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Partner, True Ventures. Founder, Gigaom. I love possibilities, I believe in people & imagineering. http://t.co/3q3MCMmyuu & https://t.co/QJLOprckus

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“Human Odometers” by @erickschonfeld should be on your must read list for today. Old "FutureBoy" is back! https://t.co/Qb3MJqK6Mm
@slobotski I am using the Lamy Studio - extra fine gift from mrs @tonysphere@blam @amazon @wirecutter congrats Team Wirecutter.Congrats Liz and very proud of you. Have a great year and look forward to see the fruits of your labor. https://t.co/1EKhwE2l58Fantastic and classic @om interview of Brunello Cucinelli :: http://t.co/kDjQ3t50wY
Retweeted by Om MalikReally smart piece by @johnbattelle:: Uber, The Rashomon. http://t.co/GVoTxNl7jKI see you are learning how to kvetch with advancing years. Happy birthday amigo - have a good day. https://t.co/Fp3owRPe3OMy latest conversation with Italy's fashion giant. We go philosophical, talk about ancient greeks & technology! https://t.co/7jxUCF4CxuThis is typically a view of San Francisco I don't normally see. I see a shifting skyline on the… https://t.co/ufoEOGHdlz
@maxrogo can you share data comparison between various stocks and their ownershipsNews has narcotic hold over me - reflecting on Nokia, GoogleFi and AWS's incredible growth. $GOOG $AMZN http://t.co/ndonYSil5jEveryone if you can help, please help with the #NepalEarthquake crisis. Every tiny bit will help. https://t.co/mzXj9VOZgH
@sacca how about 60 seconds? A wifi network with free phone calls, ad supported of course!The East Coast is having a Bonfire of the Vanities type moment. http://t.co/vNZEtqYekV
Retweeted by Om MalikHow to Help the Relief Effort in Nepal http://t.co/70QroCDQcM
Retweeted by Om MalikNepal quake triggers avalanche at Mt. Everest, killing 18 and turning Base Camp into a "war zone": http://t.co/XyV5Fydx0k
Retweeted by Om Malik@dangillmor Tech Press responds to the audience aka page views and that is the truth. Sneaker press does the same: feeds the eyeball mistedPerson Finder: 2015 Nepal Earthquake - http://t.co/YKIjB4SKN9 http://t.co/wMmXC9EuGsStrong earthquake strikes Nepal - BBC News http://t.co/ALAwmT3wII
New, Small and Shiny: Introducing Slack for Apple Watch http://t.co/RjcRaHESWX via @nuzzel thanks @ianb@jason_kint that is a bullshit sensationalist piece without any real details. Pure "data driven" click bait. Surprised you shared it!Assimilation complete. Machines are now in control! So long humans! https://t.co/nAUqlfOFDwNYC is a walker's paradise. Join us on some great walks and share your favorites http://t.co/B2YudhT1yR http://t.co/HeVoFpnfrw
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Happy birthday @YouTube! Wow, 10 years... so many great memories, employees and users! Thank you! Might be time to write that book? :)
Retweeted by Om MalikSmiling photomatt wordpress was still a baby when I switched. And just like that I made a friend for… https://t.co/jMCsaSiUD3In comparison with Operator @gmc's @ReserveApp on the other hand has a lot of scalability built into the business. http://t.co/noSggCFs2QYou can "shop" so much! So Operator will be interesting only if it can "really" scale & if they execute flawlessly http://t.co/noSggCFs2Q@jeffjohnroberts since google is doing it, publishers buying traffic is legal now? :)Dear @Lightroom you have outdone yourself with CC. OMG it is ridiculously fast in my MacBook Pro Retina. So much goodness. Cc @scottbelskyEnjoying “Yellow Flower Great Wall” by @bmaestrini on @storehousehq http://t.co/4PnGQTOpneSo close and yet so far.... #NewYork #latergram #longexposure https://t.co/700R1AdfAI
@sacca it worked out for one of us )@maxkava also you must be a great reporter by now :)@maxkava the only difference is that they were trailing when I reported aka backed by facts as @sacca can attest.It was 11 years ago I reported on existence of Google Network and Google Fi! Well, it has finally happened cc @sacca https://t.co/6HrEtyH7ltThere are so many stories to tell. Use @storehousehq to create and share yours. #companyoftheweek #storytelling http://t.co/ZygBZgslPv
Retweeted by Om MalikApple retail chief Ahrendts addresses Apple Watch, 12" MacBook availability issues in internal video http://t.co/st6qzk2C11Internet & the new imperialism! Recent Facebook fracas reminded me of what @jennydeluxe said http://t.co/17ySxnZi26 http://t.co/jdHuw1E6FuInside Amsterdam’s Startup Ecosystem by @robinwauters is a great way to learn about it quickly http://t.co/ZlAMZZuSB6 http://t.co/raRzBnCcdzWhy I remain excited about technology and its possibilities! http://t.co/mjD6naR1dM http://t.co/wbRxS4yrEO
There is no upside to updating @apple Operating Systems, both on desktop and mobile - it only degrades the experience!My last A1 byline for the @WSJ : http://t.co/dG4TMzDUGD A look at how the biggest hurdles keeping people offline - are not the most obvious
Retweeted by Om Malik@mhmtkcn @TeslaMotors @elonmusk not same. Just different :)Porsche 918... Built by hand. Great to see the care and details here! https://t.co/YlzYvinZBkFacebook executives who deny they have any editorial powers should not be tolerated. I want you to read this post. http://t.co/P69a5IN2MN
Retweeted by Om MalikWrote about the future of algorithms on @TechCrunch: We Need Algorithmic Angels http://t.co/NynOkiXpBk ping @om #ai #internet
Retweeted by Om Malik“The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are." - Jim Morrison http://t.co/QvgGswI8eN http://t.co/rIrPaeM7wU
Retweeted by Om MalikGoogle Broadband By Balloon (Loon) Is About To Go Global -- via @KarlBode http://t.co/C3cJbZX4N6New @Politico: The Pulitzer Prize Scam http://t.co/E1Hg6S6JQB
Retweeted by Om MalikGuy who won a Pulitzer for local coverage today left journalism because it couldn't pay his rent. Now he's in PR. http://t.co/x4TxFPZiwm
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Smoke this... https://t.co/SWm7ELQKGaA new chapter for me begins next week: I'm excited to join the team at @businessinsider and hit the streets reporting on tech culture in SF!
Retweeted by Om Malik@jordanrcrook how about asking the company or trying out the product instead of wondering out loud. Easy thing to do, no?VentureSource: US VC funding 1Q15 = $15.7B. 875 deals. Median deal size $6.64M. Median pre-money valuation was $67.1M. 2/3 rd to late-stage!San Francisco wants to be landfill neutral by the end of the decade. So 4 earth day @andrewmason's Trash @Detour is free until Wednesday!The Religion of Silicon Valley by @feld is worth a read. http://t.co/mx8cyZBx9M http://t.co/44SxUSgktv@MikeIsaac yes it is called Pp to save space, time.Re sending Great work via (not from) @nytimes showing the ever rising New York Skyline. This is great story telling! http://t.co/MZKRe2taaO@pbump just realized
' sent my first email on this day in 1976 … 39 years
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@kevinweil @msquinn @scottbelsky let's get 1 thing clear @gaberivera is a droid, so he has a "manufactured/shipped" days! Still Happy happyKatie Hopkins wrote a piece so hateful it might give Hitler pause – why was it published? http://t.co/1DVG5iSse9 http://t.co/hRIJJeJOzg
Retweeted by Om MalikHappy birthday @scottbelsky and @msquinn - hope you guys have a cracking and awesome day!@daniellenewnham thank youNow available, our GREATS x @ONLY_NY Royale in Nero & Beige! Shop: http://t.co/JPo2nhh6F7 http://t.co/7GEkTrgrpI
Retweeted by Om MalikThree icons of San Francisco #latenight #longexposure #latergram #coittower #pyramid #ferrybuildinghttps://t.co/wU8YlRcrYM
Etsy’s IPO is a Milestone for New York’s Startup Scene. Congrats to @chaddickerson @Stinchcomb and the team http://t.co/q47yeLAIB2
Retweeted by Om Malik@fmanjoo so you mean you can't add another paragraph to your long piece. Right!@AndyTheGiant there is no subtweet - it is calling out what is missing in the story.@felixsalmon @sriramk that said I wouldn't expect financial guys to focus on tech, but tech columnists to focus on tech.@felixsalmon @sriramk basic journalism and giving a complete story, regardless of the main thrust. It is old fashioned stuff.@felixsalmon @sriramk writing about financing and not giving context as to why investors are interested in giving them $160m for 5% is good@sriramk call e old fashioned but when you just focus on money and valuation, you are doing nothing to inform the public about WHY.A tech columnist talks to @SlackHQ about its valuation, ask no question as to why it is useful for 750,000+. Nice http://t.co/F9kG6uZGdWI’m confused by the MacBook being available today but no stores having them in stock.
Retweeted by Om MalikOnly two weeks left to sign up for Hardware Workshop (April 30 - May 1). A must attend event for #hardware startups. http://t.co/Foe2swZC7Z"people are working hard to recreate 99/00 as you well know" — @fredwilson http://t.co/KH0Acej3yi@bfeld every moment hanging with you is an awesome moment. ;-) thanks for your words of wisdom and comfort.AMD Exits Dense Microserver Business. SeaMicro is dead. RIP. http://t.co/22jfyOfiGPRumors of @Vessel funding have been out there for three weeks. https://t.co/idwarI3b6H surprise no one picked it up. http://t.co/bxsm7dRhOr2015 Graduating class of @Techstars New York! Congrats guys. Forward! Thanks for keeping me company @scottbelsky http://t.co/aCKCFA76yOBrad is consistently one of the clear and astute writers about our ecosystem! Great post, buddy! https://t.co/jSFrYR4Fki
The real tech behind 7 Techstars NYC grads: http://t.co/6ZOYhW16NM via @alexiskoldFascinating bit by @jennydeluxe on The Shade Room, a celebrity tabloid published on Instagram: http://t.co/GXSOXWbHEn http://t.co/XyjQ0GjMUq
Retweeted by Om MalikEnjoying “The Forks Dress” by @Luminosity_Prod on @storehousehq http://t.co/eezyGQ6Gjo>40mm snapchatters watching coachella live this weekend 🙈
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Armed guards in Sudan protect the last male northern white rhino on earth. His species survived for 50 million years http://t.co/rWrgIdxaJQ
Retweeted by Om Malik@thekenyeung iPhone FTWJust because it is Brooklyn and I don't have a tripod, there is no reason why I can't do a… https://t.co/9qkPTPtaXg@jimmaiella nah they are all on HolidayBroadway + Soho = So Many Drake lookalikes. OMG!I guess Bell Labs is Finnished
Retweeted by Om MalikToday definitely won't qualify as a slow news day, especially in tech. @POPSUGAR @foursquare that @google thing & @nokia buying/selling!Great interview w/ @duosec CTO & Co-Founder @jonoberheide on mobile security & authentication. http://t.co/3ZrWyuUeeA http://t.co/TCpYJr7n83
Retweeted by Om MalikOH: "It's an iced coffee kinda day" #NewYork #Spring #SoHo@steverubel @ow how is posting text as screenshots not blogging? Blogging is not married to a format. Or a software tool.Also @pkedrosky I would add one. Ore question: does Google have the management depth to overcome the distraction! http://t.co/T1HdW32CgLThis is when you realize @pkedrosky is a special kinda genius who was wrong in giving up blogging because of laziness http://t.co/T1HdW32CgL@dreampipe it makes perfect sense - commerce/editorial.Driverless Cars, Robot Surgeons Drive Nokia-Alcatel Merger - this is such a poor Bloomberg Business story, depthless! http://t.co/UbpNN54BlH
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