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Chad Johnson @ochocinco Liberty City

Famous for grammatical corrections, football, fashion, FIFA/A. Warfare. Solving world problems with love for all women. Employed by @CBSSports & @MTLAlouettes

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I don't know about you but I'm thoroughly enjoying life...RT @Fact: Having sex with @ochocinco can unblock a stuffy nose.@e_FashionPolice If you need any references my Instagram pics & my followers are my resume, I love you & look forward to our relationship...Always keep a "just in case" emergency bag in the trunk...I feel so ashamed, not only did I just do the walk of shame but I'm also still wearing yesterday's outfit...Taking a page out of @ochocinco 's book. I love each and every one of you. Have a great day
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonWonder what Rihanna's feet are doing?RT @TMZ: Chad Johnson -- Hire Me On 'Fashion Police' ... Yes, I'm Serious http://t.co/TiAHEEhT1aLOVE everything in sight...R.I.P Anthony Mason 🙇 http://t.co/JGzMx4xAfK
You need McDonalds RT @Barbie_Bates_: My tummy hurts 😩Special thank you to the homie @JohnGeiger_ on the #misplacedchecks http://t.co/CuU0NmJDg3Just go to Tootsies dammit, so I heard RT @AlexDiPrato: BREAKING: Miami Gardens police chief arrested for allegedly soliciting a prostitute.I love you people..@WRs_Nightmare I'll route you up right now in my street clothes...RT @tmzanthony: #BREAKING Kelly Osbourne Quits Fashion Police & @ochocinco is replacing her #FashionPoliceRT @Notebook: Dating or not, I still love you. -Chad Johnson-Cut the check I got you... RT @Barbie_Bates_: I want some mandingo 😋Are we loving today?RT @Blu_Gem_: I just got a tingle looking at @ochocinco ☺️@TonyGonzalez88 Happy Birthday boss...That ain't ya girl, it's just your turn... -life- RT @tblack: You can't be tweeting or retweeting your girl. Savages outcheaBlack 🎱 http://t.co/xv2D5BgPTPSaucy... RT @tw0r0ck: “@AthleteLuxury: Chad Ochocinco's living room is chill ❄️ http://t.co/1BeLHA5fnk” @ochocincoR.I.P. Leonard NimoyShe gone get this work regardless if her feet/nails are done... RT @XtraXtraLex: hey fellas...... http://t.co/j94QNpuxG6RT @UberFacts: Studies have shown that psychopaths like @ochocinco are quicker to offer help to people in need than everyday folk.Nice try but no cigar... Ri's feet reign supreme RT @AnthonyQuinn9: I think Rihanna just got beat bro!!! #whitebae http://t.co/odDVLimkyMFind someone to run the bases w/, don't try to hit a home run RT @CandaceJade84: Hey @ochocinco can you find me a nice established gentleman@GoToSleep_HOE I love you & your melons...@akacharleswade I tell my youth group that in the age of social media, being "broke" is a choice.
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonSocial media opens up a world of opportunities. Folks who critique it just haven't figured out how to really benefit from it too.
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonAnyone familiar with the "Net Neutrality Act" or nah?I hope the Llamas are okay...The government is distracting us from something w/ that damn dress...Everybody is being distracted by the dress debate so LOVE isn't needed... RT @Nyla_1130: Where is @ochocinco with this love rant movement?It seems many of you are up, is there a bit of excitement because it's Friday?
You know the butterflies, nervousness & the feeling of the unknown right before horizontal activity, isn't that shit awesome as payday?Watching Martin reruns w/ my fish & each show is just as funny as it was the first time I saw it...I know what the rules say but Dez caught that damn ball...@ImNotLatina McDonald's nor Starbucks have carpet...📝 RT @ImNotLatina: If you take me to Applebee's on a first date, there won't be a second date.📝 RT @ImNotLatina: I'm too good for restaurants with carpet in them.@travisparks21 I'm extremely detailed & have a keen eye for threads, the dress is actually periwinkle & black...Think? It's clearly blue & black RT @travisparks21: @ochocinco what color do you think this goddamn dress is http://t.co/RiCO9YjjcLHow was your day today?ALL my first dates were at McDonalds regardless of her status. ALWAYS RT @TaviaCruz: @ochocinco lmaoooo!!!! Especially not from YOU!!! 😂😭Definitely McDonalds or Starbucks for the 1st date... RT @TaviaCruz: No guy should ever take his chick to Chilis on the first date. EVER!It's 2 o'clock, be honest with me & yourselves, did you shoot your shot & love somebody yet?RT @StaxxFifth: People who jobs that are based on tips gotta understand people are broke out here & can't tip like @ochocinco@fatbellybella Happy Birthday & I love youCan I meet Folorunsho Alakija, we had a bad break up in 2003... RT @Ebuka: @ochocinco Come to Nigeria.I got mad once for 3 seconds, cost me a lifetimes worth of work RT @one_RuleCAsh1st: Ocho never get mad really, like nigga on a natural highIf anyone is confused or have any questions about my love for them please feel free to text or call me at your convenience...@Body_OMFG I love you, this isn't for entertainment purposes, this is for you to ALWAYS remember. My ugly ass loves you.If you unfollowed me but I still manage to pop up in your feed, I still fucking love you...If you don't follow me & this popped up on your timeline because of an RT I fucking love you...If you're up & reading this I fucking love you...@JohnGeiger_ John, I love you man & will pay double for a pair of #misplacedchecks , that 2 months worth of my Starbucks money...At Starbucks waiting on them to open...
Game time at KSP, I promise I'm getting ready to score twice... #LosPicantesYou rather believe me or the dude who claims you're the only 1 he's loving? RT @F_OutMyDMs: You love everybody RT @ochocinco: I love you...I love you...You think so? RT @JEB1SE: SmartCar wouldnt make the pussy wet at all. But I love Minis and fiats are cute lolAnyone know where June Ambrose & Rachael Johnson are, I will start a line if they help me...I promise i will score 2 goals tonight in our game tonight at Kendall Soccer Park #LosPicantesIf you love me you'll get me these Orca themed items... #GoFundOrcas http://t.co/EQ9SRLw5VqThis Arsenal & Monaco game is unreal...Arsenal & Monaco... ⚽️@JHarden13 Boss, can I one ticket for the March 1st game against the Cavs before I book this ticket?Do the Rockets play in Miami anytime soon or I have to fly to Houston to see Harden play...Shoot your shot...Did you love somebody yet or you building up the courage to do so?Trying Panther coffee again because it was really good...I'm doin my @ochocinco impression today... I'm spreading love yall. 👌
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonTipped over 50% today at lunch
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonGotta find Porkchop this morning so we can go to brunch...?Pele... http://t.co/OwSq7EkCFOI'm dressed like a homeless man today... 😔Rihanna & Kanye are going on tour as well, I can open up for them too...Had an error in my tweet 😔Were you gift-less on Valentine's Day? Being independent is awesome but answer a DM & let God take the wheel...Think I should take 100 people to The Crab House for dinner friday & give the movie theatre a break...Meek & Nicki going on tour together, that's some dope shit, I should open their show...,Are you going to LOVE today?RT @LR_StephyThick: A dude like @ochocinco that adores you & spoils you >>Prayers for brother D. Rose on a successful & speedy recovery...Bring your boss breakfast & Starbucks to work...
@_xxdimplesss You wear what's flattering to your shape & size, please don't buy just to say you got it. Everything must be proportionateThat bulky heel won't look good on you. LISTEN to me RT @_xxdimplesss: didn't know you had to be tall and slim for a pair of heels😒This is why we're so divided as people (Tyrese voice) RT @Barbie_Bates_: @ochocinco Naw I'll leave the loving everything breathing to you 😴Hope she's tall & slim, look like Herman Monsta shoes on short women RT @SneakerHead198: can u find these at for me? http://t.co/gJcVmud8uVPut the quote book down & love everything breathing RT @Barbie_Bates_: NEVER make PERMANENT plans with TEMPORARY people....I love you people & didn't get an opportunity to let you know today, like RNS I phucks w/ you whether you like me or not...Every Tuesday night as a grown man I shouldn't have to have a standoff w/ raccoons just to take my trash cans to the side of the road...Nah, I love EVERYBODY RT @SMOKE_FieldMob: He lying bby RT @LiLoLovessss: @SMOKE_FieldMob I'm glad @ochocinco loves everyone..I allow EVERYONE their freedom RT @Srgohdatzme305: what about if she gets back to the crib with this outfit and a cvs receipt of condoms?She can wear what she want if i can't claim her on my taxes RT @MrRedMartian: yall lettin your girl wear this out? http://t.co/MiuMxMxBQKMan Freddie Cruz is killing the "Quiet Storm" & he's only 40 minutes in...Yeah he's in Montreal bored right now... RT @IAmMED_: @ochocinco yeah. I'm looking for trey...do you know where he is
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