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I have a lovely wife and 6 amazing dogs. I collect vinyl and ties. Love The Smiths, The NY Islanders, rational thought and vegan food.

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I would watch the VMA's if Huey Lewis & The News were receiving a life time achievement award. Especially The News. Those guys are overdue.If award shows represent everything wrong about the music industry, then the VMA's represent everything wrong about award shows.One of the best things about cancelling cable is not even having the ability to accidentally switch the channel to the VMA's.Last 2 Arbour pics (via @Bruce_Bennett). At practice coaching young LaFontaine + others, "talking" to VanHellemond.
Retweeted by Paul RyanGas shortage?
Retweeted by Paul RyanJust once I'd like to see the headline : "Dog ties owner to a pole in the blazing heat and goes shopping for a few hours."
Retweeted by Paul RyanThe countdown continues. Only 40 days to go. #Isles
Retweeted by Paul RyanSpinning the first four by one of the "Big Four" is bananasPretty cool to see Canadians so excited about a baseball team again after all these years. This Jays team is so fun to watch right now.The Genre vs. Alphabet Debate via @discogs
@WayneCarterRad Half a listen this morning. Loved it. Proper listen tomorrow. Had my doubts going in for some reason, but pretty solid.@WayneCarterRad @jerryleewilson I'm a baseball fan again for the first time in a long time, but mostly I saw beer and drinks in those tweetsNo need for the zamboni, @Encadwin is cleaning up. #Crushed
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@jerryleewilson dealUnbelievable game!
Retweeted by Paul RyanJays fans throwing hats on the field for EE's three homers might be the most Canadian thing to ever happen on a pro ball field. Amazing.@im_adam_barrett Thanks mate. I do have it, but if I didn't I would be there. Very cool of you to think of me. @TazRecordsFall jackets like these are swiftly flying out the door! Only one hour left today to pick on up Dartmouth
Retweeted by Paul RyanHannibal: The TV Show That Went Too Far via @BBCSuperman duct taped to a drone and flying over Victoria Park
@stratta and a ridiculous toss by Goins there@stratta Crushed it. Unbelievable.This team man. Wow.@PaulHReporter1 Indeed sir. Lexicon is a great record.Love finding old original vinyl that is still sealed after 26 years. About to bust open the sixth ABC record, Up. news for Islanders and longtime hockey fans. Arbour was 100% class - Al Arbour Passes Away shit, hadn't heard. Sad indeed.A solid little set from Teenage Fanclub at Phoenix Fest in 1997. Such a perfect band.
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Every punch Jason Statham. Ever:
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@Tim_Bousquet If the assumption is large portable bleachers are too big for the Spryfield locals to steal, they may be in for a surprise.Turns Out Sarcastic People Really Are Better at Everything via @EsquireSpotlight on Kristin Poch of The Beatnik Bus: Selling Vinyl On The Move via @futurpreneur America has 4.4% of the world's population, but almost half of the world’s civilian-owned guns:
Retweeted by Paul RyanThe Atlantic Film Festival Announces Their Full Festival Program - Sept 17-24 in Halifax“Black Balloons” by @localnatives is my new jam. Listen: can take the boy out of The Spry..... #CarRepair #DuctIt
U.S. now averaging more than one mass shooting per day in 2015 Love that one too. Slightly bigger fan of Heads Or Tales, but both wonderful albums.@BruceFraser I put Heavy Metal Love on a playlist recently, because it's awesome.Best fashion advice I can offer any lads who like to dress up. The suit is the frame. The shirt is the matting. The tie is the picture.@ChrisFHFX Cool. We should hang out so you can carry all my shit in your cargos while I talk with girls. @jerryleewilson @NatalieBorden1@jerryleewilson @NatalieBorden1 @ChrisFHFX Why is Jorts capitalized? Did you finally copyright it Wilson?@ChrisFHFX @NatalieBorden1 It does beg the question as to why you're going open collar with a print as formal as pinstripe, but all good ;)@ChrisFHFX @NatalieBorden1 Nice shoes just the same mate :)@ChrisFHFX @NatalieBorden1 I'm pretty by the book with suits, ties & lace-ups, especially pins. Straps or slips-ons are ok with open collar.I love bands who refuse reunions - Weller says 'absolutely, categorically, fucking no' The Jam will not reform's #NationalDogDay so here is my full crew from a little while back, in all their lazy and lovable glory. know where you're going to see a moose in this province ... Thanks to Newfoundland Glassman for the pic! #cbcnl
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@vdewolfe 100%. Having a hard time getting anything else done. So many beauty pups.Just supported the crowdfund for @BatteryBeerBar - a new project in Dartmouth from @BrooklynHalifax & @NorthBrewing week we’re barely putting up with MTV’s VMAs via @TheAVClub@huskermould Yeah shared that earlier. Pretty cool.Morrissey's debut novel: front cover and publication date revealed - Uncut via @uncutmagazineMy Twitter feed at the moment proves that only the angriest, most unstable people want everyone to have guns.
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@jerryleewilson Nah, but I probably stole your drink.@jerryleewilson I was 26 when I got thrown out Brandy's two weekends in a row.Halifax tech company in California spotlight |
Retweeted by Paul RyanSpotify Hackers threaten to reveal full list of users who listen to Nickelback. day to register for @FuturpreneurATL Business Plan Bootcamp tomorrow with @FuturpreneurEIR Dominik Loncar!
Retweeted by Paul RyanDue to Amazon refusing to change the price, "I Blame Morrissey" remains at just 99p for the kindle version....
Retweeted by Paul RyanOne of the most perfect debut records of all time. #Halifax you can now officially find us #downtownhalifax #signgate2015
Retweeted by Paul RyanCheck us out in the Chronicle Herald! #Halifax @chronicleherald
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@jerryleewilson that's great@gahanlebon not a bad track, but not quite a top 20 for me@comforteagle I'm hyperventilating
@bonnieroyale one dog of any size is way better than having kids ;)@bonnieroyale 6 dogs > 1 kid20 Best Power Pop Songs (1972-1986) - music blog re-share from last week. couple's puppy pictures expertly mock every new baby photo in your Facebook feed via @FastCoCreateAre we trying to make you jealous? Maybe... Sneak peak at one of our first meals out the door! #Halifax
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@rozinck 100% @SalvatoresHfx - great pizza, nice beer choices, a cool patio, wonderful staff and great atmosphereThe spice for life
Retweeted by Paul RyanThe original cast of Star Wars
Retweeted by Paul Ryan
@KyleSmith87 They're just floating in there. No movement at all today. Boys have some work ahead of them.It's a good thing this Jays team can manufacture runs so well. Is that knuckle even moving at all today?Donaldson is a monsterMorrissey Announces Release of First Novel.'s Still Wearing Cargo Shorts? Via @rbegg @Distractify
@Ken_Donnelly @DarrinSearancke Many times this has happened. Many times ;)@DarrinSearancke I use Discogs as the database and MilkCrate as the mobile.
@jv_ht @im_adam_barrett That makes a great deal of sense.@jv_ht Now for sure. I saw them here in Halifax in '87 and in '88 and they were pretty great.@jv_ht I would actually skip a Guns 'N Roses show if I was busy watching a movie.Axl Rose was late to a show because he was watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles music blog post: 20 Best Power Pop Songs (1972-1986) Really like to see them regain some momentum with this. So many scattered moments of brilliance over the years."Here's to the Death of All the Romance” - a new song by @TheDears. Great title. Cool song. Wonderful band. should disrupt themselves – before they get disrupted“Love Is The Law” by The Suburbs is my new jam. Listen: Not with any consistency. I remember as a kid having some of the comics and I loosely recall a couple story lines, but mostly no@EPWinesnob I was thinking more the comic books, but I don't entirely disagree with you either where the movies are concerned.@EPWinesnob By the way, a reference to The Beast from the X-Men also would have been acceptable.Do you know a junior (~1-3 years of experience) B2B salesperson looking for a new job in Halifax? Let me know - I'm hiring!
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@EPWinesnob I thought it landed just fine mate, although a focus group for all of us might not be a bad ideaHappy Friday everyone. Let's try not to treat common sense like some sort of elusive super power today.See you in September, Halifax. #TMLtalk Info on our training camp visit:
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@jerryleewilson oh we're not done yet asshole @JillianBlackman
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