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You wonder: Can #FIFA's Sepp Blatter look any worse? Why, yes he can. And he definitely does in 'United Passions' http://t.co/5XwUGFwIrAKids dub 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' trailer, melt hearts across the galaxy. http://t.co/lCTdZGA8yT http://t.co/g4JOzVW793British teen's virtual @JessieJ duet explodes online, impresses record companies. Watch: http://t.co/tfddn8qj3X http://t.co/zsjIQp6g1VBlattermouth strikes again: Sepp Blatter's most ridiculous quotes this week http://t.co/32C4fboHmj http://t.co/JE0d4v2qUcHey, Destiny Warlock players: Xur has some amazing gear for you this weekend. http://t.co/dZwKQD9IH3Visit the Mashable House at Comic-Con in San Diego to save the Internet: http://t.co/W6ltLxp2xk http://t.co/Hy3Bcl7gYxFIFA members set to vote for new president http://t.co/5Ntqx7VXv1 http://t.co/z25oWJkIF1
It's not just million-dollar bribes: FIFA scandal highlights its scorn for women's soccer http://t.co/TZijcyCWN0Andy Serkis' character in 'Star Wars' is ... Supreme Leader Snoke? http://t.co/tk6gZ7Fd8rNvidia is ready to join the battle for eyeballs in the living room. http://t.co/s2vDtPilob http://t.co/ZGbeEGFuq68 WTF moments from #FIFA's bizarro opening ceremony http://t.co/xyhsq3x1csBill Nye reveals Fun Fun Fun Fest lineup starring the Wu-Tang Clan http://t.co/hdPbcJAB19Watch the first trailor for The Daily Show with @trevornoah as its host: http://t.co/nAsrEEtnIr#FIFA scandal day 2: Sepp Blatter clings on but storm shows no sign of abating http://t.co/uFVVVi6SVZEA Sports FIFA 16 will have 12 Women's National Teams playable in the game. http://t.co/k8gkj7J2bW http://t.co/u4YYhY1J8YA leaked document hints Microsoft could be redesigning the Xbox One controller with a new audio jack. http://t.co/oPqZmNjprr"Serial" announces Seasons 2 and 3, leaves us guessing as usual http://t.co/Jl8LwJqxBPFIFA is broken, even if Sepp Blatter resigns. Here's how to fix it: Start from scratch. http://t.co/UGCCUdAIm9Russian President Vladimir Putin says U.S. should mind its own business in FIFA scandal http://t.co/Hgr3m4V9H5Shazam has a new QR-code like feature: http://t.co/gIfqWFkVKS http://t.co/RsC1XFFLPCHow to fix FIFA: Tear it down and start again http://t.co/HJks9VXU6S http://t.co/MiNhZcoR7WThe 10 'Walking Dead' characters we miss the most, in order http://t.co/ck3pEV1rU4 @cinemablend
Tracy Morgan and Wal-Mart settle crash lawsuit: http://t.co/9rNWJAHjbD http://t.co/0HHYrPwRcNU2's longtime tour manager found dead in California hotel http://t.co/TedmE2TU3d http://t.co/4JsMe7ffsHFIFA: A soulless, stenching scourge finally gets its comeuppance. http://t.co/a33UTt14XP http://t.co/ykxmDAPZQIJason Segel tugs infinite heartstrings in new David Foster Wallace film http://t.co/1WQHr5TAedNeil Young rocks out against GMOs with Willie Nelson's sons http://t.co/nET9fapvpK #TheMonsantoYears"Best thing that could possibly happen to the beautiful game": World of football reacts to FIFA arrests. http://t.co/PD3lkTtRTzJohn Oliver called FIFA president Sepp Blatter 'Roger Goodell's asshole.' http://t.co/2RfIDjYDWaJohn Oliver explained everything wrong with FIFA in 2014, but it's even more relevant today. http://t.co/rM8JQ1oknkMillion-dollar shot: The hoops 'Hunger Games' are back, bigger and better. http://t.co/kPcywlAp0R http://t.co/2kl9fgeJnoThe brown ballerina exists. Why we need to lift her up. http://t.co/RYqlf1qaPi #mustread by @YohanaDesta http://t.co/pJOS8aGXfXYour car is far more than a set of wheels in Mad Max's game http://t.co/N3Bo9DJQ1K http://t.co/wJDy71iymkThe trailer for the new 'Point Break' is 100% pure adrenalin http://t.co/Rzk0PL9ifv
.@amyschumer spoke for all of us when she called a #Bachelorette contestant a turd http://t.co/qwFee0eblIListen to @RollingStones' early version of 'Dead Flowers' for the first time: http://t.co/2AnwydAZt3Every episode of 'Game of Thrones' rated and reviewed, now including the first 7 episodes of season 5: http://t.co/W8UVlOe748How rapper @LILBTHEBASEDGOD and his curse took over the NBA Playoffs http://t.co/Ger71yQ6qk'Comedians in Cars' trailer teases tons of new faces, from @StephenAtHome to @officialjld http://t.co/tngCFn2eXb http://t.co/lbVfMJxkKsThanks to the House of Wolves expansion, Destiny's weekly resets are even more challenging. http://t.co/XiC0l4HGMuA souped-up Batmobile was spotted on the set of 'Suicide Squad' chasing the Joker http://t.co/iweogjzFfzIf you wanted a longer look at Rihanna in the latest Dior ad, here it is http://t.co/aO0CYi7ac4
The future of streaming in Australia looks pretty depressing http://t.co/nbmQ0vTCxw http://t.co/OQTX1tiqvwPorn may be Pied Piper's Hail Mary pass in latest episode of 'Silicon Valley.' http://t.co/TkUZesThyv http://t.co/uC1VUr8KEBOdell Beckham Jr., who? This 16-year-old did a one-handed catch, while doing a backflip http://t.co/jSroiyNOLF http://t.co/uezEnk884zNetflix customers charged up to 8 times in billing error http://t.co/58xpW0T11q http://t.co/pVZQaoeuRe
Cersei got what was coming to her on 'Game of Thrones' http://t.co/06n42DxYJhComedian and actress Ann Meara, mother of Ben Stiller, dies at 85. http://t.co/H0h4zFxQi0 http://t.co/Dpn0av0mdaFull list of winners from Cannes 2015 unveiled: http://t.co/7GIOv8p4UQ http://t.co/ihORmoECd7Top 10 most annoying characters of this past TV season: http://t.co/UGfSNNNUgr via @cinemablend http://t.co/DEwPAF1a6t10 horror remakes that actually don't suck: http://t.co/56uzt68857 via @cinemablend http://t.co/N4PwLdjVXX6 'Game of Thrones' buddy film posters to celebrate Westerosi odd couples: http://t.co/s8XKDq8orc http://t.co/iUerhPD5XzJohn Nash, 'A Beautiful Mind' mathematician and wife reportedly killed in car crash. http://t.co/RPHQCoIp1j http://t.co/t3XeDrDpdW
Sweden ended up victorious, but who won the #Eurovision2015 joke contest? http://t.co/HiV6zhCTIJ
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentHere's why you should care about the Josh Duggar allegations: http://t.co/fAzg83kQP1 http://t.co/bqeYU2HV8lMeet 'Sweetie,' the 105-year-old Warriors fan who just wants an NBA title. http://t.co/d083Z2ZOhY http://t.co/IFN292K12uHere's how to survive in Destiny's tough new 'Prison of Elders' mode: http://t.co/8gJY3ggdPI http://t.co/KHdwXDhmwh
'Louie' hits the road in latest episode, and the road hits him right back. http://t.co/Dp2yzwuq3y http://t.co/5Kbeum9ZqOTinder is getting into the music business: http://t.co/ZKl5DANlQS http://t.co/50fG7GCgUzFor the first time ever, Destiny's weekend vendor sets up in the Reef http://t.co/eqYlNxOfgK http://t.co/XiIo4BdrgULIVE: We're breaking down the #NBAPlayoffs with some of the top @NBA analysts in the game http://t.co/4Y6qNJbKSS http://t.co/G5aimhNwDR
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentJoin us in just a few minutes to talk all things #NBAPlayoffs in a LIVE Hangout: http://t.co/ao9H0BjVB7Celebrate Pac-Man's 35th birthday with a 10-hour loop of his theme song: http://t.co/RJzmf4o7d6 http://t.co/ua8JL3huNOTLC will reportedly pull '19 Kids and Counting' off the air following molestation allegations http://t.co/cqlKYKJUWzCrunch time: Watch Mashable's live Hangout with top NBA analysts at 4 p.m. ET, 1 p.m. PT. http://t.co/9WNL5O0A0JYOOOO: Live-talking #NBAPlayoffs with @Steve21Smith, @EthanJSkolnick & @SekouSmithNBA right here at 4pm ET today: https://t.co/nmgopAQqDi
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentCBS wasted no time destroying David @Letterman's set after his last show: http://t.co/mAsKwZYWUO http://t.co/XqfYDq1JeQIf you weren't already excited for Netflix's new Wet Hot American Summer series: Here's a look http://t.co/R91hgZaiMG http://t.co/BQ3hbSG7Q1A Bill Murray Christmas special is coming to Netflix. Thank you, Santa. http://t.co/KcuKdIluks http://t.co/qSvfiGv72BEverything you need to know about the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest http://t.co/Eu7OH4uTqe http://t.co/Xh8ECuc5GJEverything you need to know about the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest http://t.co/oTX0X5zvTj http://t.co/waZAYqJAmlThis algorithm produces rap lyrics that rival human-generated rhymes http://t.co/rvRBKqBUHi @techreview
That Coke ad in #MadMen's final scene isn't as innocent as it may appear http://t.co/OWcURzZRzgClap your hands if you believe: Reese Witherspoon will play Tinker Bell in a live-action Disney film. http://t.co/bj9WS3glQqMelissa McCarthy stays cool while confronting sexist movie reviewer http://t.co/cSU9pih8ZMWith this dazzling 3D tool, Jim Cantore gives the best TV weather lesson ever: http://t.co/deGWAhMpqh http://t.co/mZPDBtUEo7'Pitch Perfect 2' star Hailee Steinfeld lands aca-awesome record deal. http://t.co/yiFM4trCjX http://t.co/rZeQVYeoZVGame of Thrones + Political Attack Ads. http://t.co/L6eVGozRpY http://t.co/ooIJNfU9NjTaylor Swift's explosive 'Bad Blood' video crushes a major Vevo record. http://t.co/ATUPdCRGMc #24hrVevoRecord http://t.co/fvnqeKu80DAt 37, Maggie Gyllenhaal has apparently had her 'last f*ckable day' in Hollywood http://t.co/4WzF39i5QB'Need for Speed' returns with fast cars and slick visuals in new trailer. Watch: http://t.co/rKOv7kPaQ9 http://t.co/Akv1YEtfnsI'm pumped up to unveil this new @Terminator TV spot exclusively for my fans. Watch it! https://t.co/gwDRXA9nsd
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentThe 7 greatest film taglines of all time http://t.co/vEgvQApbYs http://t.co/4cBWNCrtqjYouTube takes on Twitch with HD live streams at 60 fps. http://t.co/MTNTjG4T5fThe clumsiest Superman ever makes a mess in 'Grand Theft Auto V.' Watch: http://t.co/dV7RDI96yY http://t.co/dT01eDo0toWait. Is Justin Bieber likable now? http://t.co/5plPhb23mP http://t.co/10BgCPNohSSame, Dave. http://t.co/jU0oMvoxLH http://t.co/oONTyjlxJvLetterman's final Top 10 List included a 'Seinfeld' burn for the rest of us. http://t.co/QEcs6FlajG http://t.co/sMOPebNLqSWatch David Letterman's last 'Late Show' monologue. http://t.co/fbHx5d4TlC http://t.co/mzDiyusEoMWhy Netflix isn't interested in making reality shows http://t.co/PM0QiISZE5 @cinemablendPixar and Disney Animation will work really hard to be more diverse http://t.co/s05NtgSJoe @cinemablend#DavidLetterman gave us comedy pathos, you know http://t.co/jvNSSZUwNS
"Our long national nightmare is over." #DavidLetterman http://t.co/y9mljnXxXRPeople will always have a problem with rape scenes on TV. And that's a good thing. http://t.co/zBBVCDiiBrOscar winner Paolo Sorrentino's "Youth," starring Michael Caine, drops too much heavy wisdom. Our #Cannes review: http://t.co/Qd4Du3H0klSomehow, Stephen Curry's adorable daughter sparked a really, really dumb debate. http://t.co/Pnb62tG1JE http://t.co/PfnaNezBlsKristin Chenoweth, Vanessa Hudgens to perform at 2015 Tony Awards. http://t.co/Gvxav20CYg http://t.co/cH3HUtTdEr"Destiny" was a different game before we all started complaining about it: http://t.co/p1GPLtBuwr http://t.co/tn5x7knS3IWatch @JimmyKimmel's emotional goodbye to his hero, David @Letterman: http://t.co/knE42BdsRwDC Comics is trying to stop Rihanna from trademarking 'Robyn,' which is her real first name http://t.co/S7oRxWWhLT
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