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I have a lovely wife and 6 amazing dogs. I collect vinyl and ties. Love The Smiths, The NY Islanders, rational thought and vegan food.

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Our President & CEO Marie Mullally is now welcoming all aboard. #BuildYourBusiness @isans_ca @HfxPartnership
Retweeted by Paul RyanWe're hiring! If you thrive in a fun, fast-paced, high energy, and creative work environment, you’ll love it here.
Retweeted by Paul RyanSo if I understand this correctly, the show Suits is basically The OC and Vampire Diaries, but with much better wardrobe.
@monochromegod Good stuff mate. Pleased for you guys.
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@ihearthestia Not to muddy the waters, but @Rdio is a great steaming service as well. Been using it forever and love it.@Hepburn01 That's cool. They make lovely dinnerware.@Hepburn01 I believe so, yes.I may have made pan fried tofu for dinner in the shape of Star Wars characters, because I make the best dinners. AND NOW THIS...updated...his charity...@YouthArtConnect !
Retweeted by Paul RyanExciting project with @ArgyleFineArt, @GeppettoMoreash and @alyankovic. Watch @CTVAtlantic at 5pm for details! :)
Retweeted by Paul RyanThe Who's Pete Townshend claims he rejected Morrissey's offer to produce two of his albums via @NMEWeb summit in Halifax targets small businesses | The Chronicle Herald
@gogglesford anyone not a little afraid of Bjork isn't paying close enough attentionWeird Al stopped by @ArgyleFineArt here in Halifax. So cool. You can also bid on art made as an homage to his videos. of the songs on the new Bjork album has drums that sound like fireworks, which makes my dogs basically afraid of the new Bjork album.Indeed it is - “Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want” by The Smiths is perfect sadness via @TheAVClubInteresting read on the resurgent vinyl market, its production capacity challenges, and a possible bubble burst by our corporate office, Mumford & Spring Garden Rd branch to see the lovely art work for sale by local artists.
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@huskermould Nope. Good?@HustleGrindCo good stuff in thereChapter One of @hustlegrindco's e-book, “The First Time Entrepreneurs Guide to Managing Your Social Media Presence” Priest are coming to Halifax. Heads will bang and horns will be thrown in the air. Death of the Password in Digital Banking I could sense a disturbance in the force. So offside.“Stutter” by Elastica is my new jam. Listen: I knew you would know.
@Hooberbloob @grantisagrant Give it another shot. Cillian Murphy is great and it is beautifully shot, albeit ridiculously violent.@Hooberbloob @grantisagrant I can assure you it is decidedly not very Murdoch Mysteries. Probably my favourite show right now.@huskermould @brewnoser @frogspadca Not in the cards for this guy. Enjoy the show boys. Big Cole fan. Wish I could have gone.@jv_ht And I actually don't watch GH much now, but I started checking in jr. high because all the pretty girls in my school watched it ;)@jv_ht I tend to have that effect on people as a rule. It's pretty disarming.Apparently Luke is leaving General Hospital. That ain't right. That ain't right at all.Not sure I can convey just how disruptive a chipmunk on the front step can be in a house full of dogs One of my favourites. So many great scenes like this.@huskermould all gold, all the time@DarrinSearancke needs bigger hairI will now sell five copies of The 3 E.P.'s by The Beta Band.
@grantisagrant My answer is true.No it does not No kidding@IamMissVT That's so embarrassingStill try to fathom what a breath of fresh air the New York Dolls must have been in 1973 when this record came out. I would have at least rolled down the windows and blasted Erasure.@jv_ht Have not. Heard it was actually pretty good.@jv_ht Just watched High Fidelity again this morning (for the 500th time). Love him in that one.@cmandrecyk @realTomMurray There is no other long standing national phenomenon we as a people have come to accept with such apathy and graceAlmost bought this album by Hard Nutz, but not today. Soon. That seems to be pretty standard across most HRM locations.Inept customer care and attention at Canadian Tire. A part of our heritage.Sadly can't make it into the city for the Halifax Pride Parade today. Have fun everyone. It's a celebration. #pride2015The Atlantic Film Festival is looking for volunteers to join our Social Media Team. details:
Retweeted by Paul RyanWent to bed listening to Cheap Trick's In Color. Woke up listening to In The Flat Field by Bauhaus. Trying not to overthink it too much.@m_brand You mean like when your dad used to say things like take these two pills and let's watch Fat Albert?
Been hanging out with my 6 dogs listening to old records for the last 6 hours. The best kind of Friday night.@PurcelliRaptor @BexSaunders7 @RachHelena @depechemode @gahanlebon Ahh. Exciter. 2001 I think. Very cool. Enjoy!@BexSaunders7 @PurcelliRaptor @RachHelena @depechemode @gahanlebon That looks like Songs of Faith and Devotion era, no?I love Halifax
Retweeted by Paul RyanI'm not religious until you need help moving on a Sunday.
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@frenchfries1970 @peopleofhalifax Haha. Noted. I'll see what I can do.@frenchfries1970 @peopleofhalifax 3 here@huskermould @ihearthestia My point was I mostly only listen to UK bands these days. He's an exception ;)@huskermould @ihearthestia For me, he's pretty cool for a guy not in a band from the UK.I'm all lost in the supermarket. I can no longer shop happily.This teacher is a legend. the same clothes for his pic every year for 40 years.
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@MaybeWendi I think a lot of people do actually.Any Grant Lee Buffalo fans out there in Twitter land? Never thought of them as a particularly obscure 90s band, but I know like 2 other fans@huskermould All the stuff he did as Sugar remains my favourite across all his catalogues.Every time you say "Trump is too extreme a bumble fuck to get elected" the people of Toronto take another drink
Retweeted by Paul RyanWell this certainly feels like a shark jump - American Horror Story: Naomi Campbell to Face Off With Lady Gaga I haven't eaten meat in like 16-17 years, but fried bologna could also take me off course.@huskermould Currently listening to Warehouse, to be followed by Beaster and Black Sheets of Rain, as an homage to our friendship.@jerryleewilson @WayneCarterRad @JailhouseParker Where Eagles Dare by Iron Maiden@Hooberbloob @sack_vegas @evilpez4 This whole thing had nowhere to go but here ultimately. Good stuff Bloob and nice work here today lads.@Hooberbloob @sack_vegas @evilpez4 #PaulsDickey@jerryleewilson I've been known to drop both into casual conversation, for sure.@jerryleewilson we don't call people wankers enough in this country.Having fun trying to think of *exactly* what sort of wanker would be seen dead in this particular fashion line.
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@sack_vegas @evilpez4 @Hooberbloob Well we're going to be "Sporting Dickies on Dickie"@Hooberbloob @sack_vegas @evilpez4 It is now that I'm giggling as well. Okay, we concede Beaverback.@sack_vegas @Hooberbloob @evilpez4 I predict this thing will be won or lost on Beaverbank and Wellington votes.@AtomBombshell @Hooberbloob Sorry for missing the point of your original tweet. Still running for mayor btw.@Hooberbloob Just know that our wardrobe budget may seem out of line when you first look at the numbers, but I can explain.@AtomBombshell @Hooberbloob Yikes.@AtomBombshell @Hooberbloob Pretty sure I'm running in 2016 as well.@huskermould Fact. People are surprised when celebrities do the same shitty things thousands of strangers do every day. So shocking.You won't be disappointed by famous people when they do or say terrible things if you remember they're just awful humans like the rest of us@bessyn @NATatlantic Think I may need to go shopping for this particular colour scheme, but the sentiment is 100% ;)Alexander Semin's pre-game verbal ritual = "Do I feel like playing hockey tonight?" Good luck Montreal. That answer often seems to be "nah"Was thinking I might not listen to Currents by Tame Impala today, for the first time in 7 days....but no....that's happening again.Converse's New Chucks Finally Add Comfort to the Cool via @DetailsDon't miss the awesome sales in #Downtowndartmouth this weekend! @hazelnutandrose @boutiquebodega
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@LousyRock @nickcalder @rockitdev I would suggest seeing a dude with a Motley Crue tattoo anywhere on his torso, was worth having seen.Have you seen the argyle on Argyle!? #downtown #Halifax #Argyle
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@BoutiqueBodega Thanks for the RT cool girl.@MperialDesign Thanks for the RT.It's great seeing people buying local, but what about banking? @CUAtlantic is locally owned and operated. Talk to us. bet you soup to nuts it's on there.61 Phrases That Make You Sound Like A Corporate Buffoon via @Inc
Had a planning meeting with @picnichfx today, it's going to be immense! LAST CALL - details/tickets here: #PopUpResto
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