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Joe Zou @zzbar Manhattan, Fire Island, 重庆

Beida Ren (北大人), Investment Management, Hedge Fund, Startups, Physics, All Things Made by Apple, and Beaches. zzbar=(x+iy)(x-iy)

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@carlquintanilla @CNBC @SquawkAlley shouldn't you guy have asked him for data to back up his many claims?@Jason @CNBCJosh @SquawkAlley @SwellApp not enough cash oaid@Jason @CNBCJosh @SquawkAlley when you pretend to know what apple fans feel about the watch w/o offering any data, you lose credibility.@Jason @CNBCJosh @SquawkAlley you are mad because Apple won't pay big bucks for your portfolio companies.@CNBCJosh @SquawkAlley this guy @jason is such a shill@CNBCJosh @SquawkAlley where did this hit whore @jason come from?@brianroemmele what was the answer?
@zzbar this explains why Trump never wastes an opportunity to proclaim "I'm really rich".@zzbar Chinese investors backing his real estate deals need to know he is really "rich" and has political clout.the real reason Trump is running for POTUS is because he wants to impress his Chinese investors who provide money for his business ventures.@DianePatterson @donmelton with my Apple watch, I don't need you no more.@mattyglesias $ amount spent by the CCP on stocks <<< than the US Fed spent on Treasury bonds and MBS. Just saying.@felixsalmon once i found out i can't trust journalists about my own are of expertise, i distrust all other journalists outside my area.@dangillmor @JamesFallows NYT is part of that partisan crowd as far as the clintons are concerns. NYT has an anti-Clinton history since 1992@aokunub1 i haven't followed the foundamental lately, but i don't like the management. they bought McMoran oil driller at the the top. avoid@ishaantharoor @comradewong how so?
Much needed vacation at home after the vacation. ✈️🚢🚄✈️🏡@counternotions BMW market cap ~$60bn with a PE a little lower than Apple's. An outright acquisition of BMW by Apple is accretive to eps.
Some NYC Coop boards are starting to crack down on AirBnB hosts by forcing registrations of all visitors including family members.I thought NYT's report on Apple was terrible, this is 5x worse. It confirms my worst suspicion about the paper.
@sandcastler1 @EmanuelDerman 0.11x20= $2.2 ~ €1. That's gouging in my book.@Rex_Oper @sandcastler1 @EmanuelDerman I have seen it first hand This week.@heerjeet ivy league liberals vs. Arkansas 'white trash".@sandcastler1 @EmanuelDerman the precise price is not the point, there is no doubt US drug makers are gouging US consumers.@sandcastler1 @EmanuelDerman you forget to add shipping cost to that $2 per 20 tablets price.@sandcastler1 @EmanuelDerman target advertised price: @EmanuelDerman yes it is Advil made by Pfizer Hellas! a bottle of cough syrup in France costs ~€3.5. My local Durane Reede sells it for $10.@EmanuelDerman I discovered in Greece that 20 Advil tablets cost exactly €1. They costs $9.99 in U.S.Apparently, I’ve just written the best Apple Watch review ever:
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I'm reminded again that JFK is the worst airport in the world."Whether they are naked or not, I will eat my salad calmly." to go back to the puppy. BCN-> JFK comment:
Paris Gare Lyon -> Barcelona Saints
@withoutdoing actually 米 depicts an anus where shit comes out.Nice day out at Pompidou Center with kids.
@neilcybart I thought the annul London iTunes festival already gives out awards, no?@carlquintanilla @NickatFP do they know 60% of Apple earnings come for abroad and doesn't contribute to US GDP?@carlquintanilla @mikeX74 you know people in China don't give a f**k about FB and they are wearing Apple watch.@MikeIsaac @WIRED it is expected.@carlquintanilla because NYT is clueless about apple watch.The best part of the Louvre is here: free wifi + friendly people can attest that Paris Taxi drivers seem much friendlier than last time I visited. They spoke English & helped with luggages. Über effect?
@AirFranceFR very pleasant ride. Thanks.ATH -> CDG Via AirFrance@YahooFinance why can't I switch back to full desk top version of yahoo finance on iPhone? The moble version has very limited information.@YahooFinance q: how do I access yahoo finance desk top version from my iPhone? The mobile version of YF lack some information.I was able to take € cash out of Greek ATM today, the streets here are bustling, what crisis?Plate smashing after dinner maybe a Greek thing, for us Chinese, it's an absolute NO NO. #cultureDifference Greek waiter asking us to smash the plaster plates evidently doesn't know broken dish=bad luck for Chinese people
@FrankPasquale or buy the the whole congress by buying DC's main Newspaper and its Editorial board. Jeff Bezos style.@TProphet Olympic Airway was once sold for €1 because it was about to go bankrupt.@TProphet but what's the liability that comes with it? The airport maybe be heavily in debt and the equity value is negative.
Wild fires on a Greek Island in the Aegean Sea. Kotor Bay, Montenegro at twilight Location
Old Town of Budva, Montenegro morning Montenegro!
Sunset in the Adriatic Sea think this guy committed a crime only for profit taking and causing the market crash, not for insider trading. teacher prosecuted for earning $24mln in stock market within 10 days with insider information (web source)
Retweeted by Joe ZouCrossing the Messina Straits, Sicily in one pano shot Messina Straits
Somewhere between Corsica and Monaco bonus of using iPhone panorama shot vertically is that it will bend a flag pole effortlessly. a man with a hammer thinks everything is a nail.
@fmanjoo the UI of Bloomberg terminal is the ugliest on earth. People not demanding something better for $21k is a puzzle..@fmanjoo why hasn't Bloomberg's terminal business been disrupted? Surely someone at SV can come up with an idea under $21k price umbrella?
Barcelona is infested with tourists - observed an American tourist.Slo-mo at Plaça Catalunya the size of Mac market. Only need a pc for editing video and photo, which can be done best on a MacDid you know you can use iPhone's Panorama feature vertically to take pictures of tall buildings? the fired guy was not very good judging from his TV appearances and tweets. Zero real info from his work. Always hedging.@erikholmwsj @WSJmarkets but china's history is longer than stock market history. So your data set is incomplete.This is it, I'm calling the bottom.
JFK > BCN ✈️🚢@ReformedBroker bs
@brent_alvord not that there is anything wrong with it.@brent_alvord @eyoonCNBC long call short stock is not short selling. Long X and short Shanghai is not a hedge and it's malicious.@brent_alvord @eyoonCNBC truly hedged position is not a short position, shouldn't have a net market impact."Malicious short selling", that's kinda redundant, no? Are there any other type of short selling? @Spotify does Walmart sell Target labeled products for free? Does Walgreen sell CVS labels for free? Get real.@business @Spotify don't like the policy, take your app to somewhere else.@BenBajarin agree. Click Bait content draws angry comments from outraged readers who felt misled.While #NYSE trading is halted, U.S. Stocks continue to trade on other exchanges, doesn't this show that NYSE is redundant and not essential?@ianbremmer @SamVaseek Shanghai only suspended 40% of stocks, NYSE suspended 100% of stocks. Nobody is laughing now.@BenBajarin @mims but you have to slaughter them yourself? That's pretty hard to do considering you've raised them. No?@jandawson restructuring or capitulation?#AppleMusic app UI needs a z-axis dimensions for users to navigate through. Force Touch in the new iPhone will make this possible.Heroic computer vandals shut down all operation of imperialist US United Airlines. Ten thousand years of life to Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un!
Retweeted by Joe Zou@counternotions did the same writer wrote this headline last year? "will China's surge turbocharge Apple's growth?.These two headlines are both correct: Shanghai stock index surged 50% in one year Shanghai stock index crashed 30% in one month #randomwalk@nycjim or it has gained 50% in a year.
Let's hope the baby's college tuition is not all lost in the market. #chinarout because it went up 80% last 12 months and it's mean-reverting to the trend. The media can only remember last month.@benthompson keep warm in cold weather, and keep mosquitos away in tropical weather.@neilcybart china market is up 80% from 1y ago, up 15% YTD, still outperforming US even after the crash. zero connection to real economy.@jimsciutto @S_Rabinovitch and it is still outperforming US market this year even after the crash!@neilcybart true. But the play lists provided by "for you" are so good that I'm compelled to subscribe.
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