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I ask questions. I #disrupt credulity.

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With Apple's Ad blocking may be finally content creators will see the simplest business model is charging for it a well established placebo to position a new one. Premium priced coloring book. #positioning sets #pricing sustaining - radical is 3d printing@gerardodada in valley it is "awesome"There is abundance of data and compute. What is scarce is application of curious mind. #datascience general the frameworks are useful only to solve your business school case. all you need is a start-up for dirty dishes. #bizdev opportunities“A New Decision-making Framework” by @prithium @salesforce Chatter pivoted to workflow from just social would that have been the @SlackHQ? is overrated. Do what most see as boring or distraction - taking to the customers- to succeed
Or is it likely that happy people are more likely to have an hobby"Our product deserves its price" - what is #pricing #wrong@rshevlin you are never wrong Ron :)@rshevlin disruption from ValleyWhat do you call the public policy of shoving taxpayer handouts to Tesla?"An unconscionable amount of food ends in garbage""There's is definitely a lot less confidence about how the inflation works" #dismalScience you found out his week, you shouldn't be following stocks every hour. So why are you on Twitter every hour?Authenticity is the difference between going through the motions and actively practicing, measuring, and changing. #leadership“There really isn’t limit to what people are willing to pay if they’ve to get work done on the plane” #jtbd literally
I think all water is gift to us from nature. Not just @FIJIWaterWhen they say less than 5% of psychology studies are reproducible ... it wasn't available was it?Is it because our profession is called product management we start with products first and not customers and their job to be done? #prodmgmt"Avinash Kaushik: la visión del evangelizador digital de Google" #new #insights
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanIncreasing luxury sales drive household wealth in India #stat #causefusion #correlation #india @mims did they tell the bloggers in @qz about this?@mims far less than that. Even then we don't know how long lasting are effects they report
If your business is not getting disrupted it is highly likely not in growth market"We made some of these things up, but it's kinda, sorta how it happened"-must add disclaimer for all business books am glad there is one more person - @ArtOfValue - who is as interested in price discrimination done right and with ethics.You don't get to choose your competition. Your customers choose it for you. #jtbdTake a Hint (pun intended) people - fluid intake prompted by thirst and drinking at meals is usually sufficient bottled water is the new smoking.
@AnalystArun hope torun into you tomorrow at the #OpenStackSV"The need must exist for a product. No amount of marketing can create a need for a product."
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanPrice Discrimination is really a better and fair mean to allocate scarce resources much oil for marketing that bottle of water? they bought didn't they?It was a great conversation with Kirk of @ArtOfValue on #pricing and value creation. Thanks Kirk“It’s infuriating that the most expensive piece of technology I own is also the dumbest.” #smartcar“It is in their best interest, and importantly perhaps strategic long-term interest, to marginalize Wi-Fi” to code doesn't mean you change your profession. It's about increasing your output 100X’s acted quickly and unequivocally after they found out.
I think @IBMWatson has customer onboarding challenge. If you stick with it you reap the rewards. But #CX matters.Average campaign contribution on 31st day is 3.5 sigmas over mean - what is going on? #stat #datascience won't solve the last mile problem but the last few steps problem - self driving trucks from warehouse to roadside, drones to doorstepAverage campaign contribution is significantly higher on 31st day  than rest of the month because? worries got you down? Don't worry next Apple product announcement meeting is just around the cornerI have to make an initial hypothesis, make afew observations, refine my model then answer this past is always in flux - not a #deepity"The future is uncertain but so is the past""To be realistic about the future, you have to recognize the limitations of the past"
@Kellblog @bfeld i remember reading its corollary was that but i am not sure anymore@Kellblog @bfeld isn't that Dunning-Kruger effect?Now what I am going to do with my canned articles on "Why Uber for X #startup is worth $100B" #meltdown"there are too many factors involved to be able to attribute happiness specifically to having a hobby" via @WSJ@mims especially having to hit favorite on replies :)Stock Rout’s Explanation Is Tricky overcrowded Dunning-Kruger for sure
Data says @HillaryClinton support is widespread and beats @BernieSanders across economic spectrum. #data
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan2016 Presidential Election Contributions Histogram - Two Peaks and a Valley of 2016 Presidential Election primary donors chose to give in non whole numbers. Why don't everyone do it?@wimrampen be sufficiently skepticalNext time you see a connection between walking, taking shower, napping and creativity think of p-hackingStatistical significance means nothing
@avinash It doesn't give me any hope :)@RaquelHirsch sorry it was a week in wilderness with fam@RaquelHirsch hiked and biked last week here Biggest issues for #unicorn companies- addendum You can model 1 and 2 but no one can predict the pace Biggest issues for #unicorn companies 3/3: and the pace at which they can pull 1 and 2 off Biggest issues for #unicorn companies 2/3: extent to which they can create new sources of revenue revenue Biggest issues for #unicorn companies 1/3: extent to which they can steal revenue from existing sources and players many unicorns is that?
Airport business books #useless need first, right offering next #prodmgmt hiked Stawmus Chief - more awesome than Mt.Sanitas in #boulder. You've it nice :)
I think #StawmusChief beats #Sanitas #boulder@om as long as no sampling bias and it is truly random sample this is large enough to give results with staged margin of error
@emeyerson your PR guy is effective@om what J.K.Galbraith said
@emeyerson Fox News on line 2@Kellblog seems the tool of choice of private equities acquiring brands. One wonders where is top line growth innovationTo be a leader is like having an awesome ability to multiply your output. #leadership
@AirCanada at bag drop rep calls,"next baggage dropoff". Not next customer. Seriously. Where is the #customerservice@DanielleMorrill @mattwensing drawing 2X2s?What rule produces this sequence 1, 11, 21, 1211, 111221, 312211, ... Incredibly smart. Genius at Play"Books that paralyze, sap the intellect, and drain the brain" - but enough about airport business books @mims can say #freemium is alive based on #AngryBirds2 success, can I say it is dead based on $KING's problems? you think stocks can't fall 50% you're wrong. If you think you know exactly when it'll happen you're crazy. by shark attack | when you are no where the sea) is very close to 0 #probability #bayesian you say odds @mcjomcg you mean probability p and not p/(1-p)
I guess il when you willingly pay $300 per ticket for a concert you'd pay $40 to dry your hair. #referencePriceI just found the customer Segment that likes @taylorswift13 concerts is the target segment for @theDrybar #1989SantaClara@nikesharora @chetansharma @timesofindia laws have never been the problem, enforcement on the other hand@hpalan hope you were not holding that longI created "Count Those Steps" with @HaikuDeck. sometimes somethings that are easy should be made harderHealth apps like @MyFitnessPal has data to test Coke's assertion that exercise and not eating right is the best way to control obesityCavemen’s diet wasn’t the reason they didn’t have chronic diseases, they didn’t live long enough to have them. #paleo
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