WONDERFUL!!@monicaisliberal You’ll never lose your drink again! …and thus was born ‘Behavioral Based Interviews’Listen to As the Crow Flies by Aynsley Lister on @AppleMusic.’s compare your service RT @BillKristol: Kerry began his career by blaming America. He ends it by blaming Israel. DOWN TO YOUR DRUDGE OVERLORD! forward this to Chief Justice John Roberts & Bill O'Reilly, since they believe racism in America has ended that cost extra in PahrumpAlmost like @nytimes wants people to make fun of their reporters HEY, I just got here!...and the creationists go nuts there are STILL tcot people confusing John @gruber, the tech/apple writer with Jonathan Gruber, the MIT economistYet ANOTHER failure by @Sulliview or NYT editors to address their abysmally biased coverage of HRC Idras Elba...It's worth a shot :)
@sherifffruitfly Debbie Wasserman Schultz called him out ANY repub candidate, official or pundit called out Huckabee? #NHMB@Keethers ..but not the last french fry, right?FYI: Ingrid Bolsø BerdaI is a legitimate badass..Nevermind ‘Hercules’, the film ‘Escape’, is the one to see ‘messianic jews’ = Jews for Jesus…end times ‘christians’ believe Israel exist to be destroyed & converted to ChristianityReminding myself vast majority aren’t paying attention to presidential politics…Much of what is currently being said will die in the ether.@owillis ‘This is bad news for Donald Trump’ is the new ‘This is good news for John McCain’AC/DC’s ‘Back in Black’ is 35 years old ..<sigh>As the media sheep fall in line for their shepard Donald Trump....
So very true… is just like dropping & shattering a glass. Just when you think you've cleaned it all up, you find another shard. #Ouch
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaDear @nytimes @Sulliview : Your reporting has been sloppy, the opinion devoid of reason & the excuses embarrassing Felicity, you of the awkward double entendres #ArrowRewatch@Lib_Librarian Nader made a similar agreement in 2000, ‘social issues are less important than reigning in corporations’, he was wrong tooI'll be ending my subscription to @nytimes.. They've learned nothing from Whitewater & Iraq WMDs..They keep begging for repub liesI'd be wasting time pointing out to @Sulliview that Douthat's latest is full of lies b/c 'Opinion' columns aren't subject to being truthful@msgoddessrises for me, it's an annoyance. Women have to extra cautious..I have friends who've had to call the FBI b/c of online harassment
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