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Joe Zou @zzbar Manhattan, Fire Island, 重庆

Beida Ren (北大人), Investment Management, Hedge Fund, Startups, Physics, All Things Made by Apple, and Beaches.

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President and Mrs. Underwood use a MacBook Air on Air Force One. #HouseofCardsSeason3@WaltFrench @kirkburgess @neilcybart @eric_analytics lack of security@politico hell no@kirkburgess @eric_analytics @neilcybart pigs could learn to fly in 18 months. No?@kirkburgess @neilcybart @eric_analytics no.@tad_doughty I can tell you what happen if you want.@eric_analytics NetflixThe Binge continues, House of Cards, episode 30, ....@neilcybart @eric_analytics @kirkburgess "the second-best supplier was the only one available to everyone else in the industry and they.."@neilcybart @eric_analytics @kirkburgess Motorola CEO tell the story: http://t.co/y68nmmlysJ@60Minutes @ReformedBroker can't trust @andersoncooper, the short sellers, and lumber liquidator. They all have ulterior motives.@kirkburgess @neilcybart @eric_analytics don't believe soSo short sellers are using #60Minutes to drive down their target stock. Hedges vs lumber Liquidators vs @andersoncooper. All untrustworthy.@kirkburgess @neilcybart @eric_analytics slide the finger. The button is rectangular@neilcybart @eric_analytics I've seen it in action (s5 version). apple bought the only company with the working tech behind it. (Authentic).@kirkburgess @eric_analytics @neilcybart i don't read BI anymore.@neilcybart does it work?@zzbar: @abdophoto @_mlevi had to unlock the phone first? Password? Yuk!@netanyahu @mattyglesias war monger.Watching Snow fall at Washington Square Park https://t.co/1VIVXwdX9V@om @voguemagazine did Apple raise the fund on kickstarter?@eric_analytics I mute CNBC and just watch the ticket Crawler at the bottom.@eric_analytics @neilcybart ok, 1500@neilcybart bloomberg has about 1000 viewers.
Time to start binge watching the "House of Cards".@GotSanctuary I meant the original headline writer @TomOrlik@GregorMacdonald who's the Said smart person?@GotSanctuary you obviously have no idea how statistics works.@GotSanctuary bs. Look at last 3 years, it's been between 45 and 55. All theses numbers have an error bars, plus or minus 3%.Charlie Munger's take on 50 years of Berkshire is a fascinating read. Start on page 39: http://t.co/aFIo0XHf62@TomOrlik @AngelaBaoBeiBei looks pretty stable to me.Interesting observations from Charlie Munger on Buffett's stockholdings performance over the years: http://t.co/TW1rn9Vf0o"it is madness to risk losing what you need in pursuing what you simply desire." - Buffett"If horses had controlled investment decisions, there would have been no auto industry." - Buffett.@mims which is to say there is no competition to  watch.@neilcybart sort of like what Apple is doing now.@neilcybart airbnb plug?"Volatility is far from synonymous with risk. Popular formulas that equate the two terms lead students, investors and CEOs astray" - Buffett"You see a cockroach in your kitchen; as the days go by, you meet his relatives." - Berkshire annual letter http://t.co/aFIo0XpEeu@danielhsqr Larry and Brin consider the cash their personal fund, why would they give it to the muppet share holders?
@raykwong Apple Watch Rose Gold Edition will do very well at $20K.@WaltBTIG @Ryan_Knutson why not bring a paper map?@WaltBTIG @Ryan_Knutson how much time does he waste by constantly looking for free wifi and guessing passwords? Is his time worthless?@neilcybart new San Jose airport terminal?@charlesarthur @businessinsider @hblodget stopped reading BI all together.
@neilcybart does he have to use a fire phone now?@nyse @Ethan_Allen shitty furnitures though.@BenedictEvans @reneritchie absent in china, google's "global reach" is only half a globe reach.@jonfortt @foxadamus @mcuban Brian Roberts would like to a word with you.“The black llama was trying to evade authorities while the white llama was spotted taking a leisurely, peaceful walk.” - #foxnewsfacts
Retweeted by Joe Zou@samrzrkat @ericjackson @gruber 0% chance of that.@philiped not a car? spring fast forward?@ericjackson @gruber i've asked a few securities lawyers, no one knows the answer.@ericjackson @gruber why isn't Jony Ive not on the list with other SVPs?
@s1moncox they must not count iPhones as Computers.@S_Rabinovitch why do you assume it's in China?@eric_analytics right@eric_analytics not directly, I'm sure there are other ways of paying.@neilcybart how much Did Apple pay ABC for this informercial?Sex, Lies and Espionage: Did a Professor Spy for the FBI? http://t.co/g9hCiLG6WN@mcuban @RolfeWinkler "Offer service at zero price and make up in volume" = zero profit for any volume.@BenBajarin trade in for the value of gold content.@9to5mac bs. Self selected sample, statistically meaningless.@SquawkStreet at what point do you not give a clown like Colin Gillis air time? The guy is consistently wrong, it's not even funny.
@danielhsqr @Pebble compromised version.@danielhsqr @Pebble no compromises = will never ship.@neilcybart no dodge caravan?@neilcybart and if they don't have 100,000 apps, Apple will disappear in 6 months?@JonErlichman with margins like that, apple will never enter PC market. Wait... "Apple will never make a car because the margins are so low"@mims @9to5mac biased self-selected sample. meaningless.@llsethj @9to5mac both. Don't aim low.@CalWells @Forbes uber, but -alpha.@carlquintanilla Ed Koch bridge.
@BuzzFeed where is the red haired Japanese girl?Here comes the Negative interest rate in USA. http://t.co/FfQDC95QaO@HilzFuld @_mlevi niche@akaDashan 滑稽?@VZWSupport I know how to use apple pay. My question is why don't Verizon iOS app support apple pay for in-app bill pay?@VZWSupport 6+.@ATTCares why don't you add Apple Pay as an option to myATT iOS App? It's so much easier to pay bill using Apple Pay w/o giving you my cc.@VZWSupport why don't your add Apple Pay as an option in myVerizon iOS App? It's so much easier to pay using apple pay w/o giving you my cc.@fredwilson that's creepy. Do you really want google read your documents?@marcoarment are you saying Marco Arment has lost his functioning moral high ground?@mattyglesias still "Elon Musk wants to take you to the Space and Tim Cook wants to sell you a Gold Watch", no?I don't like Birdman much. But Hollywood always likes movies about show business. Not a surprise. #Oscars2015
Because Turing >>> Hawking, hence Imitation game >>> Theory of Everything. #Oscars2015"Everything is awesome" - white proverb
Retweeted by Joe ZouLady Gaga is no Julie Andrews. #Oscars2015@BCAppelbaum same is true for Washington press corp.@billmaher does YouTube count?
@abdophoto @kirkburgess the watch is just a display terminal of your iPhone which is updated every year! So yes.@Jesse_Livermore Russell 2000 is better. S&P 500 eps has too much international earnings.@nprwatc @nprnews not in Nyc subway.@Jesse_Livermore there is an idea for solving income inequality problem in usa!@ValaAfshar how did Apple made its cash if computers and phones prices had fallen so much? Something is not adding up.Giuliani says some of his best friends are black with white mothers.
Retweeted by Joe Zou@asymco @abdophoto not in all Apple stores, only at some Apple stores located within places such as Galleries Lafayette of Paris.@asymco @abdophoto I think the most expensive  watch edition will only be sold in high end stores like Galeries Lafayette of Paris.@ReformedBroker ivory soap for shampoo is ok, baking soda? No.No rumors, no hypes, just the relevant numbers about the "Appleverse" in Barron's this week. $aapl http://t.co/sv8CeZ2Gjl
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